Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Friday funnies (in Mandarin): the Art of War

This is indescribable. You must experience this Youtube clip (with translation) of the crazed CCTV-5 soccer commentary over the Italy-Australia game. The hysterics were being snippeted on National Radio the other day. Hint: this commentator quite likes Italy.

(thanks to Richman Wee for the tip-off)

More Friday Mandarin slacker viewing can be found amongst the odd little growing pile of American high school Mandarin class video projects on Youtube. Harking back to the serious concerns of a previous post about the threat to 'Asian' youth of their sedentary computer game-playing lifestyle, is the high school boy Mandarin tour de force 'Runescape is gay'.

Most importantly, they got an 'A'.