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    Also, just going back to the original post… I think it’s pretty awesome that a medicine introduced so long ago (ie, Ventolin aerosol inhaler) is still the go-to product as a symptom reliever… when the “preventers” have been 1) ever-changing, and 2) not working as well as expected… is pretty cool.

    Thanks, are indeed, owed to it’s invention/inventors.

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    As I’ve already posted about the drugs I take and how long I’ve been on them (since mid/late 1970’s)…

    I also have done a Buteyko breathing course here in NZ…. after being encouraged to investigate it locally after family members saw a 60-minutes (or similar?) 20-minute segment on it on Australian TV some-time in the 1990’s. And while I’m unsure if the “theory or reasons” they provide are accurate, or “psuedo-science”, I am convinced that the course provided plausible explanations about what I already knew about my condition, the actions they suggested seemed to help my condition, and while my drug use has not been eliminated, it has been reduced significantly, and I suspect it could have been reduced further had I been bothered to follow through and continue the breathing exercises (some of which are difficult) for longer…

    I paid several hundred dollars for the course($300-$500? I forget?) about 18 or 20 years ago… While it seemed expensive at the time, I think I’ve reaped enough benefit that I don’t begrudge it… but I’m not sure I would “recommend” it… (I believe the price has gone up considerably since I partook?)… but if you can buy a book, or find some info with Google.. I’d definitely say asthmatics who are not aware of these teachings should investigate it… The “theory” may or may-not be correct, but the “practise” seems to work for many….

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  • Polity: On tour with The Boss,

    For me, two of the best indicators of someone who can step up from MP to PM are their ability to engage deeply across a wide range of issues, and their ability to cope with the demands of sustained periods in the spotlight.

    Desirable traits, no doubt, but our current PM doesn't seem to have needed that first one?

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    I was diagnosed around age 7 or so in the mid ’70’s and had Ventolin blue Inhaler (releiver) and,"Intal” in the “Spinhaler” preventer, which is the one Russell described. (pierce the capsule, small propeller inside, no propellant).

    I got moved off the aerosol propellant Ventolin and changed to the “Diskhaler” described by Pete Sime sometime in the mid 80’s, but then after a few years back to the standard inhaler.

    Intal preventer got exchanged for Palmacourt in a “Turbuhaler” which is a metered dose dispenser, but human rather than aerosol powered. This was then given up for the Seretide about 5 or so years ago?

    Both the Intal and the Palmacourt which are taken on a regular schedule, rather than “as required” (like Ventolin reliever), had the undesirable effect of actually CAUSING a mild shortness of breath…. not quite an asthma attack, but worrying none the less seeing as that is exactly what they are supposed to reduce….

    I believe it is this effect that actually lead to the idea of putting some reliever in with the preventer to be taken simultaneously, as per the new(-ish) Seretide and competitors? These seem to work FAR better than the older preventers.

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    .I often wondered…..does fear of an attack sometimes exacerbate the condition?

    I’m sure of it….

    I could go whole days without needing a puff of Ventolin, but I’ve always (intended to) have an inhaler in my pocket or very close by on a continuous basis…. And on many occasions in the last 30+ years I’ve been dealing with this… Discovery that the inhaler had been forgotten was a near immediate trigger to a mild attack- usually within the next 5-10 minutes (when you’d gone half a day or more without the need to puff, but ignorant of it's lack of availability).

    My asthma is now under much better control than it used to be, now that I’m on Seretide (purple inhaler, reliever and preventer combination), so I can go whole weeks without a puff on the ventolin… but I still have it by my side on a continuous basis…

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    Sorry- edit window closed....

    What is in my pics does not fully represent the spectacle we were treated to... There was a mother with calf, and three or four others in the pod- possibly even a few more? They were not in tight formation, and it was difficult to keep track of... We saw three together at one time, and a couple more too shortly thereafter, and too distant from the three, to expect it was duplicate sightings....

    We saw one apparently spinning along it's axis... flashes of white and black, with pectoral and dorsal fins flipping up in the air as it cork-screwed along the surface... One jumped up, 3/4 out of the water and breached on it's back... and another swam along the surface, and lifted it's tail out of the water, and then slammed it down on the water, rhythmically, making a thwack, thwack, thwack, sound... I believe I may have seen this in a nature documentary suggesting they use it to disturb stingray (food) off the sea-floor?

    All of this in just 20 min or so... and then we felt guilty for disturbing such beautiful creatures and left them to their business...

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  • Hard News: Incoming: Summer,

    Attachment Attachment

    This was just at the northern end of Eastern Beach, near Musick Point.. Howick Golf Course on the top of those cliffs in the background…

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  • Hard News: Incoming: Summer,

    Attachment Attachment Attachment

    I’m sorry the technical quality, and composition, are not as excellent as some of our frequent photographic contributors… but this was pretty special to see just off a suburban Auckland beach on Boxing Day…

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  • Polity: Cold, calculated and cynical,

    Now, some of the following may have already been mentioned up-thread... but I just want to re-itterate it for those who were not paying close attention...

    Our Glorious Leader, John almighty, wants to look after normal Kiwi Battlers to protect them from "rapists and murderers**" by ignoring what the Australian Government is up to, and ignoring the "so-called, human rights" of these people so they can be deported back to NZ and spend time amongst us,...

    And, those evil Labour lackeys who hate us all, want to argue with our best mates the Australians, point out how "un-just" their actions are, and keep those "rapists and murderers**" back in Australia which obviously is far less safe for those voters here in NZ? right?

    ** note- at the time these comments were made, no statistics were on hand to know how many, if any were in fact "rapists and murderers"- subsequent investigations show it to be a very small percentage , but slightly above zero.

    And anyone pointing out the discrepancies in this are obviously politically motivated, cynical, and not to be trusted by fair-thinking good Kiwis.

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  • Hard News: Victoria Crone and what…, in reply to Swan,

    Do you think Trump calls himself a politician? I think the “I’m not a politician” line will actually resonate with a lot of people.

    It's a great introduction, and catches a lot of attention... but you need to follow-up after that...

    And theres only two possibilities...

    1) you prove it's true, and wither by the sideline as actual politicians do their politician-stuff and beat you...

    2) you compete on an equal footing, or even beat the politicians at their own game... and prove you are a liar and a politician to be reckoned with...

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