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  • Up Front: Making It Better,

    @Ian - that's a classic one. :-)

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  • Up Front: Making It Better,

    As for the actual point of the article, is there anything about the Out to Dinner thing that isn't a film clip? If it is what it seems to be, it doesn't have to be a middle-class thing - it could be "out to the pub" or whatever. I spent enough time in the Cossie Club with my mother when I was younger, god help me.

    Not to recycle 80's politics too much, but I think "visbility" is an important thing to get our message out there. Not in the sense of pride parades - although that has a point too - but the fact that we're out and queer and at the same school gates, same pubs, same shops and have the same money and same concerns as hets. Engaging with each other with human beings.

    Also, I vote for bloody getting the gay choir out the front of these happy-clappy or fundy churches who bug me in town on Saturday. Sunday morning at about 11 in front of the church, by preference. We could hand out leaflets on "are you CONCERNED about teenage pregnancy?"

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  • Up Front: Making It Better,

    I think I may be very slightly older than you, Emma, and I find the debates about the word "queer" kind of interesting, in this context.

    It's always been a word used by our community this century, and more neutral than many. Sure, it's been used as a term of abuse - and hey, I'm not comfortable with the word "cunt" myself in any context, due to my history with it - but any word can be abusive with the right intonation. So while I absolutely support people who dislike it as a personal label, I wish there was a little less vehemence from some about how awful it is. It's a very handy umbrella term for those of us who find "GBTLIA..." and its permutations annoyingly cumbersome.

    On the other hand, there are (not trying to be patronising, truly - the self-identified queerest of the queer might want all or some of these things), more mainstream homo/trans/sexuals - who want to get married and have kids and have the picket fence and vote National and who are the same as everyone else except their orientation - who resent the term because of the connotation that homo/trans/sexuality can't be "normal". In that instance, yes, I think being labelled as queer would be incredibly irksome. My view on that is that until we have the same rights as heterosexuals (marriage and adoption being the two biggies in NZ), then no matter how "normal" you think you are, the law (and the section of society it represents) thinks of us as "not-normal", i.e. queer. In the same way some of those "nice" people at the school gate think of us as slightly subhuman.

    Anyway, not rehearsing all that for Emma's benefit - I'm sure it's very redundant - but just some perspective and my 2c for those who aren't too aware of the "identity debates". Time-consuming and annoying as they can be.

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  • Hard News: Killing Volume,

    I'm really disappointed at this. One of the best mags of its type I've ever seen, and if someone of my age with a more peripheral interest in today's acts could get something out of every issue, then they must be doing something right.

    As for web presence, I couldn't find it either after I first picked up the mag, thus I resorted to the FB page for subscribing. I think they could have used FB more to drive traffic to their "real" site, wherever it might have been.

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  • Hard News: Doug the Goth,

    Goth is about the only identifiable clubbing scene in Canberra, still. Beyond 18-year-olds dancing to dire Gaga remixes or "urban" beats.

    As well as a regular club night, there is a shop specializing in the clothes and accessories in the middle of town. Ages range from early 20s (at least) thru to late 40s. The "cool"/arty people in Canberra will actually frock up and go to these events for a night out, even if they aren't goth per se.

    As well as the queer-friendly, non-macho aspects of the scene, there's a kink-community crossover as well. This is very true in Canberra (the dog collars really AREN'T just a fashion statement, for some).

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  • Up Front: Towards a Sex-Positive Utopia,

    Hear hear.

    Although I do think adolescents - and grown ups - of whatever sex will still have their celebrity crushes. But yes, less unattainable attraction/sublimation and more healthy action would be a fine thing.

    In my utopia, entertainment business operators would be checked regularly by the Labour Dept to ensure their workers are there legally, willingly, have proper employment contracts, and decent wages and conditions.

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  • Hard News: Getting Out,

    @Graham - would you really consider paying for a concert ticket just to hear one song? Wow.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    What's going on? is just the chorus hook. The song title - and the wanky "irony" of it really got on my tits as well - is What's Up. Linda Perry IS cool, particularly in her latter career. Just THAT song, feh.

    As for Heart and Ann and Nancy Wilson, again, very very very cool people. The music doesn't ring my bell at all - not much on Aerosmith, Van Halen et al either.

    As for I Think We're Alone Now, no problems at all with actual song. It was the creepy version in shrill Tiffany-voice that ground my gears. As did the "wholesome Christian girl" bollocks for her "brand".

    I like the parody. :-)

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…, in reply to Ngaire BookieMonster,

    Thank you for trying to bring us back down to first principles. Perhaps we need a separate 80s nostalgia thread?

    And, dear old Heart. They were awesome musicians, really stuck it up those who said "rock is for men", but dear lord, how tedious I found their stuff.

    It also reminds me of What's Up by 4 Non Blondes, which I am not even going to post a link for. If you're a dyke who was reasonably social, and lived in a flat with other lesbians, and had a partner who was into this kind of emo rock, there was no escaping the frigging song in '93. The rest of the album - which no-one seemed to play - was actually quite good with some bluesy-styled moments.

    But to continue the merge of 80s and crap - and my use-case against all those trolls on YouTube who say "80's music was all AWESOME and music today is all CRAP" - I present darling Tiffany. Complete with boofy acid-washed denim jacket with shoulder pads. Which looked naff even then.

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  • Hard News: One man’s Meat Puppets is…,

    Ahah, I would actually vote for Misty Mountain Hop as probably one of the more embarrassing moments of stadium rock. :-)

    But despite it being mangled by generations of 16-year-olds with 2-fingered chords on untuned guitars, I still rate Stairway. Smoke on the Water, on the other hand, is a bit borderline...

    Also, for those of us mostly on mobile devices right now, could any further submissions include artist/song description?

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