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  • Capture: Roamin' Holiday, in reply to Sofie Bribiesca,

    Red Shield be right...

    Gloriosa Rothschild Diana

    That should throw up some interesting
    Google search hits!
    I read that the Gloriosa rothschildiana likes it 'moist but not soggy' and I suspect you'll not have much in the way of frosts up there... (impending mini-ice age notwithstanding!).

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  • Hard News: That page doesn't exist ..., in reply to Stephen Judd,

    The City & the city...

    ...did you see this? What do you make of it?

    it's a pretty good summation of how we got to here, from there...
    That's Chchch(inatown, Jake...)

    Welcome aboard, do advise when you are shifted down and settled in, and perhaps we can extend some local hospitality (PAS style) ...

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  • Hard News: That page doesn't exist ...,

    Housing stock sold to Destiny Church!
    Maybe that’s the next move…
    I see Dr Lesley McTurk’s, soulless hand at work here as well, helping to remove the personal interface, dehumanising all processes – she did much the same thing when she was CEO (Town Clerk) in Chchch before she went to HNZ and we got Tony Marryatt…
    Entropy writ large, with another round of drinks for those in the corporate boxes – they’re more like Goalpost shitters!

    <afterthought> Maybe HNZ is trying to claw back the $1 million odd they lost trying to evict the Pomare women...

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  • Field Theory: When last you saw me,

    Rupert Murdoch liquidates The ORFU!
    Well, he may as well have... while the Highlanders Super Rugby franchise is a separate legal entity, it was the precursor to Otago's spending spree, and 'super rugby' has lived parastically off the provincial club's years of graft...

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  • Capture: EQNZ Remembrance, in reply to Lilith __,

    Apoidea avoider...

    A couple of weeks ago a bumblebee flew
    up my trouser-leg and got stuck

    two words...
    - bicycle clips!

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  • Southerly: Village People, in reply to Sacha,

    A disability advisor for the Christchurch City Council Cam Scott says there are no quick fixes to create universal accessibility and unfortunately that is making some people angry.

    This is the same Council who held up consents for small businesses trying to get restarted in tiny premises who did not have disability toilets/access - but it is ok for the Council to override that in its own premises... nice double standards!

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  • Hard News: The Mega Conspiracy, in reply to Steve Barnes,

    They call me Mr Quay...

    well quell surpreeze, Mr Gitsome used to work for Maersk.

    Quite, his background is in the freight side, not the port side...
    Auckland has a cuckoo in the nest, he is there to dismantle the old Wharf culture and hand it to the shippers on a platter (or in a container), Aucklanders (the owners) will be the ultimate losers, both in cashflow and karma...

    One rates a city by how it treats its workers!

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  • Capture: Roamin' Holiday, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Also, Colin McCahon’s toilet.

    I hear his works on paper fetch
    a pretty price these days....

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  • Hard News: MySplore,

    Arts threadjack...
    Speaking of kiwi arts events, next week in New York City an intrepid band of New Zealand poets will be reading works by New Zealand poets at a live poetry event...
    Tuesday 28th Feb, 6.30pm at Saatchi & Saatchi HQ, 375 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014.

    Who are the Band of Bards from Aotearoa New Zealand?
    These leading performers on the Aotearoa New Zealand spoken word scene are hand-picked rugged individualists, energetic imagineers, who will bring you poetry in motion from far-flung degrees of latitude, with a Kiwi-consciousness-raising cabaret, by turns eclectic, electric, comic, melancholic, idiosyncratic and euphoric. Spiraling out of the South Pacific to stand and deliver stories and lyrics about oceanic love, environmental vigilance, and the dramatic dilemmas of identity, this flying circus of Kiwiana activists, Pasifika scene-painters, fretboard-fingering songsters, acrobatic word-jugglers and megaphone motormouths promises to carry you across the date-line and re-orientate your inner global positioning satellite, all in the course of just one colorful evening.

    The Poets From New Zealand to Perform in New York on February 28, 2012 are:
    Jeffrey Paparoa Holman / David Eggleton / Hinemoana Baker / Sandra Bell / Jay Clarkson / Pamela Gordon (reading Janet Frame) / Otis Mace / Tusiata Avia

    Many other Kiwi poets have lent their voice to this project since its inception in 2009. Several prominent American poets have also participated.

    ...and a lamb lies down on Broadway...
    I believe in conjunction with this that Phantom have even managed to get a Janet Frame poem, The End, up on a billboard in Times Square...
    I'm just hoping one (or more) of our news services will pick up on this story and cover it here, - l'il ol' us talking truth (and beauty) to power in the heart of the beast...
    (heck it could even be a Media 7 filler, nudge, nudge...)

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    Xtra Xtra, read all about it!
    ah well now, maybe McCully can have a chat with Coleman and arrange to get his emails put through the NZDF’s new $83 million 20 year satellite deal with Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) programme, which is a network of nine military satellites built by Boeing and operated by the US Department of Defence.

    Any unused capacity can be made available to other government agencies.

    Hell at that price you’d think so, too!
    Sheesh, are we operating drones somewhere we don’t know about?
    There’s maybe 300-400 defence personnel scattered about the planet, I’d have thought we coulda piggy backed out on some of the satellites GCSB monitors or at least that the Americans coulda given us a better deal for all the intel we pull down for them (I mean why else would we be listening to all those communications?)

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