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  • Hard News: Swine flu, terror and Susan Boyle,

    actually I'm really disappointed in that last post of yours rich. you were king with the murder word post, that was class-debating skills there, but that one up there is just shoddy workmanship.
    d minus, must try harder.

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  • Hard News: Swine flu, terror and Susan Boyle,

    level of an art form.

    you bored rich?

    So, in relation to Susan Boyle, and in reply to Robbery, Russell B wrote:

    Travelling lonely from one hotel room to another will take its toll on a person

    nah, he wrote that in his original article, not in reply to me.
    you're obviously close personal friends with boyle and more up on her and her circle so I'll leave it to you to tell us how her life is, how touring will be for her. etc. maybe that lovely simon fellow could sort her for some nice people to look after her though, just a thought.

    I'm happy to be left out of this stuff but if you do insist on having a go at me I'll respond, and go one step further.

    Russell's a very talented man, but he's not god, and he's not above criticism
    (or dishing it out), and how he's responded to that has contributed to my 'attitude' to him. right or wrong that's how it is.
    but as I said a few times, leave me out of it and I'll leave it out. Thanks for caring though.

    have a go on the not guilty thread, there's plenty of judging to be done on there.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    that's your problem right there. don't go looking to blame your boredom on others. if you led a more interesting life you wouldn't have to come to lame arsed discussion threads at 1 am on a sunday morning.
    and no I don't need you to point that mirror at me.

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  • Not Guilty,

    jersey enriched culture

    check out the comments

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    can spawn some nasty sequels.

    nasty? the second one was better than the first.
    This is a sequel anyway.

    before it came

    discussion on copyright
    and a bunch of guest roles in other threads,
    its a shame this one has become the leader, its original premise was about that sad git lessig.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    If they ever make PAS-The Movie, it's going to be about one of us going back in time to prevent this thread from getting started in the first place.

    you're enjoying it Giovanni, and you know it.
    if it wasn't entertaining you you'd be clipping you nails in front of the heater like any sane person.
    now hurry up and make a grand exit only to return 2 pages later.

    must read your paper some day, i've got it book marked. perhaps i'll wait till it come out on dvd and rip the torrent.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    Can we all go home now?

    since no one seems to want to engage you on anything you've said in since forever it would seem prudent for you to go home and stay there. you're a real thread killer.

    back to ignore igor mode.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    You've already admitted you don't listen to new music.

    please do point me to that exact quote simon. no really, I'm dying to see it.

    From a person who's already admitted they've not listened to much new music since 1982 that's rather funny

    wow, there you go again, you really are a funny man, what the fuck are you on about?

    Did you rate Echo & The Bunnymen or Blam Blam Blam or The Clean or Talking Heads or Elvis Costello or New Order or The Message that year

    actually I wasn't devoting my time to guessing what people would think of this stuff in the future I was enjoying it for the moment. you're the one who's hell bent on inventing what the overall picture will be.
    double j and twice the t anyone? a lot of people devote a lot of time to things best forgotten.
    A lot of people devote a lot of time to things that should be remembered as outstanding but aren't. Its so something that can't be judged at the time, even though you think it can, I'm sure there are plenty of things you thought were amazing at the time but with the benefit of hindsight turned out to be nothing more than a gimmick. a gimmick that trucked out loads of copies at the time no doubt but a gimmick none the less.

    Uh, no but it's hardly obscure or vague stuff.

    thought as much, all talk, no figures. after slagging majors for helping themselves to a large slice of an artists pie I was dead keen to see what your slice of the how bizzare pie was, I've heard it was healthy.

    You've laid out a few examples of how it works if you want to press half a dozen discs in your back shed,

    half a dozen, press, back shed, hilarious old man, if you're going to take the piss at least do it with terms from this century.

    Since a few pages back someone had to explain to you how digital returns to the copyright owner, and in another thread fairly simple marketing and structural economics of the recording industry had to be explained several times to you,

    someone? you mean you, the guy who doesn't get his feet wet any more?
    if you really are involved at the level you profess then you'll have those budget figures sitting on your desk and you'll be able to give us all a real insiders look into the goings on of projects. come on simon, you're looking a bit like hot air from here.

    I have no desire to go there again. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, but it is what it is.

    yeah, hot air.

    But it is worth pointing out, since you ask that both the Blams and the Meemees had covered their singles costs on sales but it was their albums that blew them out of the water.

    there you go, you managed to give us a real piece of information from your personal experience. now try something in the 21st century, since that example came from the era of vinyl.

    I seem to be always on the defensive over having released records that people actually want to buy.

    why yes that is true, you have released and or been associated with some records that have sold quite well, one exceptionally so, full kudos for that, but you might want to cast your eye over your catalogue again to remind yourself of some of the less than stellar (but in my opinion still worthy) items. they're not all winners by a long shot, and that is the nature of music (and film) production and in many cases its got nothing to do with their worth an a piece of art. speaking from a personal perspective most of the works that I consider exceptional are very low level pieces as far as chart success goes. you going to have a go at that as well?

    It's a crime of some sort, both repeatedly implied and actually stated by you, to find a market and successfully exploit music unless it's within the parameters you allow.

    are you a parallel universe simon grigg or something?. I've no idea where you're pulling this shit from but it bears little relevance to what I've said or what I think.

    some chart hits are a crime against humanity. I think you keep the crappy one's you were near as quiet as you can, I know there have been some. (was it you who did that puss filled 3 the hard way come back, not that it got anywhere near the charts, or was it the omc come back, that reeked about as much) I'm not going to press charges this time, but I'm watching you mate, one over promoted novelty (s)hit too many and they'll be a price to pay.

    now show me exactly where I said I stopped listening after 1982 or eat your words.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,

    actually simon, any chance of you breaking some of this down into figures for us.
    I've done the math for the examples I've talked about and you've spoken in vague terms.
    lay out some of those figures for a project you've been involved in.
    I'd like to know the cuts for some of the top 00001% of nz music projects and maybe you could share similar figures for say the mee mees or blams album, and maybe the bongo's single.
    and maybe some recent figures too for how projects are budgeting these days from your side of the fence.
    there's nothing like first hand knowledge.

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,


    don't know why that link didn't work. it did in preview
    anyway, giovanni's comment at the bottom of page 104 regarding your broad generalization that everyone is exactly the same as you when it comes to downloading music.

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