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The Greening

Okay, I have a half-written post about National's broadcasting policy (short version: sky not actually falling) but that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I've run out of time preparing for tonight's Media7 recording, where I'll be joined by Vincent Heeringa, publisher of the newly-launched Good magazine ("New Zealand's guide to sustainable living"), Woman's Weekly editor Sido Kitchin (who recently ran a "green issue") and automotive curmudgeon Clive Matthew-Wilson.

The topic is the greening of the media, and how sustainability is the new black (or, in the case of Trelise Cooper's shopping bag, pink). How much is green consumerism really saying the world and how much is it just making us feel better about buying stuff?

If you'd like to come along to the recording at The Classic in Queen Street early this evening, email me quicksmart via the "reply" link below. Otherwise, feel free to share your thoughts in advance of the show.

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