Southerly by David Haywood

About David Haywood

David Haywood is the most southerly member of the Public Address team, and lives in an aging house on the banks of the Avon River in Christchurch.

His life has oscillated strangely between arts and science. He began a university degree in 19th century literature, and ended up graduating with a Ph.D. in engineering. In between, he found employment as a forklift driver, guitarist/songwriter, road-works lollipop man, computer programmer, librarian, university lecturer, and research scientist. He currently works full-time as a writer.

The scientific phase of David's life resulted in patents for cryocooler systems and ocean wave energy technology. His research was recognized with awards from the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, and the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand. He has always suspected that at least one of these awards was due to a clerical error.

In 2008, David's book 'My First Stabbing' was published to critical acclaim. In 2009, his book 'The New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010' was published to widespread astonishment. David has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics including: travel, science, arts, humour, film, literature, and politics. His current projects include a new book and a television script.

In his spare time, David is a musical enthusiast. He plays bass, ukulele, guitar, and banjo -- all of them very badly, although not quite as badly as he sings. He is the banjo player (and one of the songwriters) for Bridle Path.

David will write commissioned articles for cash money, and can be contacted here.