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  • Hard News: The Cannabis Legalisation and…,

    I think driving lower consumption via legalization is a bit of a failed policy objective, however, driving lower rates of problematic use is far more achievable.

    A bright line test of 35% or 40% and above for products to become concentrates would do well, without outlawing them completely. For parallels with alcohol, nz has a problem, but not a problem with absinthe, ensuring potent products remain legal, but top shelf low volume products could reduce criminality further.

    If product groups are outlawed completely, people will take to cooking them up at home, with dangerous consequences. I have met a “Crispy critter” who failed to ventilate while purging butane from a concentrate, horrifc scarring.

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  • Hard News: Who are the medicinal…, in reply to linger,

    I agree RE Bias, as a charity doing things on a shoestring budget calls had to be made, nevertheless the data, while self-selecting is better than the status quo which was absolutely no data on the finer points of use.

    Medical Cannabis research of every kind seems to be thwarted by something or other.
    You cant even blind a trial where THC is involved, 'cause when you on cannabis, you will know about it.....

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  • Hard News: Getting serious about the…,


    Photo of a trio all defended with success by Sue Grey.

    Was great to catch up with everyone, I admit the process with the MC bill means I am starting to lose my cool…. its been almost a year since legislation was introduced. Its been delay and obfuscation at every turn.

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  • Hard News: Shots Fired,

    the one thing with small business versus big cannabis is costs to implement quality control and economies of scale. without export, nz companies could only thrive in the medical space with economies of scale from a rec market.
    For this reason I support a model that is big cannabis, but separates the producers from the retail outlets

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  • Hard News: A medical cannabis korero by…,

    Yeah I agree with your concerns. There are some caveats on MCANZ, specifically, we dont dabble in recreational advocacy. In light of the refusal of MPs to accept growing your own as a human right like Canada, we are trying a compromise approach that it is merely a licensed activity on a small scale.

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  • Hard News: What we learned yesterday…, in reply to Ross Bell,

    That's quite a positive spin on it. My dealings with David usually resulted in being told to talk to Julie as Labour didn't want any flack in an election year on MedCan. Julie's bill had won her the hearts and minds of the MedCan Patient population.

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  • Hard News: On benefit fraud,

    I wish I was like my fellow former army folk going to student life, I put my golden handshake into kiwisaver so I didn't have to admit to having a cash asset, my peers however put it into shares etc and made a hefty return while claiming student bennies saying they had no cash assets.

    My true regret was not having the balls to go all in on Bitcoin in 2011 when I left my uniform behind, I had 40k to play with.......

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  • Hard News: One big day at the drug symposium,

    In my opinion Cannabis is first cab off the ranks, its been around for thousands of years (like alcohol) yet has a better safety profile. Personally anything that has a better safety profile than alcohol should be legal. Being late to the party means we can control it much better, just as Canada is putting very strict controls on legal cannabis, (so much so that the legalization crowd like Marc and Jodie Emery are complaining that its not legalization) the worst thing is our binge culture, what ever happens the greatest risk from those class C drugs that could be legalized (even Peter Dunne is for it!) is mixing of substances.

    I have communicated to some of the free the leaf crowd what the drug foundation policy around the potential industry means, once I explained that it avoids big business, and allows previously criminalized people to go legal, (the "OG" growers) they were quite smitten.

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  • Hard News: One big day at the drug symposium, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    I did in private, but that's another story.....

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  • Hard News: Genter's Bill: Starting at…,

    I've never heard of a Private Members bill getting plucked so quick. Its been what, a month since it was put in the ballot, time for Labour and Maori Parties to man up on the issue and have a policy outside of saying nice things.

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