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  • Up Front: P.A. Story,

    I vote for a bit of #maorifynz e.g. "Everything is better with a tiki!" That will go well with a period dramedy.

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  • Up Front: Day Five,

    thank you for writing this. arohanui to all there.

    Lilith - apparently it's "Mr Tulip"

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  • Busytown: Rocky Mountain hi!,

    great post, sounds like you are having an interesting time.

    Vaguely remembered from the "Ever wondered about food?" tv show - black tea should be made with boiling water as it is best for the leaves. (can't remember exactly why but it is probably something to do with enzymes and breaking open the flavour, stopping bitterness etc. other teas should be made with slightly cooler hot water otherwise the leaves will cook.) regardless of ettiquette if you take sugar and milk in your tea, add them to the cup then pour the tea over. taste test proves this is better. Never add milk and sugar before the teabag and water. bleuch.

    ah, perfect cuppa recipe. (still no explanation of why boiling water though.)

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