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  • Speaker: So NZ First gets another list…, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    Perhaps I’m a bear of little brain, but I do tend to hold the view that our House of Representatives is not a basket of trinkets to be dished out as politicians see fit

    The total number of MPs was put to the people for their consideration, and the result was 84.5% for a reduction to 99. So yes Peters could be said to be following the peoples will in reducing the numbers of Mps.

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  • Hard News: How about that cricket, eh?,

    The Duckworth -Lewis method is now far more advanced then the old days of a book of tables. You need a computer to calculate now with D/L Pro version.

    The whole idea is that you will power on when you have have wickets and overs to spare. And this instance NZ had to exceed SA score with the same number of overs

    Go here to look at a possible result AND play with some alternatives- using the simplified version

    But note : The Professional edition of Duckworth-Lewis (aka CODA) would be used by officials for first innings scores greater than 235.

    So those thinking NZ could be chasing 350 for 50 overs, well they did that handsomely v West Indies

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  • Hard News: An unacceptable failure of care,

    The Judge even calls out the police over a previous 2010 enquiry into more general child abuse

    “120. It is disturbing that several themes identified as a result of the Authority’s child abuse inquiry(such as deficiencies in investigative practices, file recording, collaboration with CYF, and case supervision) have, again, been highlighted in the Authority’s current investigation.
    This is notwithstanding the fact that the related recommendations made in 2010 to address the deficiencies were accepted and embedded by Police.

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  • Legal Beagle: Update on the Former MP's…,

    Im assuming Annette King is one of those 'elected before 1999' who will in fact benefit handsomely from this change.

    As well, the current business class has become a much higher standard of space and amenity than it was back in 1999.

    Perhaps we could meet them half way and propose an 'Air NZ premium economy fare to London' as this is the same level of amenity that was enjoyed by business class back in 1999.

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  • Legal Beagle: MPs to vote on raising…,

    There was a connection issue that didnt allow me to say the current economy plus has 6 across seating rather than the 10 across on 777-300ER flights to London.

    The point is, that when this perk came in business class was much more like the premium economy is now.

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  • Legal Beagle: MPs to vote on raising…, in reply to JC Carter,

    business class in Air New zealand is not first class elsewhere

    I didnt say that, its that Air NZ business NOW is the equivalent of first class back THEN and the economy + has moved up to be equivalent to business class back THEN. ( has wider seats 20 in, and legroom greater than economy

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  • Legal Beagle: MPs to vote on raising…,

    Business class on Air NZ is now the equivalent of first class ( lie flat beds etc). It seems that premium economy is now the new business class, wider seats more legroom.

    Regarding the preference for booking Air NZ, its usually a corporate deal, ie they save money overall with the discount based on the volume of travel. For ex Mps they would use their allowance to book economy and then try their influence for an upgrade for free. Different airlines " wouldnt know who they are"

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  • Hard News: Masters of Reality,

    What an absolute liar Joyce is , a complete and utter liar. His project was much more expensive than the original tunnel project approved under labour.
    Thats because he made it wider and connected to the City bound lanes.

    His story about a shorter tunnel is nonsense, it starts after Richardson Rd and ends just by Waterview interchange , as was allways intended.
    His cut-cover or trench proposal was rejected by the contractors as too expensive when you were tunneling anyway.

    Additional costs added by the liar in chief were the widening of lanes through to St Lukes, cutting down trees at Western Springs.

    The brazen liars he tells is just stunning.

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  • Speaker: Public art is no place for committees,

    Before we have PR about the art and its meaning, let the public have a say about the LOCATION.

    Between an alleyway! What were they thinking

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  • Muse: A C!#& and Balls Story, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Well I should have said been a regular in New Lynn for past 25 years and before that the original Lynn Mall. Which has never been owned by Westfield,

    AMP had it for a while and they did a major makeover in the late 90s. I think the owners of Sylva Park have it now.

    Im not a fan of these 'tower block flats when the Auckland topography suits 3 to 4 residential levels. The HCNZ block in Lynfield is a good example not far away, and close to transport , shopping and schools. This is in line with the unitary plan (until the bureaucrats crank it up to 8 levels plus with discretionary planning.)

    The library IS too small , as you would find if you visited regulary and is more crowded than its larger neighbour Avondale and nothing on the outstanding Birkenhead library( who host music ensembles) .
    So much for those extra people expected to live close by. The new town hall is outstanding but is stuck on its own.

    The new west gate development is further example of Architecture by Penny Hulse, old ideas that everyone else has moved on from with little regard to human scale or needs. Dreadful.

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