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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    Until we have a clearer idea of how brain activity corresponds at a concrete level to the content of thoughts and beliefs, studies like this are simply one step up from phrenology. The location or otherwise of brain activity may or may not have implications for how we understand how different kinds of mental states interrelate, but right now we really don't know enough to say what those implications are.

    I agree. Much more research is needed.
    Anyway what was the topic ..oh yes.. How can a person who uses arguments you'd expect to hear from someone's batty aunt be a minister in govt and no one says BOO?

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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    Nah. I want the good old Abrahamic version. Not one from some messianic goody two shoes nutter with voices in his head....

    All god is, is a voice in your head.
    The nutter's are the ones who listen and give it exalted status.
    The good ole Abrahamic version is just an earlier model of crazy.

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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    The latest from minister Judith Collins:

    Lets break it down.

    Stage 1: Starts out with an anecdote which supposedly justifies her position, and with descriptions of a horrific crime to soften readers up.

    Stage 2: Consolidates her position with sledgehammer use of emotive appeals, to think of the pain, the anguish, the suffering, the bravery in the face of mealy-mouthed liberal ideas that wants to just give the offender a slap on the hand and send him back to terrorise..... well.... obviously everyone (or is it just the decent law abiding NZers who could be potential voters).

    Stage 3:Throw a bit of hyperbole around "many families" "time and again" that sort of thing. Appeals to a nebulous "safety on teh streets" concept. Always a very good (but empty) high sounding strategy. Woe betide you if you get out of your vehicle in the wrong neighbourhood, a good scare tactic. Or you could be attacked in your sleep, another goodie.

    Stage 4: This

    In this country we have many people who have made a thriving industry out of making excuses for criminals.

    All together now "Goddamn bleeding heart liberals and bottom feeding lawyers"

    And this

    It's this acceptance that every crime is solely a crime against the state rather than the individual that I believe is at the heart of the situation we now find ourselves in.

    Eh! you mean all those judges have/had a secret unspoken agreement to protect the state not people. What have you been smokin'? As they say.

    Stage 5: The wrap up. A quick reminder of the opening of the piece, the horror, the horror.

    victims of crime are never truly released from their sentences.

    Not if your dead, no. Do you have reach beyond the grave Minister, is that what you are saying?

    Stage 6: The pay off .

    The Government has announced a three-strikes policy that will escalate the severity of sentences.

    Escalate is right, but not what you are thinking.

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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    Russell: My point is that if Minister and MPs say things in stupid ways, they will get criticised for it. If they say them in intelligent ways they will not.
    Annette's comment was incredibly stupid for someone of her experience.

    Ah yes the Experience/Stupid Thing to Say balance, so difficult to get right. In fact Im working on the formula as we speak.

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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    It does fascinate me that nearly as many homicides this season has produced no panic. And, indeed, that pretty much the same trends in crime just don't produce the same narrative as they did under the last government.

    Lets see if I can turn that into a mythic narrative, 'cos as James Cameron proved( up yours with your correlation) we all like to delude ourselves with a bit-o-mythic-narrative.

    The citizens of Nuevo Zealandia had suffered under the fairweather governance of godless liberals for 8 years. But their chance came and the citizenry rose up and with pencils(or were they marker pens stoutly anchored with string) cast the charisma-less usurpers out with nary a thought for their future, and wished them god speed to the wilderness of opposition.
    And thus their fair land was returned to its blissful state. Oblivion returned to reign with its new best mates FuckyouImahonkey and Wecanjustbeatsomesenseinto'em.
    Self satisfaction ruled the land, the summer was long and lazy, and lo and behold statistics mattered little as it meant the citizenry could just make shit up, be outraged or not, as took their fancy. And the court jesters otherwise known as the Scribes of the Moving Picturebox Truth Explainer (SMPTE) {(PCE) Present Co. Excepted} could have a good holiday and give their questing outrage seeking minds a rest.
    And everything was well in the land. And the Kiwiblog header(which looks like shit) became the polished turd.
    Can I get an Amen...

    Note to self........I must get day, not today.

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  • Hard News: We still died at each other's…,

    his family's fairy in Clendon.

    Whoops, that was mildly unfortunate

    stove in his skill

    So that would be......U damn qwerty keyboards.

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  • Radiation: Big bang theory,

    Something funny for you while you recover.

    Shappi Khorsandi is hilarious she starts at 4.00

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  • Radiation: Big bang theory,

    So Being Human is about

    three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire respectively

    Yep normal humans doing normal things.
    Now if you want normal try living in a house with a pothead, a P freak and a junkie.
    Ghost's, werewolf's, vampire's......pffffft.

    Twenty something's are they the new thirty something's?

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  • Hard News: Holiday Musings,

    There's plenty of sedate games. Puzzles and such. Strategy games, turn based, human or computer opponents

    You haven't played Myst then.

    The new Sherlock Holmes film was great I thought.
    I wonder if Where the Wild Thing Are could have been any better in 3D.

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  • Random Play: The Big Day Out: Lambs to…,

    Popular NZ singer Boh Runga drenches the heartbreaking "Not Given Lightly" in superfluous layers of 1950s camp, but the song's spirit fights its way through anyway


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