Cracker by Damian Christie

Lucky Little Bastards?

Wow. I've never had so much feedback on a single issue as I did from my last post about bFM breakfast host Wallace Chapman being replaced by Mikey Havoc.

Surprisingly - there are usually any number of people willing to pick a fight with me on publicaddress - without exception, it seems you agree that the move stinks. Because it's obviously something many of you feel strongly about, I've decided to dedicate today's post to voicing some of your opinions. BFM management would be well acknowledged to have a read – some are even from your own djs.

A bFM listener called on Friday, apparently Mr Havoc dedicated a banging house anthem to me. Thanks Mike, but if you really want to do something for me, and the rest of the bFM fans out there, how about turning up to your show on time, even just for a week? That'd be just lover-ly.

Name: Lynne

This has made me so sad. I love wallace. In fact I just started listening to breakfast show again after wallace came on. Driving home from work I have to change channels because mickey havoc is on with his constant talking about conspiracy theories and other banal opinions again. well when wallace goes I do too. mickey havoc is past it. argh. this is so sad

Name: Jess

I'm sorry to hear that Wallace is leaving. I really like his style, and alongside Noelle it's been a great breakfast show this year. I was surprised to hear him doing breakfast but soon it all fit into place. There's been replacements over the last few weeks and while it's interesting to hear different music being played, the hosts are no match for Wallace's smooth and easy going style. He will be missed.

Name: Kim

I thought I was the only person in the world who thought Mikey Havoc was the worst breakfast host on bFM. I hated the fact he was pretty much always late - I thought it showed total disrespect for the listeners, and in fact I only started listening to the breakfast show again once he'd gone.

I have enjoyed listening to Wallace in the mornings, and was very impressed with how he coped with the power outage incident.

Name: Phil

Hi Damian, I couldn't agree more. I can't believe they are going to replace Wallace with Havoc. He doesn't let anyone talk, he's loud, rude to callers, overly sensitive, plays a lot of crap music (over and over again), he never stops spouting anti-american anti drug company rhetoric (over and over again).... the list goes on. Worst of all is that Newsboy won't be there to make the show half-decent.

Worst decision bfm has made in my book.

Name: Sam

Wallace is the best breakfast show host they have ever had. better than graham hill, marcus lush, havo, and Camilla.

I am still not sure that this isn’t some kind of trick you are playing on us.....

Name: Phil

Mikey is pretty much the sole reason I no longer listen to B.

Name: Rebecca

nooooooooooo!!!! we love wallace!!! what a bummer! are you sure? why!?!?!? arrrrrrrgh!

Name: Brian

Hi gee your your post has come as a shock as a long time listener on and off since 69 … have refound the love with wallace an interesting, varied and enjoyable way to start the day and yes the punctuality is important especially with the morning show.

Name: Mark

I'll be sad to see Wallace go and even sadder to see Mikey Havoc take over the breakfast slot again... There’s only so much mediocre house, Jane’s Addiction and 'Deserters Songs' era Mercury Rev I can take...

Name: Jon

I've been listening to breakfast since the days of Graeme Hill, whom like Wallace showed that there is some much more to great radio than the childish ramblings of the ill-informed.

Name: David

I work from home, and bFM is, and has been for many a year, the default station. Until 4 in the afternoon, that is. And, with all due respect for the days when he was refreshing and enthusiastically naive, if that now-self-important and gobby fool intrudes on my mornings, I'll be fucking right off along the dial.

So there.


I heard the other night from my friend "on the inside" at bFM that Havoc was being brought in as an attempt to make more money. But no matter how you package it, it's a whalloping great kick in the nuts!

My friend said that there was a horrible unease about it at the station, but they were worried about falling listenership and having no money (an issue that kept coming up). How paying heaps for a "known name" will be cheaper I don't know.

Name: Michelle

I'm so sad to hear that Wallace is leaving...he is one of my all time favourite radio hosts on Bfm - it's so nice to have someone intelligent and well read on the show.

I like Mikey on drive (hate it that he's always late) but can't see how it's going to work on breakfast. Definitely a step backwards. Glad you're speaking out about it! Can we complain somewhere??? Maybe on the Bfm website...?

Name: Mark

Hey, love the bFM piece, but hey, look at it this way - instead of that doof doof crap he wheels out whenever he feels like a piss he COULD be inflicting Trippin' on us yet again...shudder!

Name: Rebecca

I’m going to cry into my milo now.

Name: Steve

Bloody hell. this cant happen.

Is there a petition?

Name: Garth

Remember that spat Havoc had with Jon Gadsby in the late nine-ties when He kept grumbling about the same boring shit being on NZ television. Seem to remember that bfm drive show having some fresh faces. Oh, the irony.

Name: Stuart

I thought it was just me, but yes Havoc was never on air on time during those morning shifts except maybe that Saturday 10-12 slot he had a year or 3 back. To give the guy credit, I just assumed he was back of house getting his show prepared. Hugh was always on time, Wallace always is on time. I hope it is not true that Wallace is leaving through the back door. He has done a fantastic job, right back to that Sunday morning show he used to do.

Name: Jason

Can't fucking believe it - b is well and truly disappearing up its own historical orifice.


Thank you for putting into words so eloquently what I can't - I'm a DJ at bFM, and I can't help but feel like they're BREAKING our radio station.

People shouldn't be allowed to have a career in what is ostensibly 'student radio' - like you said, it should be constantly moving forward and pushing boundaries. If they're intent on holding onto people who might have once, in their day, pulled in listeners, but are now glaringly out of place, then that's never going to happen.


To me, and I imagine it will be much the same for all the listeners, placing mikey back on breakfast looks simply like a desperate grab for listeners.

Quite what listeners they're thinking they will gain I have yet to establish..

Name: Scott

bFM is supposed be both cutting edge AND an incubator for new talent. Dropping back to formula doesn't seem a good idea - maybe bFM is getting like a lot of people my age (30s), trying to be young and cool while getting a bit out of touch.

I hope not as it is the best station I've ever listened to.

Name: John

Like you, I'd hate to think that Mikey Havoc is what bFM's audience really wants but maybe - in the same way that every nation has the government it deserves (Joseph de Maistre) every listening audience gets the DJs it deserves...? Certainly buggers my morning listening pleasure, though

Name: Roger

Congratulations Damian, that is exactly how I feel about the news. I have followed BFM since the early days and feel it is part of my life. The breakfast DJs Graham Hill, Marcus Lush, Hugh Sundae and Havoc have all added their personalities to the shows. All the others have moved on and created a life outside BFM. I've nothing against the old Havo but you can't go back. I enjoy Wallace's boyish sense of wonder at events and news. If he has been pushed to make way for Havoc I'll be sick!