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Christchurch: Is "quite good" good enough?

The Christchurch CBD rebuild plan is now public and it seems ... quite good. The inclusion of so much green space in the plan, the design around what should become self-sustaining precincts and the clustering of major facilities arund the new city centre all seem like decent ideas.

But it occurs to me that perhaps I like it because a number of its key features are -- a city stadium, large public spaces -- are things I aspire to for Auckland. I'm not in Christchurch, I'm not living the experience -- and it's a while since I even visited.

I'm also aware that it's yet unclear where the money will come from -- and, more crucially, that plans for the CBD say precisely nothing for residents of Christchurch's eastern suburbs, whose need for relief is both evident and urgent.

I'm negotiating to get a thinkpiece outlining a far more adventurous vision published here, but for now, I'm interested in the wisdom of the Public Address crowd -- especially, but not exclusively, those of you living in, and with, post-quake Christchurch.

So ... your thoughts?

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