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@fltfoxz. Gr8. C u 2moro

I ask this as a genuine enquiry. Last night I saw the exceptional Fleet Foxes from Seattle at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna . . . and three times during this attention-grabbing show -- once when singer Robin Pecknold stepped forward for moving solo song on his battered acoustic - the woman two along from me started texting.

I dunno. I’m asking honestly. Anyone in PA-land do that at concerts? And if it isn’t too rude of me, just what was so important that your message had to be conveyed right there and then?

I’m curious.

PS. Five or so hours after I made this post I have checked back on the discussion thread. While I am bemused at the tangents and disappointed by the profanity and seemingly personal insults being tossed, I would like to make a small point.

I wasn't objecting to people texting at concerts (hell, you want to pay all that money to be in the real world but watch your postage stamp screen then knock yourself out) but just asking what could be so imperative that at such a time it needed to be conveyed?

I will have my phone at the BDO and may well even use it, but at a sit-down concert, or the movies?

So despite the vitriol, insults, oblique comments and so forth in the thread I am still no wiser with regard to the questions I actually posed. Anybody care to stay on-topic?

Or fail to do so?

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