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Hard News: Press Play > Budget

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  • Most Beloved First Citizen,

    Good morning fellow citizens and good friends,

    I on other side of world - I read you criticize zero budget - stop moaning fools - it no good for you, no good for me, no good for anybody any where.

    What problem we have, we have none, we have zero budget solution, we have zero problem.

    I give example how this working, OK we take $42 mill give it to private schools we take $43 mill away from public school we make a profit. So maybe put aside $20 mill or something to frix problem – then ignore problem – move along, move along, time pass ignore problem - and then we have $20 mill. That is no problem zero budget frix everything approach.

    People want smaller class number for kids go private or have smaller, sorry I mean less kids. Problem is people who can't afford private school - they fail to recognize that it is their problem not government problem.

    People say "Sky City Con Centre" job estimate very wrong – OK, Ok, OK maybe – to be safe we build it bigger – double size or super size for Sky City Con Centre, yes that sound good – and then more pokies make no problem approach – maybe call it when finished "Sky City Super Con Centre". You must know by now that if I say it and it sound good then it is good.

    While I’m “over here” – that is “over there” to you if you are “over there” – which is any other place than “over here” – I confused never mind – I going to buy this:


    I need an “over there” or is it “over here” secret lair.

    OK, OK, Ok, thinking, thinking , thinking I frix problem - if I am “here” then where you are is “over there”, if I am “over there” where you are then what, well then “over there” becomes “over here”, and my secret lair becomes even more secret people not know where I am, “over there” or “here” or the “over there” or ‘over here”. See how confusing I make it for bad guys – but much more simple for me I don't even know whether I am "over there" or "over here" – I could be “any where” and not know.

    This why you vote for me to manage economy – I am so great.

    Lots of happy smiling people marching everywhere, everybody everywhere very happy all the time, marching round and round big smile and waving flag – I am so great.

    Signing off now - your Most Beloved First Citizen.


    "over there", "over here"… • Since Jun 2012 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • merc,

    Elephant outed, http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10810825 by Chris Barton,

    Deals like this make a mockery of creating an open competitive market in telecommunications in New Zealand, exemplifying the lack of transparency in the process whereby Crown Fibre Holdings allocated these fibre contracts. The company is yet to answer why Chorus was given a better deal than anyone else. Such favouritism - already apparent in the financial structure of the deal - smacks of political interference. It makes one wonder also - given Crown Fibre Holdings is stacked with ex-Telecom staff - whether the deal was a foregone conclusion and whether competitor bids for the fibre rollout in most of the country ever stood a chance.

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  • Most Beloved First Citizen,

    How silly people are - "over here" creating an open competitive market in anything has never been about creating an open competitive market. It is control and return at every turn.

    Another example consider Infratil - got refining, got “Shell” turning that to "Z", got buses - can sell bus juice at every turn – the supplier, retailer and a significant end user who provides public transport and profits from a heavily subsidized public service.

    This has been financed by the New Zealand Superannuation Fund http://business.scoop.co.nz/2010/03/29/infratilnz-super-pay-696-5m-for-shell-assets/

    In free markets “over there” a concern cannot own or integrate the whole chain - example USA - you cannot make liquor, wholesale it, and retail it.

    Whereas “over here” you can and do integrate the whole chain, whether in actuality – like Infratil with power generation, though this is in part historic, or by defacto means say the behaviour of Chorus and Crown Fibre Holdings as mentioned in the elephant outing above.

    Infratil have almost everything – including trust power an integrated electricity generator-retailer; when further power generation is sold they will likely seek to acquire more and perhaps buy or set up further electricity retailers.

    Assets Sales, and governance, aren’t about more than the surrender of control and return at every turn – that is why they are so unifying everyone except the “big guys” is worse off.

    The future is energy generation - it will never be chaper than now and you are going to lose it for ever.

    Most Beloved First Citizen

    PS: is it raining over there and are you wet yet?

    "over there", "over here"… • Since Jun 2012 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • merc, in reply to Most Beloved First Citizen,

    Just started raining here in Auckland, need the wind to go offshore but.
    And anyway Key is cute and disingenuous like all New Zealanders - so says the Daily Telegraph. Meanwhile guesswork is the new prognostication,

    Since Dec 2006 • 2471 posts Report Reply

  • Most Beloved First Citizen, in reply to merc,

    You a funny guy - you dead right - I say anything I want - I say we need to catch up with Oz - but I don't say I do anything about it.

    Treasury predict anything I want them to - my guess wrong I say they wrong.

    Anyway too much corporate welfare to be able to pay living people "over here" a living wage so living people go live "over there".

    When I opposition leader people say we need to be just like Celtic Tiger Ireland - no Tigers in Ireland but hey no worry no Tiger eat you - now I opposite of opposition leader NZ economy like a potatoe famine - people leave in droves.

    But wait - aspirational people in South Auckland go live in Potatoetoe. - Ha ha ha ha - blighter future all right - tis upside - the bounce of dead Tiger.

    Most Beloved First Citizen

    "over there", "over here"… • Since Jun 2012 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • chris,

    frix problem/blighter future

    DexterX, Mr. Yunioshi your dialect specialist needs to speak with you urgently.

    Mawkland • Since Jan 2010 • 1302 posts Report Reply

  • Most Beloved First Citizen,

    Not Dex, Not Asian, Not Mick Rooknee, Not Chinglish - pidgin speak - English not good wid - no put together - butt did - blight of potatoe - blight for bright, left for right - English my right hand man or blight hand man.

    But Best Movie Line:

    How to seal deal - not seal sale.

    "over there", "over here"… • Since Jun 2012 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • chris,

    Well I never

    Mawkland • Since Jan 2010 • 1302 posts Report Reply

  • DexterX,

    NZ is presently shit out of luck as regards leadership with Key and English - this is becoming apparent in MFAT, Class Size, Handling of Pike River and the other fiascos, which are becoming indicative of the hallmark of their administrative incompetence.

    Taking the major govt budget announcement of increases in class size and the rapid backpedalling that yesterday left the witless Hekia Parata floating adrift in hyperspace.

    The education spend is $9.5 Billion - and all this bullshit to save $43 million - i the motivation was to bring in savings I am sure that the Govt could take the initiative and form a working group with all the interested parties in education (including the unions) to look at savings in excess of $43 million whilst preserving the quality of education and the teacher to student ratios.

    What is likely behind this zero budget "F minus" effort is the government preparing its ground to run with "Charter Schools" and more PPP roll out of schools and the future delivery of "education services".

    A part of the shambles that did not get reported, as I understand it through talking to teachers, was that in addition to technology teachers the government were also removing funding for reading support/special education.

    This has implications when you consider a school in Auckland, which I won't name, has a roll of approx 650 pupils with over 100 pupils receiving help with reading - the bulk of these students come from homes where English is a second language – they are the children of recent migrants. The planned abolition of reading support would have far reaching negative present and future consequences – this would be further compounded by increased class size.

    Calling ti as I see it - the way this government is formulating and executing policy is just bullshit.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 1223 posts Report Reply

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