Hard News by Russell Brown

Public Address Word of the Year 2021: The Vote!

Welcome to to the voting stage of the Public Address Word of the Year 2021. Over the past week's korero phase, readers have been discussing and proposing words and phrases to sum up the year. I've made up a long list of  nominations and you can vote for those by clicking ...

HERE to go to the voting form.

As ever, you're asked to rank your top three choices. Do be sure to scroll down all the way before making your choices – the list is quite long.

There are prizes for playing. One prize will go to someone drawn at random  from everyone who votes. The other will be drawn from the readers who proposed each of the top 10 words in the vote.

And they're pretty good prizes!

I'm pleased and grateful that the good people at Nura are back again with the niceness (it's us and the All Blacks, really). They've given me two pairs of this year's NuraTrue wireless earbuds, which I think are their best product yet. (Not just me, to be fair: here's the five-star review from TechRadar and the 9/10 from Tech Advisor.)

I'm also delighted to welcome aboard my favourite little craft brewery North End Brewing of Waikanae, who make beer with love, enterprise and and originality. The law these days prevents us giving away alcohol as prizes, but you can be assured that by making me and our Chief Voting Form Officer Hadyn Green just a little little happier, North End is very much helping this thing get to air.