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A Very Simple Stroke

by David Herkt

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I didn’t really want to go. It might be weird, but it was more weird everywhere else. My head was still a mess. My thoughts were thick and lumbering. My body didn’t I hadn’t planned on any of this. One challenge was over. Hundreds more were opening up.

But it all could have been much, much worse, I figured. I’d had a small glimpse of the alternative and this was better. It was definitely much better.


With gratitude to Julian Cook and Samuel Holloway who taught me so much about friendship and whose company over the weeks and months got me through a lot, David Fisher whose attendance at Ground Zero was much appreciated, the staff at Auckland Hospital and especially those at RehabPlus in Point Chevalier for very literally getting me back on my feet and putting up with me en route, and most importantly to John Flack for just laughing out loud at my ‘I’ll understand if you want to leave me’ discussion - and for everything else.

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