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Hard News: Friday Music: An unforced craft

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  • Graham Dunster,

    Mary Briefcase is rather cool, not sure that I'll actually be playing the cassettes though.

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  • Dave Patrick,

    I bought this record today, from a band I'd never heard of before who recorded it in Whanganui - https://greenfog.bandcamp.com/album/bruce-farm

    It's a big slab of loud droney guitar, in a similar vein to Black Boned Angel but with more notes, and it's quite wonderful.

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  • Geoff Lealand,

    Phoenix Foundation. I usually hate novelty songs (remind me too much of commercial radio dickheads) but this is fun, and all in a good cause.
    After hearing a radio interview with Anthonie Tonnon (what an intelligent interview !) I ordered a CD of Successor,

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  • Mike O'Connell, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    I saw Anthonie and band at Wunderbar at start of their tour, coupla weeks back. Feckin lovely - and nice young man to chat to too! Sadly, Ed Castelow was not on bass, result of a longboard elbow injury. Band nevertheless impressive.

    Lots happening in town tonight... I thunk I might be a bit tispy, just emerged from a wild Chch RSA opening tonight! Following on from the Campbell Live intro Wed, pretty moving too. The (Irish flavour) band included a wonderful trumpet soloist.

    Anthonie btw has come along leaps and bounds since Tono and Finance Company days pre-quake Dux show when I last saw him play. Still signs his CDs 'Tono' :-)

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  • Shaun Scott, in reply to Geoff Lealand,

    Not sure about "good cause" - hell, this ain't even Band Aid!

    But I'm with you Geoff- usually hate novelty songs. But his made me smile. Sounded weirdly like Dylan singing about cricket, with some odd Gerry Rafferty influenced brass blowing in the background. Pleasingly offbeat quirk from Phoenix foundation - go the hairy javelin and all.

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  • Russell Brown,

    Attachment Attachment

    Death and the Maiden last night at the Wine Cellar. I like this band!

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  • Samuel Scott,

    The story behind "Big Mac (Run Rate)" is this; we were packing our gear into a shuttle van to fly to Auckland when we got a call saying our flight had been cancelled and we might not get another one for about 4 or 5 hours.

    Seeing as we were at the studio we decided to hang and play table tennis and sing silly songs. We started jamming on a few novelty reggae numbers all about the black caps. Suddenly we channeling Bob Dylan and sing KEEEP THE RUN RATE UP at the top of our lungs. Shit got real.

    Luke said "we should do this, we have a few hours. We never follow through on our dumb ideas. No is the hour" etc. So we did. Immediately we knew we need some hot sax so we called Lucien Johnson, the best sax blower in town and a cricket fan to boot. Lucien jumped in a taxi, strutted in with his tenor and soprano maphones and played a ripping solo without taking off his shades or leather jacket.

    Something special was happening. A rap started to flow. Schnitzel burgers from Rainbow takeaways was procured. The got mixed, the song got mastered. The song got released. Uploaded in fact, while driving to the airport to catch our new flight. The gig at the Titirangi festival was great, dinner at the Refreshment Room was fantastic. One of the best days of my life.

    PS we went to a party at Indi from Doprah's parents place after the festival and were shocked to realise that we were the same generation as Doprah's parents. Sobering (though we actually really drunk) moment!

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  • Samuel Scott,

    Oh and I am SOOOOOOOO keen to the new SJD album

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  • Shaun Scott, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Yes, they are quite magnificent.
    I had been addicted to "Dear -" for ages, but it was only available to stream on bandcamp - do was delighted when this album was released.

    Saw them live for the first time last year at a radio one gig at sammys in Dunedin. My partner and I arrived just as that song started. It was spellbinding - an amazing and beautiful visual backdrop created by Erica skelans, and a mesmerising, spine tingling show by a most excellent band. Beautiful.

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  • Mike O'Connell,

    You could also read Hadyn Donnell’s excellent Pantograph Punch story on what makes Tonnon tick. Among other things, it offers a background to the Ecan theme of ‘Water Underground’.

    It's a great read. The lyrics … Water Underground should be in the curriculum for NCEA English! A standout track at his Lyttelton show. Any review of the King's Arm show last night?

    Water management of course, is a key aspect of the ECan review. Here’s the discussion document. Submissions close May 1.

    Well known artist and writer Sam Mahon also has a strong interest in water underground. In the vein of David Kilgour and Sam Hunt, I can sense an Anthonie Tonnon and Sam Mahon collaboration in the offing!

    BTW, the clip for ‘Every Time It Rains Like’ appears to have been pulled from YouTube :-(

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  • Barry,

    Picked up a copy of sometimes i sit and think... last week, and am falling in love with it. Very much looking forward to seeing her tonight in Sheffield (should have seen her last night in Leeds, but dithered and the show sold out).

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  • Mike O'Connell, in reply to Barry,

    You'll enjoy her live Barry. She kicked ass at Laneway this year. Another great story teller through her music (as is Anthonie Tonnon - whose album Successor I can't get enough of just now!)

    She does a great version of the Breeders' Cannonball

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