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  • Helen Keivom,

    Had an Indian haircut to go with my Indian shirt and pants. I am now virtually indistinguishable from an ordinary Indian, except for my skin and my face

    Keith old chap, you know those Assamese militants you referred to in passing a while back? With your unIndian face and skin, you might well pass for one of them. Assam (which btw is in North-East India, never North India) is one of the Seven Sister States of NE India where the natives all look like you, that is, chinky. Some of them might even live in Chennai would you believe.

    I'm sick of Indian food already. The Chinese food is pretty dire - the first noodle that I had was packet noodles with a bowl of lime-cordial curry. I ended up having steak - beef steak - in Bangalore. It was good, or as Homer would say, sacrilicious.

    Hmm......methinks you need to return to civilisation immediately. Leave the wilds of India to scavenging Scandinavians and come back to the land of the long white steak.

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  • Helen Keivom,

    land of the long white steak.

    or rather, the long white noodle:)

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  • Tze Ming Mok,

    Burn! Nice one Helen.

    3) It hasn't rained since I got here. I haven't even seen a cloud. It's creepy.

    Ah yes. The creepy phenonemon known as the 'Dry Season.' If it *did* start raining, that would be an indication of the increasingly unseasonal arrival of the wet season due to climate change - which would in fact, actually be creepy.

    4) Didn't think I would, but I'm sick of Indian food already. The Chinese food is pretty dire

    Ah, Hongkies. See Keith, if you were SEA Chinese, you'd think South Indian curry *was* Chinese food. You'd never get away with this kind of hokey orientalist tourist commentary if you were white. Then again, you do get cranky when you go without your noodles. *Make* yourself some freakin' noodles if you have to Keith, and give us back our journalist.

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