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  • Up Front: Dropping the A-Bomb,

    I remember boggling when I found out that abortion was illegal in NZ, and that you had to get yourself declared mentally unfit for pregnancy to get one.

    A previous partner forgot to take the pill on two occasions. We had agreed, perhaps naively, that the pill was what we would rely on. On those two occasions, she had to take the emergency contraceptive pill, just in case. This was stressful, but I can't imagine how much worse it would have been for us if she'd have actually gotten pregnant. We didn't want a child, that's why we used the contraception. But we would have been faced with something akin to getting her declared mentally unwell (on top of the rest of the sorry process). She wasn't mentally unwell at all.

    Were we silly for just relying on the pill? Perhaps. Feel free to judge, if it makes you feel better. But it doesn't change the fact that we were two rational, sensible human beings, making a choice that was right for us - no children right now please. The abortion law as it stands doesn't allow us to make that choice without "society" effectively blaming us if an accident occurs.

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  • Up Front: Good Friends,

    What an awesome set of advice. Thank you.

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  • Hard News: Rape and unreason,

    I am heartened by the storm of protest his ranting has received. People care. The message is getting out. Maybe we will see the culture change we need in our lifetimes after all?

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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers, in reply to Thomas Beagle,

    Thomas, don't be silly. He asked the servers if they would give him the information and they said 'OK!'

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