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  • Speaker: The Spirit Level, in reply to Steve Withers,

    I’m still trying to work it why this government having a surplus meant there was enough money for a flag referendum, but not enough money for Pharmac to fund life-saving melanoma treatments.

    For the same reason that while we all nod our heads at the need to do something about child poverty, the free to air media branch of the ideological state apparatus happily proclaimed, with beaming smiles on the presenters faces, it could be tax cuts for all in 2016.

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  • Hard News: Change for the Better, in reply to Jim Cathcart,

    OTOH, I’ve seen some appalling etiquette among cyclists in Auckland, particularly the MAMIL weekend warriors...

    Inapproprite speed is as dangerous on a bike on a cycleway as it is in a car on the road. A lot of MAMILs are old school cyclists who are used to neglected and unused cycleway segments that were basically deserted and their playspaces. The increasing popularity of cycling is causing some cultural adjustment issues for these people as well.

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  • Hard News: Change for the Better,

    I guess driving is regarded by many drivers as not just a way of getting around, but a moral good and a human right - a triumph of western civilization which countless TV shows and advertisments tell them is an important status symbol in a values system they've totally brought into. Cyclists are seen as moral outsiders challenging their value system. On top of that, two other factors feed road rage against cyclists IMHO. First of all, cyclists are not just moral outliers, they are a highly visible minority moral outlier. Secondly, they are egged on by the public 2-minute hates of Hoskings, or Jeremy Clarkson, or any of a plethora of anti-cyclists.

    The dehumanising combination of being seen as moral outliers, having a minority status and public rabble rousing is a particularly lethal one throughout human history.

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  • Polity: Hosking’s right about jobs,

    “…“Every person, whatever his level of academic ability, whether he be rich or poor, whether he live in town or country, has a right, as a citizen, to a free education of the kind for which HE IS BEST FITTED”

    You need to calm down sometimes bro, your hater gonna hate routine affects your comprehension.

    My emphasis added above. No one is saying no to free education, just an end to the idea the only education that counts is a costly tertiary one that goes on forever.

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  • Polity: Hosking’s right about jobs,

    I’m slightly sceptical of MOOCs as a solution…

    We’ve already discovered that to much education simply leads to a qualifications arms race that the middle class is better equipped and funded to capture in their interests than the lower middle class, the working class, the working poor or the just plain poor. I also question whether or not people dropping out of higher education is a failure of the education system, or simply a reflection of human nature. A huge number of people – probably the majority of the population – are not particularly academically gifted, hated school, and are not that interested in the drudgery of continuing education. They just want a decent vocational job with a bit of on the job skill up-dating and training and some job security. A huge number of people would happily be an employed tradie or a teacher or a nurse all their lives. The governments jobs policy shouldn’t be focused creating opportunities for the already gifted to transition between careers. The smart and the gifted can take care of themselves. It should rather be about ensuring there is meaningful and reasonably paid work for everyone. As far as I can see, this probably means higher taxes, a UBI and a bigger government sector employing more doctors, teachers, nurses, social workers, community organisers and the like.

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  • Polity: Hosking’s right about jobs,

    I think there’s an unwillingness of some employers (going up the value chain to corporate purchasers of IT) to (a) pay the rate for the job and (b) develop staff skills rather than expecting to hire people with a 99% fit to their tech of the day.

    Employers ruthlessly use the “skill shortage” to force wages and conditions down by the wholesale importing of low cost IT labour from (current flavours de jour) India and the Phillipines. These workers come with stellar CVs chock full of impressive qualifications, but in my experience they are 50-50 propositions on actual ability and/or workplace nous, and anyway usually require at least as long as retraining/skill development would in order to come up to speed with NZ workplaces and culture.

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  • Polity: Hosking’s right about jobs,

    So you just ruled out a capital gains tax. Smart.

    The modern news media is an uncritical member of the ideological state apparatus dominated by and run by the winners of the neoliberal economy, and they hate CGT because a large number of them are property speculators.

    Labour was caned by that media for it’s CGT and has abandoned it as politically impossible. What do you, realistically, suggest they do instead? Stick with a policy that the media uses as a stick to beat them with?

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  • Polity: Hosking’s right about jobs,

    The media gave up reporting on unemployment a decade ago (the unemployed don’t consume) and it isn’t the issue it once was. The poor and the unemployed are now invisible and nowadays the news leads with sightings of Taylor Swift.

    The only thing that would put jobs front and centre would be a gigantic riot by the unemployed in Queen Street, which would be followed by breathlessly astonished reporters and pundits claiming to have been taken by surprise and how the whole thing came like a bolt of lightning out of the blue

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  • Hard News: The Police Ten 7 State, in reply to Russell Brown,

    …and got smeared on Kiwiblog for his trouble….

    By this stage, of course, Farrar almost certainly knew he was wrong, but right and wrong is not his concern. His only concern is a political agenda – protect and promote the National party, no matter what the truth is. Deceive and mislead the public, shut up opponents, bury the truth, twist the facts…

    Sound like John Key’s governments MO summed up in a sentence… Didn’t John key make a point of thanking Farrar by name and saying he calls the guy every day?

    The immorality of Farrar’s political canker is reaching deep into our civil society, it seems.

    But what to do about it? The police, with the support of a crime obsessed media and “tough on crime” politicians, have been progressively freed of all checks and balances. This government has systematically starved the Ombudsman’s office in order to supporess the truth. The minister long ago became the minister for police rather than of police and the police association was radicalised under the extemist leadership of Greg O’Conner.

    The only way ahead is to demand the proper funding of the ombudsmen, and seek a strengthening of the OIA in relation to research requests.

    But oh yes… ISIS.

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  • Legal Beagle: Voting in the Flag Referendum, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    I genuinely believe he has no idea what is moral or not

    Who needs a moral compass when you've got Curia?

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