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Public Address costs money and time to maintain, and while making money isn't, never has been and never will be its purpose, contributions from our reader community help a great deal.

We invite two types of donation -- one-off and recurring. The latter is basically a voluntary subscription.

You can make one-off donations from your PayPal account or credit card by clicking this button:

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There are also voluntary subscription options via PayPal. Note the drop-down menu options on the button:


Sustaining Subscription Options


The subscription button should prompt you to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one. The advantage of this is that it gives you control of the recurring payment, which we figure is very important. You can cancel at any time by following these instructions, or by simply hitting this button:

The other subscription option, which you may or may not find more straightforward, is a simple automatic payment from your bank account to the Public Address bank account at the sum and frequency of your choosing:

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So what will the money be used for? In the first instance, it simply helps Public Address cover its share of the power bill and to progressively pay our wonderful and patient developers. It also covers Russell Brown's time in writing for, moderating and managing the site. As donations grow, it will hopefully be possible to pay writers, or at least cover more of their expenses.

If you have contributed, feel free to to let me know, so I can do something nice for you as the opportunity arises. Just flick me your email address here:

This isn't the regular Public Address mailing list, which announces new posts most days (that's here, and you are warmly welcomed to join it), and your address won't be used for any other purpose than occasional gestures of my warmest appreciation.

PS: People have asked whether they can pay a sum of their choosing for an annual sub and get a tax invoice for it. YES, no problem. Just click the email link below this post and let me know.