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  • OnPoint: Election 2011: GO!,

    Sport deserves more than to be represented by a group of overgrown frat boys

    Heh I thought they were the perfect representatives of modern day sport.
    When its all about winning at any costs. Even being a decent human being.

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  • Hard News: Because it's about time we…,

    As if in order to be sympathetic to the working class you needed to practice an almost calculated lack of refinement and taste.

    John Key is waaaay ahead of you then. Oh and me as well, it would seem.
    Once upon a time, somewhere, ladling in a lovin’ spoonful of Instant Coffee was hipsville. Or have I got it wrong and instant coffee hadnt been invented yet…..

    And he finishes with a healthy cough probably from use of the natural accompaniment (back then) to your cup 'a java.

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  • OnPoint: Election 2011: GO!,

    Seriously. WTF is wrong with you people?

    Maybe you have to say that a bit LOUDER. It hard to hear over the roar of the twin turbo diesel's. Or maybe you sound just like a nagging wife.... to them........and the volume is adjusted accordingly.
    Great column btw.

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  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit, in reply to BenWilson,

    Heh, I’m not actually that bitter.

    Didnt mean to infer you might be even the slightest bit that way Sir.
    Perhaps I should have worded it 'what went on'... or something.

    To that end, I’m reasonably optimistic about the future of the world

    Fantastic, I wish the feeling was infectious. How about you as a virus bot?

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  • Hard News: Because it's about time we…, in reply to giovanni tiso,

    A friend of mine once got kicked out of a cafe in Nice because he ordered a coffee so long as he could make it himself. He could see they had the equipment…

    Snap! But I was in Clermont-Ferrand.

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  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit,

    Ben Wilson & andin – your comments need more thought from this disgruntled person (but I agree..)

    We havent even scratched the surface of what went wrong.

    And Joe Wylie – I had totally missed the fact your mother had died recently – aue aue taukiri e! My condolences…

    Same from me Joe.

    Muldoon had a significant social contract with the older generation, one that served him well electorally.

    Talk about skipping lightly by!

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  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit, in reply to Sacha,

    The have’s and the have not’s. Brass or Cold Comfort Farm.
    | Where else could I go?

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  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit,

    I'm tiring of hearing from people who are quite unrepresentative of any generalised "boomer" experience how unjust it is that they are being lumped in with a whole generation.

    Damn there goes my book deal idea...

    We should be able to discuss such broader issues

    And learn from our mistakes. There are problems with our institutions, and not solely with the populace.
    both motorways closed a combination of rain & high tide, Oh and the slowly sinking parts of the motorway all played a part.
    moving on

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1509 posts Report Reply

  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit,

    Time for a highlights package methinks
    Ben Wilson 11 days ago

    "Yes, I think blaming the whole modern condition on baby boomers goes way too far. They’re as much victims of the times as anyone else. It’s them who will need the health care and pensions that can’t be afforded, and a likely scenario is that they will miss out, despite having funded such things for their own elders during most of their lives"

    Kyle 11 days go maybe you should be pissed at Ben for having a lighter touch, anyway

    "Well that's not true. Baby boomers are starting to approach retirement age. During their peak income years - 40s onwards they had large tax cuts while their parents and grand parents had income testing. The 1980s and 1990s are a generational split in our social contract."

    Then Kyle sez 9 days ago

    "The fact that you might not have benefitted personally from the changes (like all generalisations it's not universally true) doesn't negate the fact that many baby boomers from the mid-1980s onwards benefitted tremendously from tax cuts. To go back to the original statement. Baby boomers were at the most 40 years old when the 4th Labour government hacked taxes. During the following 25+ years - their peak earning years when people pay the most in income tax, they did not fund the care of their elders as per the social contract that had built up for several decades. Within a few years their parents and grandparents were having to sell their homes to fund their hospital care."

    Its as if the world suddenly sprang into life (like a biblical scenario) when Lange's govt gained power. IIRC The country was in the shit after Muldoon's "Think Big" era. Were the IMF or World Bank involved behind the scenes? I have no idea, perhaps a political historian could enlighten me. But the policies enacted then in NZ seem eerily similar to those these organisations were advocating at the time. But hey it was the 80's the hippies had been buried, punk ruled, we can fix it ourselves optimism abounded, the human potential movement and all that. As for me, just so you know, I managed to get a job selling hotdogs to the drunks in late night Sydney. 12 hrs a night, $4 an hour getting insulted by drunken yobs. Yep so my career was really taking off. Just to keep you informed....
    Kyle 9 days ago

    "This particular generation is unique in the period after the creation of the welfare state. Quite a few received a well funded education, graduated from university without student loans, and then when they hit peak earning capacity, the government reduced taxes on them tremendously and brought in user pays. As higher income earners, lower taxes and user-pays works out pretty well. It created tremendous wealth, a lot of which we’ve seen go into the property market and put first homes out of the reach of the next generation."

    It almost as if it was ordained. So the labour Govt "hacked taxes' with the express purpose of creating a property boom or human greed (hey common to ALL of us) just took over.You tell me. Those were heady times I guess for some, as I said I, like you, was sitting on the outside looking in.
    Anyway enough

    "That Tool Aronofsky has a lot to offer and has made some fine movies, including Pi (can’t find the symbol on my keyboard), the Wrestler and Black Swan."

    I was referring to the sales pitch for The Fountain. If I had been in the room I would have been laughing and saying "This is a comedy right, it's got to be. Who do you want in the lead Ricky Gervais?"
    And from the films you listed it appears I am not a fan of any of Aronofsky's films.
    Call me common and coarse if you like, I make no pretensions to be otherwise.
    Then back to Kyle

    "I’ll concede to the sweeping generalisations. But the point I was responding to was a sweeping generalisation about them funding their elder’s care"

    Then a little misunderstanding

    "And thanks to Kyle for offering an apology.
    What is it with people reading into my posts recently things I haven’t said?"

    OK then how about thanks for making that concession to making a sweeping generalisation.
    Well fuck its raining and I wont be working today. So just thought I'd dig a hole and throw myself in it.

    "Is it time to move on?
    Yeah fair point."

    It seems to have slipped into common usage, Thanks Helen Clark.

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  • Cracker: Gimme Shelter,

    Its all just about "crowd control" now, And keeping people off your front lawn.
    The new millennium is really starting to kick(haha) in. But then you would expect wild pessimism from me.

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