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  • Speaker: Government votes not to improve…, in reply to Idiot Savant,

    Given that the Electoral Commissions proposals would reduce the overall proportionality of Parliament, I’m not exactly unhappy about this.

    Say again
    . Reducing the threshold INCREASES proportionality as those who are between 4-5% are now included. Of course having no threshold is even more proportional but of the Weimar kind ?

    Labour had separated their desire to kneecap national’s coalition partners from the straight democratic argument in favour of a lower threshold

    Labour had previously benefited from coattails before and they could again. ( Dunne and MP could support Labour).
    The lower threshold isn't a democratic argument, thats only proportionality. The non democratic part is when coattails mean some votes count more than others plus distort proportionality.

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  • Speaker: Government votes not to improve…,

    Germany isnt strictly speaking a similar system to ours as they operate a 'regional MMP' version. Lists and electorates are bundled by the federal states. This normally produces a overhang for the CSU who only contest seats in Bavaria, winning all of them, while their partners the CDU stay well clear.
    A regional MMP is used in Scotland as well, even though its not much bigger in population than NZ, the result is to give SNPa majority with around 53% of the seats but only 45% of the votes.
    This is the kind of reform National will be most interested in

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  • Hard News: A dramatic and unremarkable decision,

    "Let’s grow up about this. And when we’ve grown up, perhaps we can talk like grown-ups "

    He says, dripping with paternalism, mixed with some I know it all and then inhaled with a glint in your eye.

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  • Hard News: Nelson Street: Not too…, in reply to Rickai,

    No concrete native flora motifs!

    Absolutely. A bit like the motorway bridge north of Orewa with its 'Pukeko legs'

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  • Access: I'm not laughing,

    I saw this list of 15 things not to say to a person in a wheelchair.

    1. “I’m in a rush, I only parked there for a few minutes.”

    2. “Do you know what’s his name? He’s in a wheelchair too!”

    3. “Why are you in a wheelchair?”

    4. “Can I pray for you?”

    5. “It’s good to see you out and being productive.”

    6. “I had to use a wheelchair once, so I identify with what you are going through.”

    7. “Everything happens for a reason.”

    8. “You are good-looking for a person in a wheelchair.”

    9. “That’s great! You picked those things up so fast.”

    10. “Can you pop a wheelie?”

    11. “You are truly inspiring.”

    12. “How fast does your wheelchair go?”

    13. “Is your partner in a wheelchair too?”

    14. “I’m so glad I’m not in a wheelchair.”

    15. “I’m sure you will walk again, stay positive.”

    I suppose the 16th one should be : Dont tip protesters out of their wheelchairs as has happened in London by the Police

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  • Hard News: 2015: The Budget of what?, in reply to George Darroch,

    The other big question for me: will the NZDF get $400m+ to buy new jetplanes? (C-17 or A400 heavy freight vehicles).

    Question answered. YES. But details not announced but cloaked as being for for defence commitments and humanitarian aid. Need more money later as this is probably only a first up payment.

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  • Speaker: Sex, monsters and outrage, in reply to DeepRed,

    Official discrimination, no. De facto discrimination, maybe

    There is no discrimination period. Some people have no idea of the meaning of words.

    Spreading wacko views about unmarried woman isnt hate speech , it isnt discrimination either. It was a pamphlet under a windscreen wiper.
    Discrimination involves doing something to a particular person, like employer to employee, or not providing a service and so on.

    Shopping Malls usually have rules against anyone passing out leaflets, fundraising in their carparks, etc for the simple reason they are a pain. No discrimination involved with that either. The ban would be a blanket one.

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  • Speaker: Sex, monsters and outrage, in reply to Lilith __,

    Yes, the pamphlet sucks. It’s bordering on hate speech

    Bordering on hate speech ??? Someone has got themselves in a twist if they think its. 'borderline'. Quite the reverse in that the Freedom of Expression fully entitles them to give information or opinion of any kind and in any form.
    There is no evidence here of actual discrimination to unwed mothers.
    Having wacko views and spreading them around isn't hate speech , which in NZ only covers those inciting abusive and threatening language because of someones colour race, national or ethnic origins.

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  • Up Front: Stand for... Something,

    Patriotism, the old 'fatherland' or patria in 20th century clothing. Its close cousin Jingoism came from a music hall ditty from the time of the Crimean war

    "We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do.. "

    Jingo being one of those alliterations used to avoid saying Jesus.

    Are we to really to go back to the era when movie theaters began with playing the national anthem, and everyone stood up ?

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  • Cracker: IT'S ALIVE,

    We have become a nation of indoor cats, this is another example of the best minds of a generation being used to get people to click on something.

    Damian has exceptional writing ability but seems unsatisfied with that and being on TVNZ OD is better ?

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