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  • Hard News: Not doing justice, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Gibson said in this morning's radio i/v he repeated what a constituted said to him, not understanding the full background of the term.
    BTW I know the word but I didn't realise the sensitive meaning of it either.

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  • Hard News: Not doing justice,

    This Gibson case doesn't dismay me as much as the party activists who publicly criticize and undermine the leadership and party itself. All this does is show the public Labour is disunited. The leadership was selected by a very democratic process and all members, including MPs, are obliged to get behind them.
    Gibson did not understand the full implications of what he said. However, these opinionated party members are supposedly no fools but somehow they still want a National government.

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  • Hard News: It was 30 years ago today,

    I'm 60 and remember how Piggy and National pulled every lever to divide the country and stay in power. Rob's Mob - if you weren't for us you must be against us. I see similarities in the current lot's strategy with #Teamkey

    Towards the end, his Cabinet and party wouldn't stand up to him as he drove this country into bankruptcy, and I will never forgive National for that. Funnily enough though, I always felt economically secure with Muldoon but all that disappeared after '84. Maybe that was the reason NZ became bankrupt.

    I view 84-87 Labour as a necessary period of adjustment out of national bankruptcy and loved Lange's rhetoric at the time. But the 88-90 period was a time of intra-party fighting when the Douglas/Prebble zealots tried to take over. They left to find their rightful place in Act and Labour tried to return to its social democratic roots.

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  • Hard News: A Big Idea,

    Yes selling this policy will be a test of Labour. Already you can see commentary focussing on the individual - costlier clothes, not knowing what my future Kiwisaver contribution will be, govt changing my contribution rate.
    The staus-quo is unsustainable and this looks like a innovative policy that, combined with previously announced policies, will help address the problems of a high current account deficit, over-valued exchange rate, low investment in the tradeable sector.

    The electorate/media still focusses on individuals - the Labour leadership and the many stumbles made. To move that focus to these complex, while integrated, policies will be a true test. This is Labour's last chance.

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  • Muse: Guilt By Association Copy,

    Supposedly, because KDC can make the PM's life uncomfortable, maybe even prove he lied, this is just another smear to discredit KDC courtesy of Whaleoil and picked up by the MSM.

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  • Hard News: Karen, and being kind,

    Great article and sister Russell. I can imagine how hard it will be without her when you celebrate Christmas with your mum for the first time.
    As far as I'm concerned 2013 has been a real b**ch of a year, too many deaths of close friends and most dearest, my brother, who was my only close family member I had left. Thank God I still have my wife and her family.

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  • Hard News: No Red Wedding,

    As a past Dunedinite, I'm not sorry to see Curran go from ICT. Too much shooting from the lip before brain engagement. Rest of the shadow cabinet looks good although I would like to see Louisa Wall given a major portfolio

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  • Hard News: The GCSB Bill: We at least…,

    Yeah thanks Russell. I'm sick of Key trying to distract us from this important issue

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  • Hard News: Briefing, blaming, backing down,

    What really gets me is the Treasury secretary cheer-leading govt thinking on education. I thought these guys were supposed to be apolitical, and what does he know about education?

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  • Hard News: The Base,

    Having read the speech, Cunliffe says 'here is the problem' - neo-liberalism. Ok, that's the problem, what solutions did he offer beyond no asset sales and taking more control of the economy?
    I agree neo-liberalism or 'trickle-down' is the problem here, and in the rest of the world. So instead of the rubbish our current government is dishing up; cronyism, corporate welfare, deficit-funded tax cuts for the rich, commodity exports and dog-whistle politics, people are looking for something different.
    Shearer and/or Cunliffe should come up with the solutions now; looking after the middle class, changing the Reserve Bank Act to foster exports, tackling entitlement reform, money into research & education. They need to start promoting these policies now to provide real alternative at the next election.
    In the meantime, NZ is just sliding away under a mountain of debt.

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