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  • Hard News: We can make things better here, in reply to Rik,

    Nationals ongoing commitment and funding for national cycleways. Nice one, National!
    Hardly. These sort of things come out of the mitigation funding that the motorways projects have to provide for the disruption to the communities they are built in.

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  • Hard News: Works in progress, in reply to Roger Lacey,

    The idea that it’s the poor motorists who pay for everything is a face-slappable myth.

    Just a quick look at the funding will tell you that NZTA gives $250 mill to councils for maintenance of locals roads ( separate to State highways which they fund entirely), then there is $325 million for new or upgraded local roads, then there is the $260 million for public transport..
    I dont have a problem with hows it paid for, that there is no direct charge to users for a mode of transport, (unlike the others), its the what I would call the Downton Abbey attitude: " UPHILL?, why does it have to be so hard for something we are entitled to"

    As for the selling of assets to pay for holiday highways ( or was that new hospitals...or new schools...or new ..), Bill English will be happy someone was sucked in by his spin .

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  • Hard News: Works in progress, in reply to BenWilson,

    All the rest involve a stiff uphill climb at the end of your trip

    Mmmm, is there no pleasing bike riders ??( Unlike motorists they are paying zilch for their new cycleways)

    Maybe we can introduce rickshaws for those unable to meet the physical challenge, or there are those other thingys...buses .

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  • Hard News: The Sky is the limit, in reply to DeepRed,

    I wonder if Cr Brewer has shares in SkyCity? It’s always fun sorting out those who’ll stick to their principles, and those who have a price.

    Shares are not a way to make real money, this is 2015 its being a partner in a public relations consultancy. Heard of Graham, Brewer, Simich & Associates ?
    Yes , thats Carrick Graham in there.
    Also well known is Sky Citys 'ambassaador' program where certain certain celebrities and assorted Auckland big noters are paid to promote Sky City.

    "SkyCity is paying tens of thousands of dollars for the services and star-power of some of the country's biggest celebrity names.

    Mike Hosking has done regular work for the casino, and Paul Henry has a "long-standing association" with it. SkyCity sponsors several big-name sports stars and provides a 'chairman's card' for a small number of celebrities allowing them free five-star hotel rooms, meals and drinks."

    Join the dots , as they say!

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  • Hard News: The Sky is the limit,

    NZ Herald Jun 28, 2013: The Auckland Council has voted not to support the $400 million national convention centre for pokies deal on the eve of the Government and SkyCity signing off the deal. In a conscience vote, the council voted 10-7 yesterday not to support “the Government’s proposal for SkyCity to develop a convention centre in return for changes in our gambling legislation to increase gambling at the SkyCity casino”

    This vote was for a motion from anti casino campaigner Cathy Casey.

    'Mike Hosking said he was off to lunch at Federal St and couldnt comment' isnt a headline we will see

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    Oxford dictionaries WoY was "vape"

    Collins came up with Photobomb

    As for twerk, it is far far better as
    image of the year

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  • Speaker: Why churches should marry…,

    Isnt the idea of a church wedding because we are confused about who is really deciding who can be married , or not.
    In the end for NZ its the State, but they license approved church officials to do it for them. of course you can get a ‘registry office marriage’ alone it you dont go for all that palava. or indeed a non denominational marriage celebrant.
    In some countries a marriage is not official until the state official has performed it, a church wedding is an additional ‘cultural occasion’ if you like that palava. Napoleon spread this custom throughout Europe.

    Perhaps its time we moved away from having religious officials approved for legal weddings.
    Its not only same sex couples, but churches can have various restrictions on who they marry, divorced people in the catholic church being an example.

    After all hardly anyone worries about their church approving their divorce, it's a problem for some, they just get a civil divorce and are done.

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  • Legal Beagle: Wellington Super City? Not…,

    As for the changes to the way the referendums were taken so that instead of a majority in each area, it only requires an majority overall.

    Could that be related to this in 2012:

    The bid to amalgamate the Nelson and Tasman councils has failed, based on a progress result issued at 1pm today, despite a strong level of support from Nelson city. More were against the idea in Tasman.

    Its not who votes that count, its who counts the vote- Stalin

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  • Hard News: Some reprehensible bullshit, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    They're not only great for blocking out light and noise,

    I would have thought blackout blinds are useful for doing TV interviews in the office, when they want to control the lighting.

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  • Hard News: Park Life, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    A tragedy of settler society was that it held out a promise that everyone could be a “laird” and take exclusive possession over their domain. Of course, this couldn’t work and you wound up with a tiny minority controlling much of the land.

    You have forgotten that until the inclosure of the commons in England there was more open access including use for agriculture. The lesson there was unless you have title someone with more clout will take if off you.

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