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  • Hard News: The crybaby philosopher,

    Whyte aside, I'm also interested in the PA community view on the way in which Susan Devoy is handling her new role.

    I seem to recall quite a few vociferous opinions being espoused about her qualifications or lack thereof, before she had even started. Wondering if anyone has changed their views at all.

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  • Hard News: Auckland's future: Keep calm,…, in reply to Steve Barnes,

    Transport is transport and it should be regarded as a public good along with all other infrastructure

    Well, thats one perspective, but given the state of transport infrastructure in NZ that is funded publicly, and transport infrastructure under private ownership (e.g. the airport) - is that a realistic wish? I'd love for all public good infrastructure to be there, is it?

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  • Hard News: Auckland's future: Keep calm,…, in reply to bob daktari,

    The council has a fair swag invested in about 22% of the airport which already operates (very successfully) as a private company. An option?

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  • Feed: A scientist researches restaurants,

    Totally agree Bart

    As it transpired, we left, a little bit chastened, and went and spent a bunch of hard-earned at the ever-delightful Mo's bar and swapped entertaining stories of epic customer service fails on the back of our Masu experience.

    So we all had a great night - and the outfit that should have let us out the door eager to tell our friends didnt quite hit the target they intended.

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  • Feed: A scientist researches restaurants,

    Went to Masu last weekend, the food was divine, but the service let us down. A group of 6 were booked into an early slot, which (ostensibly) meant 6.00-9.00pm - or so we thought.

    As we finished the last morsel of the tasting plate (outstanding) our cheerful waitress swooped in to tell us that we needed to leave so they could use the table for more customers. And this was about 8.05, so essentially we were being kicked out after 2 hours.

    Of all the ways for it be handled, this seemed one of the least effective, and meant that our lasting impression of Masu was not of the terrific food, but of being strong-armed out of the joint after parting ways with our $250 per couple.

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  • Field Theory: Call it what you will,

    I'm lucky enough to be heading there next week

    That said, the experience of dealing with FIFA throughout the ticketing process has been deeply unedifying. It genuinely seems to be a process designed specifically to maximize economic return and minimize outcomes for, y'know, fans.

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  • Hard News: Snowden and New Zealand, in reply to Stephen Judd,

    Plenty of people wrote to the minister also saying that the definition of a network operator was not actually broad enough to achieve the purpose of the legislation. That is, there are many forms of communication that are not regarded as networks, e.g. Skype, Viber and the hundreds of other OTT comms. Yet traditional networks are obliged to incur the cost of compliance, not the OTT providers. So the legislation becomes ineffective anyway by not keeping up with technology changes.

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  • Hard News: What rules are these?,

    Good point on hypocrisy Russell, is that while paparazzi can make a case (of sorts) that they are simply supplying a market demand, it's a bit rich for the likes of this guy, or his supporters, to cry foul about his own treatment. And while it's a part and parcel of the industry in which Lorde works the dynamics at play here are undeniably troubling - as someone said, middle aged guy following minor. Hard to argue with creepy.

    Am also troubled - for different reasons - by media coverage of Stephanie Key and her art. It's hard to see it as of legitimate media interest except in relation to her father, and I find the use of anyone's children in relation to the 'real' media subject unedifying to say the least.

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  • Hard News: The sphere of influence,

    His social media standards are so high he reads only the most nasty and unpleasant blog sites. Fucksake

    Although to be fair RB, he did say 'very few', he is talking through the NBR channel (which may or may not colour his response which coincidentally seems to be the most heavily trafficked sites and therefore more likely to be what his perceived audience would expect him to say), and I'm perfectly comfortable with polticians having very little direct social media engagement.

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  • Speaker: The secret Christchurch…,

    Thanks Greg, thats a very sobering and moving account.

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