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  • Hard News: When the Weather is the News,

    Thermal inversion...

    the mercury never climbed beyond a terrifying 8.2º Celsius.

    Huddled in kitchen trying to keep me and three cats warm, and hoping the buses will start running again so I can visit my very ill mum in the hospital, roads no good for little town cars...
    and I may be getting to ill to visit, nasty cough developing, which I either got from freezing house last night or caught at hospital earlier in week...
    2º at the moment, may get to 6º if we are lucky...
    Chchch just keeps on giving....

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  • Hard News: Is that it?,

    What the Dickens...

    ...linked with private contractors who will receive cash bonuses if they are able to place their wards in work or training.

    Enter Fagin...
    ...can the workhouse be far behind?

    so that's where adults come from...

    And how? By getting everybody working together creating jobs for the kids. Well, I’m sure there was a lot of quite complex work involved in getting this all together, but it seems like such a basic, common sense solution, the flip side to the devil making work for idle hands. Give the kids something to do, something in which they can take pride and through which they can make a genuine, valuable contribution and build up skills and experience for the future, and maybe, just maybe, they might behave themselves.

    Chchch used to have a Youth Council, which turned out civic minded like young folk like Yani Johansen, unfortunately they canned that and moved into a series of anti-youth endeavours like Classical Music in City Mall to push young people away from the area (that'll help the much needed diversity and vibrancy the council witters on about) and other acts of jugendschaden...
    beggars belief really - all people need to be included in all community endeavours...

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  • Hard News: How I love the ladies ...,

    and following in Daphne Oram's footsteps

    - Delia Derbyshire

    a Norma McLaren, or Lena Lye maybe...
    all this talk of Norman M and Stan Brakhage et al makes me think back to the Chchch film Soc in the 70s, when I first saw all these guys, nice to see the ladies get a mention now, at last...

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  • Hard News: Media7: A new censor -- and a…,

    Nice to see ACT trying to rip the human heart (still beating) out of our tertiary institutions - the Student Union system provides a much needed social balance for students - if all students can do is study there will be serious social implications further down the track for them (If not while they are still at uni)...
    So how will this "non-compulsory student unions" work ?
    Will there be special areas, ghettos?
    Will people who wish to belong have to wear a distinctive mark so they can use student union facilities?
    What happens to existing facilities and plant...

    Be interesting to know what clubs the ACT members involved in this action were part of when they were at uni...

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  • Hard News: Fixing Auckland,

    looking for the black cat...

    ... commentators and pundits ... on the telly...

    is it just me, or has Tim Wilson (TV One News USA) been replaced, Max Headroom-style, by algorithm-driven sampled sound bites and facial gestures?
    or is it just the digital delay...

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  • Hard News: Fixing Auckland,

    World of Wharf Air...

    That includes the trams, which are vintage jobbies, hired from Melbourne for the Rugby World Cup period

    Why didn't they get Trams from Chch? - We've got several that won't be doing anything for quite some time! And others out at Ferrymead that woulda done the job, hell MOTAT probably has a couple that coulda be brought in - give the Money to Aussies why don't ya!

    ...apart from the apartment buildings themselves there seems to be zero evidence of people actually, y’know, living there.

    These aren't the apartments that people aren't allowed to dry their washing outside are they?
    I remember some flash new apartments going up somewhere that tenants weren't allowed to air their clean linen in - seemed a tad precious to me - when I lived in an old cottage backing onto the Council Apartments near Vincent Street I loved all the colour of the washing...

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  • Hard News: How much speech does it take?, in reply to recordari,

    “You are entering a site whose head doesn’t know what it’s arseholes are doing”

    (Not Safe For Thinking Bipeds)


    Cave art emptier
    (Neanderthal concepts ahead)

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  • Hard News: Science: it's complicated, in reply to Creon Upton,

    stand easy...

    there’s a stool in the middle of the kitchen floor
    Really? oft noted by-product
    of people talking
    "out of their arse"....
    ;- )

    but seriously, a stool is a fine example
    spineless, armless and useless with only two legs

    There are two settings for reality
    balance and imbalance

    balance can be achieved through harmony
    stance and delicate counterweighting

    imbalance has a much wider catchment
    and a spectrum from wrong footed
    to cellular dissolution
    it's a Big Country...

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  • Southerly: Tower Insurance Have Some Bad…, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    those Photons died for your sins...

    Mayor Bob goes for the caring ’n sharing image.

    Looks like Bob is trying for the Michael Lhaws'
    Designer Stubble/Nascent Hipster Beard-look,
    I guess Simpering Simpleton is close enough....

    ....aaah, the unpleasant descent to NightMayor!

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  • Hard News: How much speech does it take?,

    a fine case in point...
    a Trade Me sale of a personalised plate "MAORI" has led to a rash of racist comments in the question/comments at Trade Me.
    16,000 views and no bids, makes me think there a lot of people out there with a lot of time on their hands.
    I agree with Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples who said

    ... the comments represented one of the worst elements in society – that people felt they could publish their prejudice without regard of the hurt to others.
    "This is the dark side of social networking, where people can hide on Trade Me and Facebook and be anonymous while making remarks hurtful to others."

    Interestingly almost a year ago a smaller furore surrounded the plate "ARYAN1" - the great cycles of life, eh?

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