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  • Up Front: Dropping the A-Bomb,

    I don’t know for certain but I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of those cases never go to court

    She was convicted of infanticide and sentenced to supervision and community work but then the conviction was cancelled for work/visa issues for her

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  • Feed: A scientist researches restaurants,

    Of all the ways for it be handled, this seemed one of the least effective, and meant that our lasting impression of Masu was not of the terrific food, but of being strong-armed out of the joint after parting ways with our $250 per couple.

    I want to belatedly dump on Scotia in Dunedin, where 9 of us spent about $700 at a birthday dinner a few weeks ago. Food was reasonable, but at the end they brought us the bill, a pen, and a calculator and told us to add up what each person was to pay and then come pay it ourselves, they wouldn't do it at the counter individually. Way to spoil your argument that you're one of Dunedin's top restaurants.

    And then an argument about a discount voucher which they applied to someone's entree rather than a main, which we won after going home to get the book and showing it to them.

    Cheap and cheerful in Dunedin - Cafe Nesli which does great turkish kebabs for $10 - $18. Yum. Almost as good as Paasha for half the price.

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  • Up Front: Dropping the A-Bomb,

    I can understand infanticide as a horrible choice when resources are overstretched and abortion and contraception are not available. Not a choice likely to be faced in NZ.

    Sadly not true: Student, 20, charged over death of baby

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  • Feed: My Life in Curry,

    Sadly I can't recommend Indian Summer in Dunedin. New owners took it over a year or so ago and we've been a bunch of times, but their service is terrible - every time we order garlic or chicken naan and every time they bring us plain. Sometimes the quality of the lamb they use isn't very good.

    Except they do serve this fantastic curry which I haven't seen done this way in any other Dunedin places - Chicken Chakori. It's two curries, both chicken, a green and red one, separated by this - looks a bit like a pancake, but it's made with eggs apparently. So they do the green curry, wrap it inside this egg thing, and then add the red one to the outside. Fantastic.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing,

    Labour made the mistake of proposing raising the age of super, but later (after all of them retire). That went down like a cup of cold sick, because far from solving the problem for future generations that the population bulge is going to cause, they simply upped the ante on future generations. Absolute dick move. It was a policy that no one could like.

    I liked it, though I was arguing against of lots of fellow left-wingers at the time. And superannuation is such a political bomb, raising it overnight like it's an alcohol tax would kill your party for a generation. Makes sense to give people plenty of warning and a kiwisaver scheme so that they can design their own retirement funds and have time to do so. Way not to plan for the future.

    In reality it’s you put in half, your employer puts in half (which he then takes back by paying you less than your co-workers who aren’t enrolled) and the government a bit extra.

    That's shitty. Recommend changing jobs to an employer that specifically decided not to do this, if possible.

    Also, as someone said, blame national for buggering up our retirement planning again. Both the changes to kiwisaver reduced the government contribution and increased the employer contribution that they're apparently taking out of your pay increase, and stopping payments to the Super Fund.

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  • Hard News: Spring Timing,

    National will contrive seats for Peter Dunne and Act’s Epsom candidate David Seymour

    I really don't get why they would with Act. If Act are getting their butts kicked in Epsom, their party vote is going to fall significantly. Most of that vote will flow through to National. If Act were to get 1% with National, and National dumped them, I'd guess National would get close to half of that. Some of the rest would go to other parties, but much would just lower the total number of party votes so National gets close to half of that as well.

    Losing less than half a percent of the party vote doesn't seem such a cost to pay for clearing all the space to your right and not having your image tarnished by the pile of dung that Act has made themselves over the past few years.

    It might, however, bring back un-voters, who (unlike me) can’t really stomach environmentalism.

    I'm not even sure what that means.

    To say that we shouldn’t be so much in dairy, when dairy is what NZ does best, is very close to talking up contracting the economy and making a lot of people unemployed, well in excess of any substantiated Green jobs proposals I’ve ever seen

    You know that being good in dairy is something that we've made ourselves? It's not outside the realm of possibility that we could make ourselves good in some other things that are less environmentally harmful.

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  • Hard News: Diverse Auckland: are we…,

    Net immigration to Britain, just 48,000 in 1997, rose to 148,000 in 1998, and advanced even more sharply thereafter.

    "net immigration" doesn't feel like a logical phrase to me, though I note it's used a lot on the internet. How can there be a net value to something going one way?

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  • Hard News: Diverse Auckland: are we…,

    No, I don’t think the DoS is in the habit of publishing deliberate misinformation. But the numbers you cited are very strongly influenced by historical immigration laws and business conditions that no longer apply. They can’t be used to generalise about current migration rates and they’ll look quite different as the earlier years drop out of the 20-year period.

    Seems like one of you is talking about net migration, and one about migration. They're pretty different figures.

    And I don't think that evolutionary psychologists have any place in this debate. If evolutionary psychologists proved that there were evolutionary bases for rape and murder, would we just accept those? Be nice if we could step above Darwinism a little.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Both sides of…,

    No disgrace in leaving before the encore.

    The whole encore phenomenon drive me nuts. Artists that do two or three I want to throw things at.

    That is all.

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  • Hard News: The Web,

    Here we are. A rare surviving screenshot of x-Ville. I’ve looked for this image several times and this little gif is all there was.

    Christ. Serious flashbacks, and I never used Xtra.

    Can anyone else here claim an active 18 year old email address?

    21 years in a few months. Though it helped that I work at the same place I went to uni.

    And ihug flat rate accounts changed my life. Fantastic.

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