Desert Road Speeders

  • Damian Christie,

    Hey does anyone have a link or a copy of the video of the tourists speeding on the Desert Road? It's been taken down and I really want to find it... :) Email me or summat.


    PS: This is not the video, but I needed to post a URL for it to work.

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  • Jeremy Andrew,

    Wonder if I can get refund on my ticket for 114Kph along that there Desert Road. The cop seemed slightly embarrassed to have to give me a ticket on a lovely clear afternoon on a fairly deserted, flat, straight stretch of highway.

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  • Tomorrowpeople,

    Ahhh - yet another person who thinks they can speed because it's a 'fine day'.

    Dude - you were doing nearly 15ks over the speed limit - that's breaking the law - slow down.
    Speed limit is there for a reason.
    There are plenty of individuals who think they are 'better drivers' than other people and therefore the speed limit shouldn't apply to them.

    It is you attitude that is no different from those who think it's fine to do 65+ in a 50 zone, in residential streets with kids and pedestrians around.

    Slow down please.

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  • Jeremy Andrew,

    Yes, it is against the law to go 114 in a 100 Km/h zone, that's why the nice policeman gave me a ticket.
    However, the speed limit is only vaguely related to the safety of any given stretch of road (that's why the speed limit doesn't change inthe rain). There are plenty of bits of the Desert Road which you'd be suicidal to approach at 100 (that's why there's little signs recommending, but not enforcing, 25). But there are plenty of stretches which on a clear day have practically unlimited visibility, no hidden side-roads and no chance of a kid on a bike coming out of a driveway. The only danger on such a stretch is either you or the guy coming the other way falling asleep and crossing the centre line.
    I know I ain't a better driver than everyone else, pretty average (not in the lost rugby game sense though) really.
    I don't speed in residential areas - my kids live in residential areas.
    Drive to the conditions is what the road safety ads say. When I drove the same stretch a fortnite ago in the rain I didn't go that speed.
    I know they won't change the upper speed limit, but its a number they picked as a good average top speed for average NZ roads. For above average roads in above average conditions, an extra 15 km/h ain't so bad.
    As long is enforcement is fair & equitable I don't have any real problem with the 100k limit, but if they're letting people off for going 160, I want my $80 back!

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