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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Yeah in the early days.
    But history is never clear cut.
    If you can stand the reading especially the entries by Cartomancer on this thread from RDnet it will give some idea of what went on in just the middle ages.
    He is a medieval scholar at Oxford, and on the interwebz he seems a knowledgeable man on things such things.

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Science still can't properly explain

    many things, including like, what Robin Williams would like sound like on on Coke.
    Ooops too late

    But I don't get why this is pitched as a bad thing when it comes to human consciousness.
    What ever direction religion's gave us is now fatally flawed.
    If only for the simple reason that many people won't be convinced by the arguments it uses, and it been using the same ones for a very very long time now.

    And yet there are still people on this planet, who believe what a witch doctor now cum priest tells them, such as, a person is possessed by an evil spirit.
    Why is this not a priority world wide?
    Releasing (or attempting to educate them) from this kind of mental tyranny. It is other people inflicting misery on others for the falsest of reasons.
    In the face of this polite arguments about religious freedoms in the supposedly educated affluent west, and that other thing.
    Oh I don't know sometimes.

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Many of us express essentially magical beliefs for one reason or another, and often as a means to an end.
    I do enjoy the poetry of religion.
    Amen (sorry hardline atheists) to that.

    Hey I can do poetree!
    With the right chemical mixture
    All things are possible
    And I become a pantheist
    Those plants can talk, I tell you!
    My guilty secret

    So don't ask

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne takes on John Shook's bizarre opinion piece here

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Hitchens and Dawkins act like they know nothing of general theistic modes of belief

    But ...... but what are those? I thought it was the mode of belief as prescribed more or less by one's chosen holy text and all attendant rigmarole. Maybe that was their mistake. The holy texts dont bear any resemblance to modern everyday religious belief anymore.
    And you could just say this is a general theistic mode of belief, and I haven't seen Dawkins or Hitchens address it specifically.
    If you see what I mean.

    Dawkins has been pressed on this issue and simply defines away the moderate Christians as being not properly Christian (the One True Scotsman Fallacy, if you will.

    Yeah... I hope your not referring to when Dawkins, tongue firmly in cheek, said modern moderate christians werent real christians 'cause they didnt live exactly by the bible.
    But "Thank god they didnt!" I think was the resounding, funny rejoinder.

    Individual catholics (and many individual Germans) did all sorts of things in Germany and suffered for it

    I know, I wasnt belittling all their brave efforts. My excuse... allowing myself to rise to the goading tone. Sorry.

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    No, but the next time you try patting me on the head I'll bite off the offending digits.

    OK, I'll be generous and put that down to feeling threatened because your religious beliefs are under attack.
    But dont think you can casually throw in unsupported statements as a diversionary or smear tactic. The bitch gambit.
    And yes we all know Pope Pius got round to opposing Nazism eventually. So that makes it OK?
    So you ask what has Dawkins done for clerical abuse victims?
    That he is using them for publicity. and those in the church who worked on this same issue are forgotten?
    Are you serious?
    You need to open the other eye.


    Really? From the material I've read, and the debates I've been to (and friends I've listened to ad nauseam) that second paragraph actually does describe a lot of what is going on in the New Atheism (especially Hitchins and Dawkins, who are amongst the loudest atheists).

    It really must just come down to personal perception sometimes when we give our individual take on events happening in the public sphere, that swirl around our lives and that are and will be ongoing. While an individual may weary of the debate, there will always be others who come to it afresh.

    And Dawkins and Hitchens are Know -nothing(of religion) atheists?
    Are you saying that?
    And you want to quiz me about my religious past- funny many atheist's have them- go ahead.

    The Huff-Po piece is so overburdened trying to condense the huge social shifts taking place it reduces everything to caricature, and may even contain hints of the author's own disaffection with what is going on around him. And that may be why it resonates with those experiencing a similar fatigue. Go Figure!

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    Muslim women in particular, are subject to distorted and dishonest caricatures.

    By whom exactly? Or are we just going to trade silly comments.

    Heavens forfend the truth about Islam -- and it's enormously complex history -- might be a little more complex and ambiguous than Islamophobes would have us belief.

    Complex and ambiguous the whole thing is, Yes?
    My second best Yoda impersonation.

    And no just because Tea baggers..whoops ..partyers, think islam is the devil. I don't regard them as fellow travellers.

    However those who have had the benefit of a secular education yet still cling to childish superstitions dreamt up by people who didnt know what a light switch might be, yet who were somehow able to divine a god. Will just have to put up with me pointing and laughing.

    And If you wish to quiz me on my religious credentials.
    Could it wait till next week, Im going bush this week.
    Hugs and kisses

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  • Hard News: Postmodern Banks Anxiety,

    So he turned around and blamed Hitler on Catholics..

    Umm I think the target was catholic theology. But if you want to take it personally be my guest.

    Sir Rob has a heart of gold.

    Pity he found it in the afterlife.

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  • Hard News: Kids: Still alright,

    So Algerian Muslims dont like the pope much, and said as much over morning tea. Seems the Brit terrorist squads have got to do something to justify their existence.
    The pain of abuse, this mans hurt is gut wrenching.
    A bracing reminder, if you have the stomach.

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  • Cracker: Strike Nine (and counting),

    Distrusting or demeaning someone solely on the basis that they have presented themselves for consideration as a democratic representative doesn't make sense to me.

    Not saying that at all. It just seems to me the whole "democratic" process has developed fatal flaws along the way. It is no longer representative. A class of people has sprung up that seem to exist in and around parliament. I dont know if it is to the exclusion of all else that happens on this planet involving people.

    But very often other peoples lives are reduced to virtually prejudicial, one dimensional, fit only to be judged as of less "value" than them.
    All we get reflected back at us is a view of life that is useless to a changing reality.
    Celebrate sports matches... can I afford food this week.
    Politicians head in the trough, but cutting social services.
    Its the have's telling the have not's what to do.

    And those who have lived a life not concerned with image/preserving the appearance that they are like everyone else and non threatening, safe to be elected, no skeletons in the closet. OK me.
    There is no way I could ever consider such a move. Yet I would have more to contribute that 90% of any politician in power.
    But you'll never find out willya.

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