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  • Hard News: Fentanyl: it's here,

    One of my favourite "quirks" of the current legislation is the rating of fentanyl and its analogues. Heroin is Class A, fentanyl which is 100 times as potent is Class B and carfentanyl which is 50 times as potent as fentanyl and 5000 times as potent as heroin is Class C as it is a fentanyl analogue.

    The obvious differences in the class rating of a drug and its risk index really stand out in this case.

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  • Hard News: All Change, in reply to Jonty,

    Hosking is also getting headlines in the Herald website including Breaking News banners earlier in the morning. Tha's the last straw for me TBH. When an news organisation considers the rantings of Hosking breaking and headline news over the content of a new govenrment coalition then I'm not interested. I've deleted my link and removed my app so I don't need to deal with any more BS from them in the future.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Laneway,…, in reply to Alan Perrott,

    Fuck. Husker Du were my fav band for many years in the 80s and onwards. It was a treat to see him play a small but enthusiatic show at the Kings Arms earlier this year as well. Even did requests at the end.

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  • Hard News: Synthetic cannabinoids: a primer,

    I noted a couple of days ago that RNZ has begun referring to synthetic drugs not synthetic cannabis. Which is not entirely accurate but a start I guess. The fact that the CB receptors were identified initially by their ability to bind THC doesn't make all agonists THC analogues after all. We haven't seen the widespread problems with Fentanyl in the US blamed on synthetic opium.

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  • Hard News: Grenfell: a signal moment,

    This is indeed a tragedy of epic proportions that will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully it will be a watershed for these sorts of properties to ensure that it never occurs again. The only thing remotely good that can come out of these sorts of events is dramatic change to prevent similar happenings. Like the removal of barriers etc. from football fields after Hillsborough and the continuing building earthquake strengthening after Christchurch. It's a shame it takes a real tragedy to bring these matters to a point where time and money is spent on them.

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  • Hard News: Interesting Britain!, in reply to Sam Bradford,

    I’d suggest that any of the Blairite candidates would have done considerably less well yesterday.

    Couldn't agree more. I suspect that is a major part in the drop in support for the SNP. After overcoming a rather staid early years (Scottish Tories as my old girlfriend from Fife called them 20 odd years ago) the SNP seem to be a good home for idealistic and socially aware young people. With the loss of the referendum for Scottish independence and the appearance of a Labour leader who is speaking around social justice these voters are likely placing their faith with Labour for the first time or returning. They wouldn't have considered that move if the old guard Blairites were still at the helm.

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  • Hard News: Interesting Britain!, in reply to Moz,

    And with the help of Teresa May, they're both trying to leave the Cons in government but with a slim majority and possibly dependent on the LibDems for support (or, like National having the option of asking for supply from The Greens

    The last dalliance the LibDems had with the Tories was an unmitigated disaster, so I can't see them formalising anything. On the other hand it ids difficult to see how an alliance of all parties against the Tories would have any long lasting future either.

    It would be good to see for a short time though even if it only to see Donald Trump denied his chance to ride in the carriage with the Queen.

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  • Hard News: Drug Intelligence,

    Wellllll ... drinking a half a glass if it will probably kill you.

    Probably not - its a UN Hazard Class 6.1E (oral), which is the lowest oral toxicity you can have without being harmless and the same UN class as salt. Although ChemFFX rates acetone toxicity as 1 out of 4 (low) to salt at 0. There is acute toxicity in children but not death in adults - I suspect it would come up pretty violently when swallowed.

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  • Cracker: Breaking the Silence, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    Greenpeace are so far proving more effective than any hypothetical priesthood of ordained scientists.

    Don't forget that Greenpeace have also made errors of judgement around information in the past. Brent Spar anyone?

    Not so sure about the council of elders idea myself either. Decades of working with and around a large number of scientists has taught me, that like all other collective groups they contain a full spectrum of types. Some are more interested in developing knowledge, others use selected knowledge for their own purpose, some are more self sacrificing, others less so.

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  • Hard News: Approved by lunchtime, in reply to Jeremy Andrew,

    0% alcohol beer contains 0% alcohol, but is not sold to minors

    I don't have a problem with that. We banned lolly cigarettes for kids years ago, and we don't let them buy no nicotine herbal cigarettes that I know of.

    Mind you the kids can buy and love Shandy Bass in the UK

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