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The Cricket: a live account

Thanks to the wonderful folks at NZ Cricket I'm off to the game today with a bunch of "cultural attachés" to help me fit in with cricket fans.

I was planning for this to somehow be a live blog (with a richer account tomorrow) but I wasn't able to get internet access at the stadium. So unless some very kind and generous person lends me an iPhone (I'll give you a kilo of coffee) then it'll have to be Twitter updates (@hadyngreen) and occasional web updates.

I popped down to the Railway station and saw a few of the keener fans already getting cash, drinking beers and eating lunch. A fair amount of beige and black, but also some grey (with colourful shoulders) and aqua as well. I have decided to wear my royal blue NY Mets Johan Santana shirt. Baseball is pretty much like cricket, isn't it?

Anyway if you see me, say hello. We're all about community.

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