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  • Speaker: Why I'm standing in Ilam, in reply to Cecelia,


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  • Speaker: If political parties were beer ...,

    This may be the most insightful piece of political analysis ever written. It really spoke to me (as they say in marketing). Thank you Grant!

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  • Up Front: Oh, God, in reply to BenWilson,


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  • Up Front: Oh, God,

    Great post, Emma - thank you! Poor girl at my son's school had to sit outside (in winter) on verandah for the best part of an hour when her parents opted her out of bible class. We've formed "Science Club" as an attempt to prevent this happening again - despite the massive inconvenience to all concerned when the Bible Lady whimsically changes her timetable without notice

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics, in reply to Dominic Muir,

    “Cathy Odgers is a lawyer. She wrote an attack post about it for the Whale Oil blog and sent the following e-mail to David Farrar, Cameron Slater and Matthew Hooton. To Farrar, Slater, Hooton: Make sure when Cam finds it that you subtly repost where Hager lives. I’ve done a post for Saturday on whale blog as can’t run myself as too close to work. The leaks he is involved with include tens of thousands of rich Chinese. Mainland and HK. It would be a disaster if they all knew where he lived. He may even need police protection. I’ve spent all day telling clients it is not our company but have asked a few how they would react if they knew a bit about the people publishing the material. I was delighted to assist with the full details for Mr Hager. Those Chinese can be very vicious when they lose face. Hiding money from wife for concubines and having their family trust deed leaked online with beneficiaries for example makes for very unhappy billionaires. Many trusts are not tax driven at all in Cooks they are cock driven. Chop chop for Nicky. Shame Russians don’t seem affected but our Chinese friends need a helping hand.”

    Okay, now I'm genuinely deeply shocked -- this is awful. What sort of a person would do something like that? The person who wrote that message can only be described as evil.

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  • Hard News: The silence of the public square, in reply to Jolisa,

    Just waiting while my daughter has her swimming lesson and overhearing a very similar conversation. Essentially: "Gosh I really don't like what the government are doing - I'd vote Green except for the fact that I always vote National."

    Now the conversation has moved onto bikini waxing - and my God it's the most bloodthirsty thing I've ever heard. One woman describes how she had to crawl to her car afterwards because pain so bad; other tops it with description of what can only be described as torture (all her pubic hair torn out by roots - surely such things must be banned by UN?) and finishes by saying it was worse than childbirth.

    And yes, I am thoroughly ashamed of posting this...

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  • Feed: Fulminating and fermenting, in reply to Fooman,

    Is it better to (re)use an effluent stream in an industrial process, or just release to the environment without making use of it, aside the from the arguments over which industries/end users should use gas as an energy supply or commodity?

    Well, yes, you’re absolutely correct that it’s better to make use of an effluent stream – and, of course, some of the CO2 production systems actually burn hydrocarbons solely for the purpose of making CO2.

    But hell it’s frustrating that they produce CO2 right there in the fermentation process (in the same building) and then chuck it into the atmosphere and bring in fossil CO2 all the way from the Naki. Couldn’t they just leave the CO2 in the beer in the first place (like you do when you’re making it at home) or – failing that – capture it and reuse it for carbonation.

    No doubt someone has worked out that (excluding the environmental costs) it’s cheaper to use fossil CO2 than to capture it from fermentation – but it seems so inelegant from an engineering point of view.

    Maybe I just don’t like fizzy beer.

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  • Feed: Fulminating and fermenting,

    Russell you lucky, lucky bastard…

    The penny dropped when I discovered that commercial breweries add the co2,

    Yes, and unbelievably they don’t capture and re-use CO2 from the fermenting stage but they actually use fossil CO2 stripped from natural gas. I know it’s completely insignificant in terms of our CO2 emissions but for fuck’s sake…

    Hence my refusal to drink that fizzy Steinlager stuff under any circumstances – unless, of course, no other beer is available (and also because it tastes hardly different from L & P).

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  • Hard News: Going solar?, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Isn’t there a fairly large conversion loss, especially on a battery that’s nearing the end of its days?

    Brief reply because feeling very woozy...

    My understanding from the electrical guys is that on these batteries the BMS prevents excessive charging as the capacity reduces (not like the old lead-acid batteries where you lose a cell and effectively have to waste a bunch of energy into it anyhow to bring the whole battery up to charge).

    In other words, the efficiency remains the same over the lifetime of the battery, but the capacity reduces. And, of course, what is an electric car battery with 50 per cent capacity loss is still a very decent chunk of storage for a house/business.

    But I've never worked with battery packs with modern BMSs myself -- I'm just going by what I'm told!

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  • Hard News: Going solar?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Thank you! Nova sells a SolarElite system using these panels.

    The panels have “flow tubes” but I can’t tell from the comments here whether these are the good sort of tubes.

    It appears to be a flat plate absorber not a "heat pipe" system. The disadvantages are:

    1. Uses more energy from your HWC in anti-frosting at night (less of a problem in Auckland than CHCH, of course).

    2. If it gets damaged (hail, overheating, etc) then you have to replace the whole unit, and not just the tubes.

    3. Uses more copper, so more expensive (this model looks like it has copper sandwiched into aluminium, which might cause electrolytic issues in the long term).

    4. Liable to have greater heat losses than a comparable "heat pipe" unit, but again this might not be such a problem in tropical Auckland.

    Having said all that, it might be completely fine for your situation. Alas that I'm not at all familiar with this particular model. Has anyone else had any experience with them?

    1. How many have been manufactured and for how long?

    2. Are there any known problems? Frosting, overheating, pump life, etc.

    3. What is the warranty?

    4. What sort of controller do they use? Does it have a timer, etc. to turn of the HWC during the day?

    See if they will give you the phone number of a customer who has had one installed for ten years or so.

    I'd try to find this out for you but am currently dealing with children (and self) in tricky recovery period... Many apologies!

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