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About Mark Graham

Third generation, born and bred Aucklander. Studied Journalism at Boston University while there on athletic scholarship for springboard diving, in between competing at assorted competitions - notably the 1982 (bronze) and 1986 Commonwealths and the 1984 LA Olympics. Finished BA in Philosophy and Politics at Auckland University over the next 12 years while working in advertising, which I mostly loathed but it paid well (quit a week before my wedding). After giving up prostituting myself for pure cash, returned to first love and for a brief time ran Express (Auckland-based Gay paper) and Auckland City News during the Les Mills Britomart fiasco. Currently living in Westmere with wife and dog and publishing a New Zealand conference venue directory and website and Grocers’ Review – the venerable elder statesman of New Zealand trade publications, while firing off letters to the Herald taking pot-shots at John Banks and the AK CitRats Now City Councillors.