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  • Hard News: Something up with Apple?,

    So, Russ, whats the story with vodafone then? Are they launching a new music service on nov 16, or something else?

    I gather it's a music service, but nowt to do with iTunes.

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  • Hard News: Something up with Apple?,

    I hope I'm right or I could have the proverbial egg on my face, but it came from an industry insider who would know

    If it helps Simon, I'm hearing much the same from quite a different quarter ...

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  • Hard News: Because I am weak,

    With all due respect, Russell, I've three words for anyone who will do any such thing: Multiplex, Wembley Stadium.

    A cautionary tale indeed. But there are some significant differences too. The Football Association was the commissioning client and got in a complete mess three years before the government came in to the rescue. And Multiplex has completed some significant structures ahead of schedule, including Telstra Stadium.

    I'm inclined to regard contestability as a distraction in a project like this. After all, a tendering process didn't exactly provide a quality result in the case of the Vector Arena.

    This thing will cost more than they're saying at the moment, but it would be nice to see an independent assessment of its deliverability. At the moment, everyone who says it can or can't be done seems to have a vested interest in what they're saying.

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  • Eating Media Lunch,

    There is no need to upload on YouTube. TVNZ are putting EML online in full.

    Uploading on YouTube hooks you into a dynamic you don't get from streaming off your corporate site, but it's still a good move.

    Tip for Mac users. If you use the Flip4Mac components and plugin to view the TVNZ clips you can download them. When, of course, they have finally loaded ...

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  • Random Access Memory,

    An animation by Massey University student Caroline Ting:

    "RAM (Random Access Memory) is an animation about becoming too reliant and emotionally attached to your personal computer. It is an exaggeration of (my) research on recent trends of dependency and attachment found in children for their PCs, especially in the US and UK."
    (QuickTime 7)

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  • Kiwi: An animation,

    Lovely. Even if it is by an American ...

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  • Hard News: More than a little odd,

    Couple of things:

    1. It's not clear from posts here that it's not only Simon's phone at work that's being affected, but his home phone too. This would seem to rule out the idea that it's just some malfunctioning auto-dialler, as does Simon's latest update, yesterday:

    So the saga continues, 10am -8:20pm yesterday and then a couple at 11:30pm, but those had beeping at the other end. This morning about 10:10 they started again. We have been checking every hour or so to see ifit is still going, and indeed the phone is still ringing. There has been an interesting change today, now there appears to be someone listening and pressing buttons at the other end. I asked a few questions and they started using 2 beeps for yes and 1 for no. All very odd. I did not stay on the line as I am too busy to play silly games.

    So the summary is:
    Thurs 2:00pm-6:00pm 6:50-8:30pm
    Fri 9:00am-4:00pm
    Sat 9:30am-8:20pm +2 at 11:30
    Sun 10:10am - current

    Now that there is someone on the other end I am more confident that a formal complaint may actually find someone who is doing this.

    Also ...

    2. Keith, there's a very clear difference between protecting the network from some guy trying to torrent four movies at once, and someone using Skype. The former can represent a threat to service at peak time, the latter simply represents a threat to Telecom's business.

    BTW, Bram Cohen always cautions against running too many open torrents. He says the protocol's not designed for that, and that having any more than two torrents downloading at the same time is suboptimal.

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  • A question of sport,

    Where are we at with the All Blacks? A decent enough win over England - and then it's all change again for the French test. Should we be seeing a first XV by now, or is still about depth? Should we start fretting already about how really bad it might be if we contrive to yet again not win the Rugby World Cup? Do we have a centre yet? And which would be the most calamitous injury? McCaw? Carter? Or Hayman? Discuss …

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  • EML: Nicky Watson shocks Iran!,

    We want more from the Iranian correspondent ...

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  • EML: The Most Shocking Moments of 2006,

    With thanks to EATINGMEDIA

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