Cracker by Damian Christie

Ian Wishart: Homo?

…Not as far as I know, but given that it’s now apparently a perfectly legitimate tactic of “investigative journalism” to go on a public fishing expedition despite any evidence, let’s see if any Public Address readers can dish any poof-dirt on the anything-but-elusive Mr W.

While we’re at it, can any Public Address readers please supply evidence to support the persistent and seemingly self-propagated rumour that Ian Wishart is an investigative journalist? I submit the following in support of the contrary:

Sean Plunket: “Okay, well when did you first hear about the incident?”

Ian Wishart: “I first heard about the incident in early June”.

Not bad Ian, not bad at all, considering the “incident” had been promoted and broadcast on free-to-air television nine months beforehand. Damn this guy must have some sources! Perhaps Wishart’s comparison to Woodward & Bernstein isn’t actually a complete load of self-aggrandising bollocks after all? Although I suppose, in fairness, it was on Prime’s Holmes show…

As a rule I shun any magazine that doesn’t feature a bikini-clad Home & Away star, so I don’t get to read Investigate that often. Last time (before the most recent “Smoking Gun issue”) was at the dentist, and I can report the experience was about as enjoyable and educational as the root canal which followed. On that occasion the topic “investigated” was Intelligent Design. Turns out ID’s not just a big steaming pile of faeces – honest. Even Woodie & Bernie never managed to prove the existence of God. Wishart 1 – W&B nil.

At least that other magazine catering for the NZ conspiracy nutter market isn’t malicious. Other than towards shapeshifting reptilians, and it’s right to be speaking out against them – those buggers are almost as dangerous as them people from Islam.

Speaking of which, didn’t the Islam-type-people who shot the nun in Somalia and threatened a suicide bomb attack against the Vatican really stick it to the Pope? “Accuse us of being ‘evil and inhuman’ will ya? [bang!] Well take that, muthafukka! You’d better retract all that shit you’ve been saying about us ‘spreading faith by the sword’, before we get medieval on yo’ ass.”

They really need to work on their sense of irony, those Mujahidin.

As for the Pope – who I have it on good authority has been a regular reader of this blog since his days in the Hitler Youth – starting all this mess by quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor, that’s pretty f___ed up right there, dude. You know what these people get like, stop poking them with sticks.

And saying that it was just a quote, not your actual opinion is not on. It’s about as “on” as Ian Wishart pretending he’s just trying to “investigate” something, rather than running a tawdry little smear campaign by implication. You don’t want to start stooping to Wishart’s level, do you Pope? Huh? No, that’s right, you don’t.