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  • Hard News: Labour's Fiscal Plan:…, in reply to Swan,

    The capital gains tax has been sold as a means of directing investment away from residential property. But the tax will apply to 100% of the commercial property market, 100% of industry, shares, agriculture etc, and only about a third of the residential property market. Go figure.

    How much of the residential property property market is people with spare cash looking to invest for profit, and how much is people who are simply paying for somewhere to live?

    If it's about that third you just mentioned... that seems perfectly reasonable to me.

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  • Hard News: The Big Chill, in reply to Moz,

    Wouldn’t it be easier and possibly more secure to sign the material over to the people it came from? That way the PTB are left saying “person X told you, but you gave the records back to person X, so…. get them back and give them to us”, and you can just say “you wanna know, ask person X”.

    Ah, no.... the courts want KDC to request private info held by the interviewer* (of him) under the privacy act, so that they can force him to release it under "discovery"....

    * If the interviewer is a journalist, they are not expected to to comply, but this court proceeding has decided they are NOT a journalist in this instance.... (and we are discussing if this is correct or not)

    If the interviewer (journalist or not), has already given the information back to the interviewee (KDC).... then theres no need at all to decide if there is journalistic protection... you just force KDC to release the info that was given back to him.

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  • Field Theory: Call it what you will,

    Its simple...

    anywhere in the world. "soccer" refers to only one game... even if it is not the preferred term for that game. The ball is always the same size and shape and the field and goal-posts are the same anywhere...

    "football" is local parlance for the most popular game involving feet and inflated bladders cased in leather (or modern equivalent), even if the foot-contact with the ball is only a minor part of the game, and the field of play, goal, and shape/size of ball all vary.

    Football (or footy) may well be Soccer, or Rugby (Union or League), or Australian Rules, or American Grid-Iron... probably others too? depending on where you are and who's talking...

    Insisting that the game you prefer is the only true or real "football" is a fools errand.

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  • Hard News: Snowden and New Zealand,

    So maybe the reason for all the US "Don't buy Huawei, it's got leaks to the Chinese government" talk....

    Is more about "Huawei doesn't have leaks to us, so we don't want you to install it" ??

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  • Hard News: The Mayor's marginal enemies, in reply to Jim Cathcart,

    And in terms of his achievements, Auckland has some of the most unaffordable residential property in the world; weak and expensive public transport (even thought it has improved to some degree); and gridlock. Shouldn’t these be the core issues that Brown and the council need to work on? Can anyone sincerely say the situation is getting better?

    So, the unaffordable housing and gridlock is a new thing? Didn’t exist under John Banks, or Hubbard, Or Banks again before him or Tizzard?

    These things have been happening slowly over time…

    Is the outcome better? Perhaps not… is he trying to fix it? Seems like he’s the first one in a long time to try…. lets see if he’s successful.

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  • Speaker: TPP: Error Correction, in reply to Stephen R,

    What could screw Pharmac is rules requiring “Openness” of their criteria for funding, in their negotiations with Big Pharma, and allowing big pharma to appeal funding decision criteria.

    So the people who are negotiating in secret, and insisting that it must remain secret... and that the public can't have a right to change it after negotiations finished .... are in fact (possibly?) negotiating rules about how (other) negotiations must be open and subject to appeal....

    Laugh? I nearly wet myself....

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  • Notes & Queries: Kiwi Queer Screen (Part…,

    Interesting... I arrived in NZ in 1981 at 12 years of age.. Our family watched Hudson and Halls, enjoyed the bawdy humour (I'm sure a good portion of it went over my head, but I "got" some of it) , and generally understood that while nothing was admitted publicly... it was more than just likely they were gay... On the other-hand, I've never heard of "Squeeze" until today...

    It's amazing what can be so open and what stays hidden for so long...

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  • Hard News: Lowering the Stakes, in reply to BenWilson,

    __a chain drive are in the law directly,__

    No shaft drives allowed?? Harsh! Or antiquated, more likely.

    Or how about a rubber belt instead of chain?
    I recall ~40 years ago I was riding a tricycle with pedals directly attached to the from wheel-hub… and the same is still available (my kids had them 5 years ago).

    What about the semi-recent re-invention of kick bikes for little kids… no pedals at all?

    Seems stupid, if its really a law at all?

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Whine Festival,

    Heres another tip for music festivals...

    If two acts you want to see are playing at the same time.... you don't HAVE to miss out on one..... you can see some of both of them :)

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  • Hard News: We need to talk about Len, in reply to Tinakori,

    Oh, well. In light of the Herald’s story today, let me think about that again.

    Um, a quick google or herald search brings up nothing about Len Brown today... care to link, or give us a clue what you'e on about?

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