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  • Hard News: Didn't see that coming,

    The job of press secretary is one of composure, even if it seems the journalists are being annoying or even malicious in their angles. Anger, be it necessary, should be left for when cameras are not rolling, mics are not live and people are not listening.

    True, but I'm not sure it applies to a party like this one. I thought it was hilarious, and although I'm not their target market I bet plenty in that target market thought the same. The people it put off generally wouldn't be potential I/M voters anyway, and it made the party lead story on 3News (and presumably TVNZ, but I didn't watch) on the day National was doing its big policy release.

    Also: the PM's been saying for nearly two weeks that none of this stuff that was hacked is anything to do with him, so Dotcom's statement about hackers making PMs look bad couldn't possibly have the meaning these journos are ascribing to it, right? Well, unless they think the PM's lying, of course...

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  • Hard News: Not doing justice,

    Anti-Semitism, the racist fantasy that capitalism, inequality and exploitation can be blamed on Jews is one of the oldest and most destructive of the myths of race hatred that are pushed to divide the working class.

    A myth that reaches brain-hurtingly toxic levels of ironic stupidity when you take into account that, at the other extreme, fascists blamed Bolshevism on the Jews. Shot from both sides, as Howard Devoto might put it...

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  • Hard News: Dotcom: Further news of the unlikely,

    So, a US official might have mentioned to the PM how useful it would be for their investigation of Mr Dotcom if he were successful in his residence application. And the PM might have told some lacky to see to it. Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't really strike me as some kind of wildly implausible conspiracy theory, it seems, if anything, wildly plausible.

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  • Hard News: Gower Speaks,

    Thanks for this, it's great stuff. This is the first time I've seen Gower provide a reasonable explanation for what usually strikes me as risible propaganda when I'm watching it.

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  • Hard News: Growing up in public,

    I won't be linking to the Daily Mail's trash stories claiming Lorde wore a "bondage bra" at her concert that night.

    Ignoring for a moment the industrial-strength creep factor inherent in tabloid journos writing about a 17-year-old's underwear, isn't a bra pretty much by definition a "bondage bra?" It's kind of the point...

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  • Hard News: Making it up on smacking,

    And, overall, is using the criminal law as an agent of social change in this way – like we do with many other things, including marijuana use – likely to cause more harm than good in this instance?

    This one's actually worse than the marijuana example. There's nothing commendable about creating criminal law to "send a message," with no intention of actually prosecuting anyone for the behaviour being criminalised. It's not ony a waste of large amounts of the time and effort of very highly-paid individuals, it makes a mockery of criminal law.

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  • Hard News: We need to talk about Len,

    Did you think the disclosure of the names of some of those who donated to Brash's National Party through the Waitemata Trust via Nicky Hager was a "fairly grievous breach of ... privacy"?

    Nope - and if a Herald journo got hold of the details they'd quite likely publish them. On the other hand, do you think Hager would have got very far claiming that Don Brash had some kind of moral obligation to release the identities of those Waitemata Trust donors? His book would have been a lot thinner if he'd gone down that route...

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  • Legal Beagle: Not burglary?,

    This type of person who doesn't and isn't ever likely to own a holiday home doesn't like low-level crimes not being investigated when I'm the victim either. The number of people who really don't mind a bunch of pissed wankers trashing their place would not be a large one, I expect. I can appreciate the principle that this kind of carry-on shouldn't be classed as burglary, but the schadenfreude of watching one of these misanthropes facing that charge would be a sore temptation...

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  • Hard News: Jonesing,

    There were some weird notes, not least Espiner’s implication that it was only Labour’s “middle-class intellectuals” who had an issue with Jones’ use of a ministerial credit card to pay for porn in 2010.

    Even if we were to grant him that one (in a fit of wild generosity, perhaps), it's certainly not just Labour's middle-class intellectuals who'd have an issue with a Leader of the party having been implicated in a highly dodgy immigration scandal. If this weren't someone else's blog I'd have an appropriate word for it.

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  • Hard News: Community standards,

    the banality of politicians who want to be seen as our moral protectors.

    Given that politicians generally seem to have a moral compass more appropriate to members of the mustelid family than to homo sapiens, you have to wonder what credibility they have to be our moral protectors.

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