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  • Hard News: Auckland's future: Keep calm,…,

    Len Brown linked to this post on his facebook page.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Big Day Out, Out, in reply to Samuel Scott,

    The culture of going to several music festivals a year is much stronger there. I'm sure ticket sales to big festivals as a percentage of the population would far out weigh that of NZ.

    How many decent sized music festivals are there in NZ each year? I literally have no idea how many go to the likes of Raggamuffin, Rhythm and Vines, Tankapalooza, Home Grown, Parachute (before it bit the dust) ..... etc ....

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Big Day Out, Out,

    PNC's new album (The Codes) out today. It's a lotta EDM apparently.

    One of the songs on it: Hundred Cups

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  • Legal Beagle: Suicide Reporting; or, The…,

    Here’s an example of an extremely complicated situation:

    How do you report on this exactly? They probably did a pretty good job, and then at the end they have a million numbers for suicide to call. EVERYBODY (EVERY last person) at this boys school, including students knew how he died, and given they are the most vulnerable/likely to copycat it there’s almost no point in supressing how he died since they already know and don’t need a newspaper that nobody reads reporting it.

    It is true that suicides often come in groups, as vulnerable people (usually young) see the reaction to others who have taken their life, but the thing is that they don’t learn through the media what happened to them in this day and age, they hear it through Chinese whispers at first, and then it’s just out there through social media.

    A student from our school passed away this week over night, and by period one there were rumours flying around it was suicide, but sadly it was a severe asthma attack, so I made it clear to the students that they knew what had actually happened. But with texting, twitter, facebook, email… the role of the 6pm news, or newspapers in dairy’s that nobody reads is nigh on useless to that generation. Just cos we still look at it and worry about how it rolls doesn't make it worth 2 shits to the majority of the 4.1 million living in NZ in 2014 …

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Original Beats,

    Out jogging with a bit of KRS-ONE entering the brain this week. Boogie Down Productions come correct...

    and something cool from more recently...

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  • Hard News: What rules are these?, in reply to Dylan Reeve,

    In broad terms they do prefer “crap” – in that is sells more copies or rates higher, whatever the metric.

    You are right of course, but it's worth bearing in mind that crap is cheaper. So part of the selling more copies is because Womans Day (aka crap) according to my internet searching (honest!) is $4.30 an issue, Metro Magazine is $9.90.

    Crap when it comes to the written media is also much quicker to consume. Probably why a lot more instant noodles would be eaten than 3 course dinners.

    Although in this thread it's not even writing we are talking about. It's photo's which can take a few seconds to roll the eyes over and say "cripes, she's let herself go!"

    A damn site easier to take some pics like that than spend days traipsing through the savannah to get some wildlife shot that took a day to set up and wait for.

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  • Hard News: What rules are these?,

    From on May 10, 2013

    includes quotes such as

    She seemed to come out of nowhere. In just two months Lorde, who plays Wellington for the first time tonight, has become the Kiwi pop star everyone's talking about. The only one yet to talk much is the teenager herself, 16-year-old Ella Yelich-O'Connor.


    Eight weeks ago, with minimal promotion, the Auckland teenager's single Royals went into the New Zealand charts at No 1. Her The Love Club EP of five tracks went into the album charts at No 2. This week Royals is at No 4, having gone platinum with sales of more than 15,000 copies.

    The Love Club EP is at No 8 and was downloaded 60,000 times for free before going on sale on iTunes.


    What has been refreshing about Yelich-O'Connor is that, with little in the way of promotion or hype, the response has centred on the music itself.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Record Store Day, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    One of the other acts at Coachella was Outkast, reuniting after a decade. It should have been epic, but everyone seems to have been left feeling rather underwhelmed. There are a few theories flying around, but this one is most intriguing. speculates that the Coachella audience wasn’t impressed with the lyrical hip hop of Outkast because it wasn’t as thrilling as the big-ass party experience of the EDM artists that are so hot right now. An unfamiliar sounding song, a gap between songs – these are all buzzkill moments that EDM shows never have.

    A lengthy Grantland article dissecting Outkast at Coachella.

    And some old Outkast sheeeeet… from 94.

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  • Access: I Can’t See You, But You Should…,

    I thought the article on Adam Pearson in the Guardian a few days ago was really interesting. He suffers from neurofibromatosis and played a part in a movie called Under the Skin. He's had a bloody hard time of it by the looks of it but has come through it like a champ.

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  • Hard News: What Hekia Parata actually said, in reply to Sacha,

    but you have to pay to get them tested and diagnosedand who'd have thunk...decile-10 private schools were getting as much as five times more funding than lower-decile schools as applications for help skyrocketed last year. ... In 2012, a total of 3418 of the 143,000 pupils who sat NCEA-level exams got special assistance. Private Auckland school King's College, which regularly tops national academic tables, had 180 pupils sitting NCEA exams last year. Of those 44 qualified for special exam conditions.By comparison, neighbouring school Otahuhu College, which is decile 1 and had four times as many NCEA candidates in 2012, had no SAC applications.

    Thanks for that link Sacha. I had never seen that article. But the school I was alluding to is named in the article (not Kings).

    This is the concerning part:

    The Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand says the system benefits wealthy parents at private schools who have greater access compared to poor parents whose children miss out.

    Applications for funding require parents to pay for a report from an educational psychologist to prove their children have special needs - which critics say benefits those who can afford it.

    The funding covers pupils with a condition that impairs their learning - including dyslexia, apraxia, ADHD and autism.

    I realise they would be worried that every man, woman, dog, and flea would want their kid tested for something if it were free or cheap enough, but surely there's some common sense that can prevail. Students who are identified as failing at an early age can get referred by teachers WHO KNOW THE STUDENT for free or minimal cost. And then in other cases where there are no real alarm bells going off then put the onus on parents/guardians. I'm shocked with those private schools though. If that's the number of students with some degree of learning issues they have then god help the rest of us at Common Muck College.

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