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  • Hard News: Not yet standing upright,


    Su Yin Khoo asked: Which of these four flag designs do you feel best represent our refusal to help refugees?

    Lyndon Hood answered.

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  • Hard News: Not yet standing upright,

    I'm happy that Hypnoflag has come out of this. (Credit to whoever is running that account.)

    However like many I'm generally disappointed with both the process and its inevitable outcome. One of the key men in the process is Drury - who prominently hangs a white silver fern on a black background on a flagpole above his Wellington business. It's a logo, for a corporation.

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  • Access: Persistent Polio, in reply to Seriatim,

    It seems likely that we will need to continue vaccination in a number of countries for some time after polio is eradicated.

    This isn't actually as bad as it sounds. Mass polio vaccination has created the infrastructure for universal vaccination for other communicable diseases, and helped establish healthcare systems in places where they are absent. The continuation of vaccination will bolster these.

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  • Access: Persistent Polio,

    A fascinating local history Hilary. Thank you.

    Raymond’s right about Rotary’s role – without that impetus, and the support of the Gates Foundation, this effort would have stalled or slowed. We’re now getting there, very quickly. The figures that Hilary mentions are found here, and you can see countries being crossed off the list. It has now been almost a year since the last case in Nigeria, for example. There is some circulating vaccine derived polio in Madagascar, but this is being contained.

    This article illustrates very well how the challenges posed in Pakistan and Afghanistan are being faced and overcome.

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  • Speaker: Why we need to stop talking…,

    Language absolutely matters, because what we think becomes what we do.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Not just…,

    I think what could work well - I'd be curious to know if such things exist elsewhere - is a kind of subscription model for live music.

    Part of what Spotify does so well is its guarantee of quality. You click, it delivers: music that you actually want to listen to. It isn't about free, or micro-payment, but about curation. For those who are immersed in music and know where to find information about who and what is actually good, this isn't so necessary. But for the ordinary person it's gold.

    Removing that uncertainty by lowering the decision cost is important. The first is obviously financial. The second is less obvious but actually harder - how do I know I'll actually like what I listen to and see?

    My suggestion is that a venue or group of venues could run a curated and marketed series of gigs, promoted collectively over time. For example; the person attending pays $70 and can see up to 6 gigs over the course of a year.

    Festivals are like this. You pay $150-300 for a ticket, and then you can sample and attend as much as you like. Don't like this band? There's another one on the other stage...

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  • OnPoint: Don't put words in our mouths, Rob, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    So despite the fact that several experts (Dr Black et. al., are experts) have called your data rubbish* you are still happy that you applied the analytical method correctly.

    We have a bunch students here learning how to do science. None of them would be so utterly stupid as to persist with your line of reasoning. If any did we would consider it a failure of our teaching.

    Honestly I understand your reluctance to admit you were wrong. It is entirely human and normal. But by continuing to insist that what you did was just fine you are convincing me (and I’m guessing others) that you should have no role in managing this country. That opinion carries over those for whom you work, the Labour Party.

    I’m guessing you (and/or your employers) believe that any damage you do now will be forgotten by the next election and that the votes you lose are balanced by votes you gain. If that is true, again it convinces me that you should have no role in managing this country.

    You have hurt a large group of New Zealanders and continue to do so and you don’t seem to care.

    This is it.

    There are several issues at play here. One is the problem of strong inference from weak data. The second is the political use of that inference. The third is how that inference was perceived.

    The first is problematic, but not wickedly so. The second is highly problematic, and through persistence of use has continued to compound the issues inherent with the first. From the first day, foreign money became supplanted by foreign/'foreign' people. That could have been foreseen, but once it became obvious it was your responsibility to deal with and not promote. You failed.

    This has in turn created a third problem: perceptions by those affected (Asian New Zealanders) of the use of that data. You *don't* get to claim independence of these perceptions, whether or not they are proportionate to your intentions or your actions. Not in politics (which isn't fair) and not in real life (which is an interplay of people and minds). You especially don't get to claim independence when you have maintained a position despite these reactions.

    I've had to deal with a perception problems of my own, where the difference between actual intent and perceived intent is real. In that case, the answer is simple; stop doing the thing causing a problem/offense, apologise, shut up.

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  • OnPoint: Don't put words in our mouths, Rob,

    I still think that Rob should have buried the data.

    There was no useful way to use the data without creating problems such as these.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Silver and Gold,

    Pleased to see that our current songwriters are getting their due. UMO keep getting better... how good is this?

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  • Speaker: House-buying patterns in Auckland,

    Labour would have been far better advised to turn their guns on; the inefficient and expensive construction industry, the “Australian” banks, or the parasitic real estate industry. Almost everyone distrusts or dislikes those industries.

    Many people dislike or distrust foreign investors too, but Labour/we can’t win because if they’re successful they’ll end up bringing the hate back to immigrants who live here. (This dislike already exists, but they’ll succeed in spreading and intensifying it). That isn’t what Phil wants, it isn’t what Rob wants, and it’s not what their party wants.

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