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  • Hard News: Standing together, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And again, when Native Affairs tried to report the story, rather than responding to the concerns, the trust got an injunction to stop them going to air. (This actually backfired hugely, because people associated with the trust had to swear revealing affidavits that the judge ruled could be used by Native Affairs in its reports.)

    Funny as - the collision of stupidity that often occurs when people attempt to subvert/hide the truth of a matter. Doubly so when engaging lawyers to do so.

    For ’tis the sport to have the engineer
    Hoist with his own petard. And ’t shall go hard,
    But I will delve one yard below their mines,
    And blow them at the moon. Oh, ’tis most sweet
    When in one line two crafts directly meet.

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  • Hard News: To be expected, in reply to Sacha,

    Really thought McCarten could offer better advice.

    He probably has - likely - it may not be sinking in.

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  • Hard News: Things worth knowing,

    Just saying - No matter how much thin ice Collins was skating on Key/Nats have no intention of giving the oppostion any impetus from the situation.

    It appears the greater electorate has "moved on" as shown by the drop for Labour in the polls - failure to launch and a lack of competence. Cunning move by Key to extinguish the Collins issue and highlight Labours failings.

    Cunning, smug and trusted by the electorate is John Key - no matter what goes down.

    Would have thought Cunliffe would be more dynamic and looking to be more and not less than Shearer.

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  • Hard News: Poor Choices,

    Strange times indeed - everyone "is" and becomes "news".

    It is good to turn the whole social media thing off and get on with the business ofl living - you get more done.

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  • Hard News: The Public Address Word of…,

    For word of the year try "Report".

    There have been so many disasters, failures, in most spheres or "governance" – all that happens is there is another report in response and no solution or change in policy.

    Novapay, The Dunny Leak, The ongoing privacy failures, The Bain Report, The further report on the Bain report, The Len Saga, the Police were waiting for one etc, etc

    Also I am sad that First Citizen, Mr Wow himself, John (in the key of awesome) Key wasn't time magazine's person of the year. I needed to share it somewhere.

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  • Hard News: Mandela,

    1981 it was a civil war - well almost.

    An image seared in my mind was looking up the railway line from Morningside to Kingsland and see riot squad members placed about ever 20 metres apart all the way around the bend.

    I can remember thinking, "I was so relieved we didn't have a gun culture". .

    Although I have in my mind his story when thinking of Nelson Mandela the images of the 1981 tour protests are stronger than any image I have of him as a person/statesman.

    I couldn't be dismissive of anyone involved in countering prejudice as "well-intentioned people who were very long sighted about institutional and casual racism on the other side of the world".

    Nelson Mandela's passing has, for me, become about overcoming prejudice and being glad people, not just here, but all over the world got up to meet the challenge.

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  • Hard News: Mandela, in reply to Alec Morgan,

    Really if a government figure has to go it should ideally be Hone Harawira leader of Auckland Patu squad in ’81 and nowTe Mana. He is the only actual government rep with any credibility beyond office holding for such a representative role. Hone don’t forget was the sole NZ politician to attend Aussies “Sorry” day, no one else had the rap or balls to attend.

    Totally Agree.

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  • Hard News: Mandela,

    As a teenager in the late 1970s I discussed the Anti Tour Movement with my father - his view was that it was important to protest to show that you cared and give hope to the people in South Africa, and he expanded how apartheid, and any form of institutional discrimination, robbed people of fulfilling their potential and the gifts that their potential could bestow was lost to humanity.

    When I began working in Otahuhu in the 1980s – it struck me being in the minority at the bus station, a first time experience. I can remember reading the Biko biography during my lunchtimes at the Otahuhu Library just how savage the state can be to an individual, to people, in wanting to defeat an ideal – for no other purpose than to defeat and deny the ideal.

    The protests against the tour bought out some pretty savage and ignorant racist prejudice – an example that sticks in my mind from one geezer, was “The problem with Mandela was that he was educated, proof that you shouldn’t educate the blacks it created trouble.”

    A focus of the anti tour movement was to educate and counter the racist viewpoint –opposition to apartheid took NZ on a journey it needed to travel.

    In the early 2000s I worked with two South African expats, father and son, on a building project and recall them saying that it wasn’t until they came to live and worked in NZ and were amongst us, NZers of all races, working alongside each other as equals that they realised why people had protested so long and hard against the tour. They realised how flawed apartheid was – but at the time they just didn’t know, it could be any other way.

    This is a quote from NJ in the NZ Herald –

    “Nelson Mandela was proof that if you keep to your just principles, the people in the wrong will eventually bow down. RIP”

    Nelson Mandela a gift to the human race - and to all those people that stick to just principles – Thanks.

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  • Hard News: Mandela, in reply to Matthew Hooton,

    he was alongside Reagan, Thatcher in the sense of bringing tyranny to an end

    I appreciate that you have expressed yourself well, however. I cannot see Reagan and Thatcher alongside Mandela ever. They both cast Mandela as a terrorist for seeking universal suffrage so that all people in South Africa had the right to vote regardless of race.

    Mandela would not sit comfortably alongside such ill company; he would be civil but uncomfortable - civil unrest.

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  • Hard News: Mandela,

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