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A much better strip

It's not football season yet but that doesn't mean there's no news. In fact it's the most important news a football team can put out: new uniforms!

The Wellington Phoenix have brand new, very flash home and away strips:

New Phoenix Strip

Aren't they nice? Much MUCH better than these.

Let's start at the top:
It's got stripes! For me the new home jersey is much more of a football jersey, the away strip not so much. I'm not sure why there's no alternate strip (which are so much in fashion these days).

When they turn around the home top gets better while the away top gets weird. Why does the midriff band stop before it gets to the back, but not at the middle? The band seems to end just behind the arms. (By the way, sports photographers, please photograph the uniforms when it's a uniform launch, that means front AND back)

But at least that ugly Interislander patch on the shoulder is gone.

If I had a concern about the home jersey it would be that the square seems too small for the player's number. And it also means that the name on the back might have to go on a name plate, which would be a shame. Also the Reebok wordmark is front and centre, but I'll let that go too (even Man U wears sponsors).

But the best thing is no more shoulder-triangles. The new jerseys are winners.

Shorts and socks:
Those away shorts are sex. The home shorts are adequate. Really both of them are fairly dull, but dul is good.

But seriously, what the fuck is going on with those socks?! Vertical wordmark? It really is very ugly. Across the back there is a word I can't figure out, though it looks like "Reebok". But in this shot you can see vertical stripes at the top of the socks. Are they new? I kind of don't understand them.

Overall, a MUCH better strip than the used to have. As always, don't mess with the classics and ignore that they look a lot like Hull, (because it really doesn't).

Of course if the Phoenix decided to look like St Pauli I wouldn't mind.


Meanwhile Netball Manuwatu has apparently told these nice ladies they can't wear shorts to play netball; they have to wear skirts like everyone else. Perhaps a compromise can be reached: skorts?


In other news Ben Gracewood has uncovered the awful truth behind the latest Weetbix-All Blacks promotion.

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