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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?,

    Pretty much any of the sixes NZ hit at Eden Park the other night would've been sixes at the MCG, too.

    Also, if the Aussies are so good at playing on big grounds, why did they only hit four sixes at Eden Park compared to NZ's six ?

    It will be a superb game and the intense Trans-Tasman rivalry will motivate NZ no end, let alone that it's a final. Also, it'll probably be Vettori's last game for NZ, so he'll be wanting to give it all and the team for him, too.

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  • Capture: Aurora Australis, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I had the same feelings looking at Blair Parkes’ latest Beach Storm double exposures…We do need to organise a Capture post from that man.

    Would love to see one, please.

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  • Hard News: The greening of the Red Zone,

    Great pics. Very, very sobering images. I expect a lot of the people that lived in those streets are sick of talking about the 'quake and subsequent issues, but it'd be fascinating to take some of them back to where their houses once were and to interview them about their life their in general.
    There'd be some great memories and anecdotes, I reckon.

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  • Hard News: Rugby has a problem, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    It is corrupt organisation, if you define corruption as riddled with patronage, nepotism, jobs for the boys, and elitism of the unearned sort.

    Back in the mid-90s, a sports reporter told me that the hapless Mark Carter's father was the president / chairman (one or the other) of the ARU. His close mate also just happened to be John Hart...

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  • Hard News: Rugby has a problem, in reply to dcrobertson01,

    A coaches job is to win games. If the rules are such that a particlar style of play increases your teams chances of winning, then that is what you coach and how you play.

    Well that doesn't explain why the Blues are on a losing streak. Every other coach in the S15 has to deal with the same rules and most manage to win. So presumably, going from your logic, Kirwan's failed to adapt to the rules and use the considerable talent at his disposal to the Blues' advantage.

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  • Envirologue: 1080, "eco-terrorism" and agendas,

    A good friend of mine is highish-up at one of the eight regional DOC officers and is a long-term DOC staffer. I can't name him for obvious reasons, but as he said in a text to me a few days' ago: "Environmentalists are the strongest advocates for 1080. It will be a rabid red-neck hunter that has done it"[made the threat, etc].

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: It's good to…,

    Technically Shayne did two gigs at Taste Merchants, a 6pm and an 8pm (I was at the latter).

    Graeme Downes opened both, just him and an electric guitar; it was excellent. He did about eight songs, most from the forth-coming Verlaines' double album (!).It was neat to hear just his voice and guitar. Everyone knows he can do the ornate, orchestrated pop / rock very, very well, but it'd be neat to have him do an album of just voiced and guitar songs, as they came across superbly.

    This was the first time I've ever seen Shayne play an acoustic guitar, again, was really good. He did about 14 songs, mostly new stuff, plus two Dimmer, two SJF and finishing with 'Randolph'.
    The only blight was some schmuck up front periodically clapping and stamping loudly and badly out of time. Thankfully Shayne called him out and the bar owner gave him the death-stare for a while.
    That aside, was a lot of fun. As a ex-Gisborne boy, I was especially happy that Shayne did a song about Mahia, 'What's A Few Tears To The Ocean' off There, My Dear.

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  • Hard News: Rugby has a problem,

    For those of us south of the Bombay Hills, there is considerable schadenfraude at the Blues' form in recent years. However, as Highlanders fan, I know all too well the pain of supporting a struggling team. But Blues' fans also know what it's like to support a good team, so should at least appreciate that the Highlanders are having a decent spell since Jamie Joseph became coach.

    The Blues' problems can be summed up in two words: John Kirwan. He is clearly a very dedicated coach and means well. However he is the epitome of someone who was an outstanding player, but a poor coach, as per Graeme Mourie, David Kirk and John Mitchell as basic examples. (This happens in all sports, not just rugby, too).
    He is there on reputation and not form.

    As for Steve Hansen's whining, all I can say is "pot, kettle, black" given he happily coached the Crusaders to bore opposition to death and slowing down the ball before becoming Graeme Henry's deputy.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Christchurch,…, in reply to Rob Stowell,

    Andrew Schmidt’s ‘mysterex’ blog was the go-to for Chch 80s music scene writing, but it seems to have disappeared :(

    All of Andrew's NZ music articles for Mysterex have been absorbed into the excellent website.

    Russell's friend Blair Parkes also has a blog with several very good, highly-detailed features on the many Chch bands he's been in since the early '80s. If you just google his name it should come up.

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  • Hard News: Haphazardly to war, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    Despite Key’s intemperate blurt at Little’s lack of enthusiasm for the coming offal-toss, he’s showing no sign of making the kind of impulsive captain’s call that Muldoon apparently did off his own bat during the Falklands War, when he offered a frigate to relieve a Royal Navy vessel for combat duties.

    Well, not yet, anyway. Speaking of Muldoon, Thea Muldoon's just passed away, too.

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