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  • Hard News: Stupidity and ignorance have…, in reply to linger,

    Nah, we’ve been through this before:

    Yeah I know it was just the perfection of the anagram that iced my cake.

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  • Hard News: Stupidity and ignorance have…, in reply to Trevor Nicholls,

    President Cnut.

    A gold star for you and you can take the dusters out at the end of the lesson to bang them clean.

    I hereby propose that Trump/Drumph is officially President Cnut from here on in.

    He can sit on his throne of shit like the pathetic creature he truly is.

    America, whither goest thou? shiny car ekcetra

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The Inside Track,

    Shit..,., that inside track just killed me.
    Up there with all that eighties goodness the Hulamen ,Low Profile and Beat Rhythm Fashion. Good times at the Gluepot and hearing loss which I probably don't regret as much as I should.
    cheers for that Russell.

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  • Hard News: Local journeys on the cusp of…,

    Why o why did they not put a cycle/walk underpass on the track at St Lukes Rd?
    The one at Te Atatu is great and saves time and hassle.
    There must be an alternative to the Carrington Rd dismount which is just a pain especially for people using clip-ons. It just breaks the natural flow of cycling.

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  • Hard News: 2016: The arc of a year, in reply to andin,

    I just hope Trump et al become a laughing stock and do no lasting damage

    Me too brother, me too.

    What will be his first fuck up/scandal, other than his election?

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  • Hard News: The Greens' pretty good new…,

    Are we as a country capable of having an adult conversation about drugs, their harms and all the other nuance in regard of them.
    Not just pot but A class to alcohol.
    Even more so can our politicians?
    A referendum perhaps as guidance would need to be held and the issues involved have to be looked at rationally with the merits of various forms of control acknowledged.

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to Logan O'Callahan,

    Trump is a Democrat plant intent on stealing the election from the Republicans.

    I can't buy that idea.

    Trump entered the field of his own volition with a turbo-charged version of the message that the Repubs have been priming their base with..

    He got lucky with that but now things have gotten real and he's been found out.

    He is a creature that the Republicans brought into being with their racist and evangelical dog whistling and have only themselves to blame for what has been a hostile takeover by an outsider.

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs,

    I seem to recall an analysis of America by some Russian think tank or other that suggested that the US had a good chance of having a civil war.
    Is Trump's delegitimising of the electoral process what they had in mind?
    Ironic really with the well known propensity of the republicans to engage in wholesale gerrymandering and deregistration of voters.
    If the great orange buffoon genuinely believes the system is rigged and he loses the election, then what next?
    Great mobs of armed people wandering around while he plans his insurrection from a garish Trumpbunker?
    Where this man is going leads to some very dark and dangerous places.
    Americas' Grifter in Chief has a large following primed by years of relentless rightwing propaganda via Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, various Evangelical hypocrites and a chorus of nutjob hucksters.
    Is there an emollient voice of reason among his circus trying to lower the temperature of his rhetoric or has the Trump train already jumped the rails.
    Right now it looks like our American cousins are heading towards a crisis in the political system.
    I hope not and after Winston Churchill's dictum they do the right thing after trying everything else and also update their system of governance to something more fit for the 21ST century.
    Hillary Clinton and all US politicians are going to need to work hard to right the ship of state after this madness.
    Good luck with that!
    Interesting times.

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to simon g,

    I think Kaine got what Hillary's comms team wanted. He probably did come on too strong as an attack dog but hey, it's only the VP's debate.
    They've turned Pence into a liar with his own words and dig at Trump at the same time.
    To me this looks like a play from the start.

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  • Hard News: Trump's Dummkopfs, in reply to linger,

    To a kiwi such as myself almost every Democrat looks Republican-lite.

    The next President gets to forward nominations for the supreme court justices where one is currently pending and 1or 2 more are probable during the next term.
    This is a big deal for a court selected by politicians that has acted in a less than neutral political manner previously and where a lot of the American culture wars have been fought out.
    Hillary has been treated to the most excoriating attacks by the Republicans and their media proxies on a prolonged and relentless basis.
    I wouldn't expect this crowd of hopelessly compromised shills in the senate and congress to suddenly breakout into a party of reason and compromise.
    Will the Republicans step back from the rancorous bipartisan precipice to which their extreme and shrill base has taken them.Who knows?
    I wouldn't bet the house on it not even a good bottle of wine.
    They've sowed the wind now they're reaping the whirlwind which on this occasion is a bright orange loon issuing brainfarts.
    Trump is the drunk stranger at a wedding who can turn the whole affair into a shitfest strewing mayhem blithely behind.
    It's kinda fun to watch but you wouldn't want it happening to your family and friends.
    Later on the adults will have to come in and clean up but no one seems to be volunteering at present.

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