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  • Hard News: Friday Music: So much music I…,

    Sorry bout it (as my kids says),

    Run the Jewels playing the Studio on K Rd Jan 10 at 8pm with Joey Bada$$, (Wellington the night before). If you like Hip Hop in Wellington or Auckland you HAVE TO see this. If you love Hip Hop and are within commuting distance this could be worth the effort.

    For all 365 days of 2014... in the world... rated...

    NPR top 50 (somewhere)
    The Guardian 7
    The Guardian Readers 5
    Pitchfork # 1 (not a typo)
    Albumoftheyear website: #4
    NME 9/10

    it goes on...


    I gotz 4 tiks alreadz.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: So much music I…,

    Run the Jewels 2 smashing it on those top album of the year lists. Number 1 on pitchfork. I've been playing the shit out of it.

    Not sure what to link to out of it but here's a good one. If you like your Hip Hop ruff and raw you'll like it, if you don't like swear words, side step:

    Killer Mike is dope:

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Everybody Loves…,

    I don't know Matthew Dentith (personally), but I do know his other half in their regular conspiracy theory podcasts (namely Josh - he's m' cousin, he got the brains I got the lo... ng peni, hang on, wrong forum). So plug for that there website/podcast:

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  • Hard News: The uncooling of the inner West, in reply to Dastardly Bounder,

    I have a number of friends in Swanson – the next suburb north west of Ranui. They have easy access to rail, live close by large parks and rural blocks and can be at Bethells beach in 15 minutes. Pretty good option by Auckland standards. I often work in Ranui and it can be a bit rough. There have been some eyebrow raising incidents over the past year, a regular Police presence and some extreme deprivation. Ponsonby used to be the same 30 years ago though. Pick your street and it can seem like a nice leafy suburb, drive down another one and try to spot the burnt out meth labs.

    That'll learn me for reading a post and then replying to it and not reading the post underneath which basically answers it, and makes similar points, though more succinctly :) haha

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  • Hard News: The uncooling of the inner West, in reply to Sam F,

    We almost offered to buy a property in Ranui from a family member moving out but didn’t have the scratch together at the time. I still sometimes half wonder if it’s really that bad out there.

    I tried typing an answer to this multiple times but didn't like how they came out. I don't live in Ranui but know the area quite well for a variety of reasons. Let's just say it is diverse. There is the Ranui to the north of Swanson Rd, the Ranui between Swanson Rd and the train tracks, and then "old Ranui" which is to the south of the tracks and stretching up the hill.

    Within the former two there are streets where I would not feel comfortable living. But then there are other streets where things would be fine. There's a lot of new housing going in out round there. The Henderson Heights area was started to be built around 20 years ago but has continued to expand and it is about 2 mins drive away, and it looks like a wealthy eastern suburb. Swanson is the next suburb to the west.

    Zoom in on google maps to Ranui and you'll see the different parts. So much of the rural space around there is being eaten by subdivisions. Even Ranui will be totally different in a couple of decades. It's got a railway station, 10 mins from the North Western, and handy to Waitakere's and west coast beaches...

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  • Hard News: The uncooling of the inner West, in reply to bob daktari,

    the further out you live in Auckland the more of your life you lose to travel... and the more scattered the young (and older who crave the same) become, making any replication or whatever of what Grey Lynn et al so, um, interesting and fun to live very difficult to emulate in any given form. Though saying that all the outer suburbs are slowly but surely accommodating and becoming more 'interesting' as businesses open and the inner city refugees take up homes -cafes and eateries mainly

    I know it's not your main point, but just because you live on the cities edges it doesn't mean you lose your life to travel. I live out west and it takes me 16 minutes to make the 10km drive to my work (also out west). As the populations in the suburbs grows it is gradually doing what you say it is. Making them more interesting, more businesses popping up... less need to actually head into the city centre.

    The development at Westgate is touted at creating 20,000 new jobs. I know Bob Harvey used to lament how tens of thousands of West Aucklanders commuted to the other parts of Auckland to work, maybe we can slow that down an 'decentralise' a bit and create those hubs in other parts of Auckland and build interesting communities around them.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Cilla!,

    Only link I can find between Elvis Costello and Cilla Black is that he covered a couple of 'her' songs. And this ain't one of them, but I like it anyway... sound quality is pretty average...

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  • OnPoint: Sunlight Resistance, in reply to Russell Brown,

    The one that did creep me out was the bookending of traffic reports on Radio Live and ZB with “party vote National” ads. This was in the middle of the news, with the electoral ad spoken by the same announcer who gave the traffic information, almost in the same breath.

    She was a swing voter. When I first heard her (it was a female the times I heard) she started "Vote NZ First, delays on the north western motorway after a 3 sheep pile up at Westgate, Vote NZ First, endorsed by blah blah", and then in the afternoon "Vote National, traffic is running smoothly on the ... vote National..."

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  • Hard News: Five further thoughts, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    It would be interesting to see what percentage of dairy farms are profitable at various levels of payout. I’m guessing there are a few for which $5.30 doesn’t cover the mortgage, and a lot more at $4.

    One of the articles linked to earlier said that farm operating costs alone came to about $4 or a little over in some cases. So even a farm with zero debt would struggle to deal with that for too long. But around 90% of NZ dairy farms do have debt of some sort to service going by the graph that was at the top of aforementioned article. It’s back a few pages

    (edit, page 11). Article below…

    and Winston Peters is quick to jump on this issue...

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  • Hard News: The humanity,

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