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  • Hard News: Sectarian Bloodlust 2.0,

    ” they face precisely no legal or reputational sanction for publishing.

    This is, of course, the same morally bankrupt media culture that in this far flung iteration decided that Cameron Slater is blogger of the year.

    See, people love that stuff. My flatmate can’t get enough of it on live leak, and he is by no means alone – in fact, I would say he is in the majority. The sheer number of people who spend their lives alternating between the gruesome, unedited highlights of death live leak style and similar online sites and the (to me) incomprehensibly popular CI channel seems to me to adequately explain the enduring influence of people like Garth McVicar.

    it is a form of pornography, and since no one can do much about that I can’t see how we can stop people flocking online to watch the latest hideous ISIS video execution.

    Ratings, dear boy, ratings.

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  • Field Theory: It has started,

    Brazil play like crap but cheat like champs. But none of that will matter anyway because the refs have all been told by FIFA that Brazil are going to win the tournament.

    But then saying FIFA has fixed the tournament to ensure a hometown win is half believed by everyone already.

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  • Hard News: Softly, softly,

    For what exactly? Are you really implying that the only way of achieving a stable nation-state is through achieving racial/cultural purity?

    All the empirical evidence of the last 200 years - in Europe at least - points to that. So the answer to your question is yes, that is what I am saying.

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  • Hard News: Softly, softly,

    There is a dirty secret in Europe - the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Europe that occurred during and in the immediate aftermath of WW2 worked. Everyone was in on it. Here are the Ukrainians slaughtering the Poles in 1943-44, for example.

    Where strongman communist rule meant it didn't occur in 1945 in the ex-Yugoslavia the slaughter and the cleansing was merely put off for fifty years. With the break up of the USSR it was inevitable that the interlaced ethnic groups would fall into the sort of violence that characterised pre-WW2 Europe and ex-Yugoslavia.

    The (unpalatable) solution is a mass transfer of populations to newly defined borders by agreement, rather than by massacre.

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  • OnPoint: Budget 2014: Yeah okay.,

    Ultimately, I think this budget is fine, and National really is doing a reasonable job of managing the finances.

    This opines the authentic self-satisfied liberal middle class.

    Nothing for the poor. Not a cent for the bottom.

    Still, I guess we got gay marriage.

    Francis Fukuyama was right. The neo-libs won.

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  • Hard News: Snowden and New Zealand,

    Fletcher also said:

    "First of all it would be illegal if we were doing that and we don’t act outside the framework of the law, that’s a really important point to start with”.

    Which sadly when spoken by an intelligence chief of a five eyes nation nowadays simply brings to mind the old observation that the Nazis never acted outside the framework of the law, either.

    "The kind of security I am referring to is not censorship, nor really anything to do with content. Rather it is the kind of framework of law and order, supporting our ability to go about a lawful business, which we have built up so painstakingly and painfully in the analogue world, really since civilizations began."

    Which sound awfully like justifying the use of surveillance allowed under anti-terror laws to chase copyright and intellectual property criminals, whom presumably our little Yankee lap dogs are more than happy to re-designate as terrorists. After all, you send a squad car to arrest a copyright infringer who fails to appear in court after a summons. You launch a helicopter raid on a terrorist’s mansion.

    Anyway, I have absolutely no doubt our GCSB is as guilty of surveillance over-reach as all the other intelligence gathering agencies in the five eyes countries have been proved to be. The GCSB would never wanted to have been exempted from taking part in mass surveillance. Why would you trust their denials now? The British and Americans and Canadians lied repeatedly about their spying, lying then constantly exposed by Snowden’s revelations. They are all part of the five eye hive mind, behaving like a federation of deep states. If there is one thing we know about the culture of our intelligence community and their minister it is they all desperately want to be in the United States cool kids club. I have zero doubt that Fletcher’s words contain (for him at least) some sort of mendacious weasel words rationale that will allow to claim he wasn’t lying when the truth comes out. And it will come out, eventually. In a democracy you can't keep all the spooks silent all the time. Just ask Edward Snowden.

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  • Hard News: The sphere of influence, in reply to nzlemming,

    hat strains more than a straight answer from Key.

    I agree, but the biggest problem now facing National is the web of informal power by which the establishment elites do business, and which largely favours National, has been partially exposed and is being questioned in the media.

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  • Hard News: The sphere of influence,

    Yeah, nah. I can’t see how that relates to Donghua Liu.

    Holyoake Industries, owned by rich-lister Noel Holyoake, is a large supplier of air conditioning and ventilation systems and is a big player in the construction industry. Liu was given citizenship at least partially on the basis of a proposed $70 million construction project.

    I wonder who Liu planned to give all the ventilation and air conditioning contracts to...?

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  • Hard News: The sphere of influence,

    just... Astonishing.

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  • Hard News: The sphere of influence,

    "...This government has a smooth, effective relationship with friendly media... ...the reach and precision of the current government’s system is remarkable..."

    The weird part is the crossover with Auckland celebrity culture.

    And here is the Online Editor at The NZ Woman’s Weekly chipping in with a puff piece in support of Collins in the NZ Herald, right down to the bizarre Putinesque photo of Collins firing a pistol.

    In these celebrity culture soaked times the strategy isn't particularly weird of you think about it. It is a variation of what I call the artificial scarcity of the velvet rope. National is branded as a nightclub where only the successful can party. The doorway to the club is roped off with a velvet rope, which bouncers - ever so aggressive to those who are not connected - will happily unhitch to allow preening insiders to queue jump. On the other side of the velvet rope and looking on is the (artifical) queue of aspirational punters, who don't realise that the simple act of having to queue means you'll never get in. Everyone in the queue wants to be on the other side side of the velvet rope, where with a bit of luck Rachel Glaucina might even report on your presence.

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