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  • Up Front: Mind Your Language,

    Anyone else remember the TV censored version of Repo Man where they had great fun sanitising by replacing with ridiculous words in their place.

    Flip you melon farmer is still one of my favourite movie lines.

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story, in reply to James Littlewood*,

    We do have the night market which is quite different to the ones in other areas. I'm not saying everything is perfect but I have found that it is a marked improvement on how it used to be. As a pedestrian I have to walk Clark St every morning and the traffic lights have removed the need to run the gauntlet - even if every second letter to the Western Leader seems to be a complaint on the number of lights in New Lynn.

    Re. Xmas parade - since David Cunliffe "ruined" the Santa Parade for our and friends kids a few years ago by riding in the middle of the parade dressed as Santa and getting the kids prematurely excited, he is known in our house as Fake Santa - kind of appropriate really.

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story,

    Did I mention the wonderful Olympic Park as well?

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story,

    I've spent a lot of time in New Lynn since I moved almost smack in between it and Blockhouse Bay and I quite like what it has become over that time. Public transport is great (I'm a non driver so use it a lot) and the transport hub a huge improvement over what was there before. It has has number of different quality restaurants to eat out in and most shops you could want. My high school age daughter is very much looking forward to having the one thing it really lacks - a cinema.

    I also like the fact that if I feel like somewhere more laid back and quite I can just point southwards and hang out in the Bay instead.

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  • Hard News: News from home ..., in reply to Hilary Stace,

    My Mum worked for the now long gone MacKenzies shopping chain in the 70s. They dillegently went out in symapthy in support of the big "mens" unions like the freezing workers and warfies when asked, forfeiting pay while they did it. When their (mainly womens) union went on strike for a small rise in the low wages they were earning - their first strike in over a decade - not a single other union joined or supported them.

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  • Southerly: Sign this Petition,

    More idiocy from the Herald

    CEOs Back John Key

    In an apparent “blow” for Labour the vast majority of CEOs back National and John Key!

    What next – a blow for National when we discover that union leaders back Labour or evironmentalists back the Greens

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  • Speaker: If political parties were beer ...,

    I remember Rupert E Taylor of the Headless Chickens, after winning the Rheineck award, endorsing the product

    I remember them playing Dunedin in the resulting tour and one member - who I can't recall from so long ago, wearing a Joseph Khutze t shirt. It took some a while to appreciate the irony.

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  • Hard News: Illegal Highs,

    Yep - and in news just to hand - Naitonal has placed a candidate from the tobacco industry in the safe seat of Clutha-Southland. Sigh!

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  • Feed: Saints Preserve,

    They also make a fantastic slo gin type drink as well. Plase them cut up in a sterile jar with sugar and immerse in lots of gin. Then leave for a few months or longer.
    It's best to fill the jar with gin if you can as the ones at the top oxidise and turn brown. They still taste fine and can be used to make a killer trifle after you have drunk the liquid.

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  • Hard News: The Cycle Frolic, in reply to bob daktari,

    trains haven't operated on the weekends for a long time due to the electrification work

    Closures are staggered - only every second weekend for the next couple of months according to AT website. However there are no trains or replacments at all to the Waitakere stop on Sundays, something I think is a bit of a shame as it is a good place to alight for cyclists trying to avoid the city rush on their way to ride in the country.

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