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  • Speaker: Facing the floods,

    Can I just say, that folk in other cities pontificating on what should be done based solely on what they see on the telly, hear on the radio, or even read in the papers, is about as helpful, and caring as your average concern troll.

    What we missed out on is of no relevance, what we have, is what we have, and we are trying to work with it, and through it…

    We even have amateur weathermen, telling us ‘which way the wind blows’ from afar – that really ’blows’…

    How do I politely say ‘pull your head in’
    or even ‘fuck off!’

    <sorry Russell – feel fee to delete that last bit if it lowers the tone on an otherwise respectful conversation>

    [edit: to clarify – I am only talking at Steve Curtis]

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  • Capture: Coast to Coast, in reply to JacksonP,

    Pakiri beach

    I really liked Pakiri beach, we stayed at the motor camp in a unit right on the edge of the beach - very relaxing place to be... especially after seeing The Clean at Leigh Sawmill the night before going there - double happy!

    That lovely Land-ness monster also looks like a waka or viking longship wreck to me...

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  • Speaker: Facing the floods, in reply to Hebe,

    Bring back the Drainage Board!

    in deference to our wannabe TPPA partners, the USA, we could call it The Water Board - especially if want answers from anyone, any time soon...

    ... same upstream in the Heathcote

    True, that was all market gardens when I was a kid, with most of Halswell a flood plain for that hill run-off and any incursions from Ellesmere/Waimakariri - now exacerbated by new hillside suburbs - and daft areas like Aidanfield and other subdivisions popping up around the base of the hills.

    <aside> I must say how relaxing it is to not listen to Morning Report - it's almost 7.30 and I haven't had my stress levels pushed into the red zone once!
    So with some trepidation I will now read The Press...
    ...I may be some time. </aside>

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  • Capture: Coast to Coast, in reply to Lilith __,

    My first aurora!!!

    Green – with envy…
    One day I’ll get to see one…

    When was this event ?
    Was it part of the one on April 25 that took out most high frequency radio and shortwave for an hour or more?

    see: here – I know it’s the Huffington Post but they do aggregate well ;- )

    You can get aurora alerts from}Spaceweather
    and from the Space Weather Prediction Center (sic)

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  • Capture: Still Life in Mobile Homes, in reply to Chris Waugh,

    there might still be life in this

    Life is suite…

    …depends how you couch it though!

    more mannequins in this ‘stihl life’ clip
    (or are they marionettes?)

    lotsa lovely old Chchch in this clip
    spookily Paul was right by that intersection during the Feb 22 2011 earthquake and managed to grab some footage of the aftermath of that building coming down, the dome still rolling around on the road – it subsequently ‘disappeared’ from the innercity red zone – copper thieves had better access than citizens.

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  • Cracker: The Colorado Experiment, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I genuinely didn’t anticipate that kind of retail environment being allowed under the new law.

    I know! I thought it’d be more Moloko Plus Vellocet down the Korova Milk Bar.... regular as Clockwork!

    But it reminds me of the ‘surprise’ after Casinos were legalised – the story beforehand was that it wouldn’t affect the locals that much, and would mostly be used by high end tourists – which turned out to be as accurate a prediction as deregulating the electricity market would make it cheaper!

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  • Cracker: The Colorado Experiment, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Perhaps related, perhaps not, but I noted two stories today:
    one about a man so intoxicated he fell off a bar stool in a pub and hit his head and died.
    that a Nelson Highs shop was burgled the night Dunne revealed his volte-face:.

    I haven't quite worked out what it all means yet - it's complicated...

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  • Speaker: Facing the floods,

    I posted this over on The Standard site re Dudley Creek area:

    I too live in this area, and regularly walk along Stapletons Road by Dudley Creek, the current creek bed is pretty much silted up to where the bank tops used to be in many places, such that it hardly flows under Shirley Road and therefore backs up back towards Flockton Basin, Aylesford & Emmett street area (That may not be Dudley Creek per se, but it is a tributary - several creeks join Dudley Creek in this area). The bit near Shirley Rd hasn't had the flows and has little scouring out.
    I am surprised it hasn't been dug out at least back to prior levels.
    Maybe we should organise a working bee, get some shovels and pile it on to the road for the council or someone to take away.
    And yes the scouring along the Banks Ave stretch has it almost looking like a healthy river again - though tidal effects push outflowing water back up the creek.
    This area has always had a really high water table, I remember a flat in Berwick Street (between Cranford and Warrington sts) back in the '70s, digging a hole resulted in a swimming pool pretty quickly - about 10 - 15 inches below ground level - nowadays it is so sodden that nothing drains away much, water just pools with any rain!
    And they are putting more suburbs on our good market garden land which was part of the flood plain as well - it was called Marshland Road for a very good reason.

    Your point about the bridges is interesting, where Dudley Creek flows under Petrie Street that is the highest point in the road, so perhaps it has been thrust up and is impeding flow?

    But once they stopped the Waimakariri doing what it has done for millennia and put a built environment on top of an alluvial plain, well, compaction and land slumping was inevitable...
    maybe thats why it was originally called the Settlement of Christchurch?

    Keep your powder dry!
    :- )

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  • Speaker: Facing the floods, in reply to Sacha,

    Noah way out...
    Insomuch as Ilam is west of 'Flockton Basin' and a heavily built up area, the run off and trickle down effects must pass through all suburbs betwixt there and the sea, at a inclination of about 1 per 100 (I think), then draining into tidally affected rivers and an estuary that has less capacity as the estuary-floor was thrust up approx half a metre and then heavily silted...

    here's some useful resources:
    CCC run-off and drainage guide
    wastewater drainage guidelines

    and this report from the Ministry for the Environment:the challenges of future flooding in NZ from 2008

    and more here too

    Central Government should be playing a much stronger role (as the above reports say) but Key isn't interested - let the councils do the heavy lifting is his approach... when a nationwide response is called for - you know, some leadership!

    PS: James shouldn't you have a disclaimer about your running for Labour in Ilam with this story - otherwise that will be the story!

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  • Speaker: The secret Christchurch…,

    (well +2, and 2 cats really)

    Thanks for articulating this so well Greg.

    and Stuff like this doesn’t help one jot!

    ’Sort it out Lianne’
    TV3 broadcaster Paul Henry has joined critics accusing the Christchurch City Council of being too slow to produce solutions to the repeated flooding of homes and streets.

    nor this tosh from Paul Gorman at The Press.

    Between emotion vampires like Paul “how’s-my-ratings’ Henry, and Susie ‘shout-over-the-top-of-people-trying-to-answer-the-previous-question’ Ferguson I’m giving up on the Media for any reasoned response
    No more Morning Report for me, what’s the point anymore – tossers!
    And I never watch Henry's show it is worse than Seven sharp (if that is possible)…

    [edited to change reference to Henry's tv 'show' rather than radio]

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