Hard News by Russell Brown

Following up

Well, the Theresa clip certainly caused some excitement yesterday: NZPA called, and Peter Nowak has a story on the front of the Herald's Business section. I now also know its provenance - it's from an analyst briefing in March which is archived on Telecom's website.

As you might expect, the context is but it's not like that any more, we have to become consumer-centric, etcetera, but I make no apology for posting the clip. It's of interest both because it has been circulating and because it gives an insight into the business model of the last 15 years.

And I'm also not convinced that confusion is really no longer a marketing strategy. I corresponded with a number of readers who had trouble working out whether they were really better off after Xtra rejigged its broadband plans earlier this year. It was confusing, and they were confused.

John Burland emailed from Germany to observe:

Nothing new here. If you're a price leader, you want transparency. If you're not (or if there's implicit and/or tolerated market collusion), then lack of transparency is right up your street. Play the brand, determine the stress levels of changing suppliers (EXTREMELY high in the area of personal communication) and milk it for all it's worth.

Standard pricing practice and everyone tries it - just attempt to do a direct comparison of car rental rates in the States. Nightmare. What do you do? Take the easy route - "Well, Avis/Hertz/Alamo/National has always been pretty good, I'll stay with them" Sucker!

So who dropped the clip into the media ecosystem? No idea. But these guys have the money quote transcribed on their website.

With more reports emerging that suddenly-departed CIA chief Porter Goss and his number three K. Dusty Foggo attended parties where lobbyists laid on hookers for bent Republican Congressman Duke Cuningham and his pals, the whole bizarre business now appears to officially be Fornigate.

Gpod is a newish and very interesting film and video site, with links to good stuff in public archives, new treats on YouTube and unusual torrents.

And sorry about last week, but here's the latest Public Address Virtual Super 14 leader board, after a round in which quite a number of people (me included) fared rather poorly. I maintain I'd have done better if Lavea hadn't taken the field for the Blues. His effort - with his team one point down and possession in the dying seconds - in hurling the ball 20 metres across the field and into touch was unbelievable. Unless he falls in a very big hole and Kevin Moar has a good run, it looks very much as if Nic Jones has a home final …