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  • Speaker: The Government you Deserve,

    This piece on Corbyn seems fair to me, basically saying that he seems good in many ways, but he's had 9 months and done very little - he still seems like that guy who wanders on stage, blinks at the lights, looks around and says "oh, everyone else has left so I'll try to entertain you" except in this case he's apparently supposed to be the leader of a political party.

    That said, here in Oz we're about to vote for which is least awful, where our version of Corbyn seems to lack the UK versions basic decency but is also without a lot of the support that Corbyn has. And he's even more handicapped by the "centrists" pathological loathing for their coalition party. In Batman (Melbourne) they've somehow replaced a coal-powered dinosaur (M'arn Ferguson) with a right-wing gaffe factory "I forget how many houses I own" (Feeney) in an electorate that's moving from Labour to Green... helped by installing the wrong candidate. Closer to me In Grayndler (Sydney) the left-wing rump of the ALP is represented in an even more green-left seat by Albanese but he seems fairly safe simply because he is actually green-left himself.

    I am terrified that Australia is about to re-elect a RWDB government presided over by a former merchant banker with a nice smile (you may find that discomfortingly familiar in NZ). There are rumours that the far right of his party will roll him and install a genuine far-right dingbat like Abbott after the election. Since they're promising to gut the state to fund tax cuts for business, and have already trashed the CSIRO, arts, dometic violence and indigenous budgets, it's not looking good. Unfortunately Labour in return are promising much the same, but less so.

    No-one other than The Greens is talking about climate or poverty or torturing refugees... no need, bipartisan support for more of all of those. Media especially are on-side, and the ABC has been successfully cowed to the point where they use Liberal talking points against other voices.

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  • Speaker: A Disorderly Brexit, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    Yeah, him! Thanks for that link. It's also on youtube if you're not so into failbook:

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  • Speaker: A Disorderly Brexit,

    An MP was MURDERED during the campaign by a right wing fascist

    You may have chosen to skip over Nigel Farage saying he has won Brexit “without a single bullet being fired" but I think that also bears on the whole "there's two sides out there today, and only one of them is playing cricket" problem. The Brexit campaign wasn't bound by facts or truth.

    The problem for Scotland is that leaving for the EU is not necessarily a useful choice, since they're almost certain to be forced to join the Euro - look at other peripheral states to see how well that works. Economically, German is treating them as fiefs rather than partners. They would, I think, be better off to follow Norway etc into the free trade deals while staying separate. Which means not being the UK successor state. I saw an interesting rant on youtube but can't find it now to that effect.

    Until the Blairites followed NZ Labour into the "I would rather die than see Labour move left" suicide pact, my real hope was that this would kick the left into an "all or nothing" coalition to wrest power from the far right as they imploded over this issue. Now is an excellent time to stand up and say "we want living wages, public services, end tax havens yadda yadda, and since the people have spoken, we will try to do that outside the EU rather than inside. I've also read that the UK was a huge obstacle to fixing the tax problem since the various UK microstates are mostly tax havens, and to a significant extent the City of London as financial centre relies on and facilitates wholesale tax evasion. Without the UK the EU may well move on that issue, and quickly (as soon as the section 50 trigger is pulled the UK loses its ability to block EU legislation).

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  • Southerly: Høstens Vemod, in reply to nzlemming,

    Polly, so you can take over the government and be Queen.

    I'm reminded of Russel Howard, who has a similarly surreal take on queening.

    (about a minute in, video starts at the start for me)

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  • Southerly: Høstens Vemod,

    Earth roofs kind of appeal to me, especially if you're doing a reverse veneer, since that also gives to excess structure to support even the most over the top earth roof. But since I also demand PV and solar hot water on a small house, we're likely to run out of roof from that alone.

    Reverse veneer, for the uninitiated, is having insulation on the outside and the solid stuff on the inside. That way you have a big thermal mass, but still have insulation. Normally you'll clad the insulation with weatherboard or something lightweight, but in Australia (of course) some people just paint the polystyrene insulation. Which then starts accumulating dents and chips from the minute it's painted (because Australian really is that stupid).

    My partner just visited Melbourne and has returned to announce that our double brick house that drives me to despair with the numerous vents, lack of insulation and crumbling tile roof... is a lot better than the shitty wooden sieves our friends inhabit in Melbourne. I'm assured by friends in Norway that such things are just not done there, and they have expressed surprise at the standard of building we can get away with in NZ and Oz.

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  • Southerly: Høstens Vemod, in reply to David Haywood,

    “You must be so relieved not to have another Bob”

    Surely that's where the høstens vemod comes in handy "oh, but I'm going to die". No need to mention that it's likely to happen some time in the distant future.

    I love the Polly-tales :) Hopefully Polly will not have the interesting side of her too tamed by the school system. I once failed a word association assignment on the grounds that the teacher didn't understand how I could connect some of the words (I fear she didn't know what some of them meant, but that's by the bye). Some teachers could use a bit of "concerned parent just wants to have a quiet word" which at times my parents were enthusiastic about providing. Which I suspect was, on balance, a useful thing.

    Those bloody bob builds bits videos are likely to be expensive, though. I keep seeing tools and going "one of those would be handy". I am not sure it's a good thing that my partner also watches them and goes "ooh, that's a handy looking tool, I wonder if we have one of those". An impact driver not the least of it, I might have to switch brands because the Panasonic kit is over $500. Annoyingly, the kit with the hammer drill is cheaper than the kit with the lighter non-hammer drill, and I apparently can't just buy the impact driver with battery and charger, I have to also get a second battery and a drill. Bah, humbug!

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  • Hard News: Hate and guns, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    strategic support to Australia's minuscule Shooters Party,

    You might note that while they're still small, they have members in NSW parliament so we have allowed "recreational shooting" in state parks and there is fighting about allowing it in national parks. The restrictions are laughable, and there are problems with idiots carrying brand new rifles in using their brand new 4WDs and shooting at "things". No deaths yet AFAIK, but as in NZ it's only a matter of time.

    Also, with the graphs... if you're going to count every locked-up-in-a-government-building firearm as "owned by a Swiss citizen", you really should count every single firearm held by US law enforcement and probably the military as well (although that would also dramatically increase the number of firearms in countries who have US bases, like Germany and Australia).

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  • Southerly: I Fell Down, in reply to steven crawford,

    not looking, even for Morphine. Bad things happen when makers start playing with musical instruments. A friend who has a wee factory making carbon fibre stuff for money has starting "recreationally" making carbon fibre musical instruments. I mean, they're very nice instruments, but musicians are not notoriously a large crowd of people able to pay thousands of dollars for nicer instruments. Some of them, sure, but not a paying market worth.

    Also, my musical abilities are limited to hating pianos and singing in the shower :)

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  • Southerly: I Fell Down, in reply to steven crawford,

    I'm stuck! my layout is a rats nest

    Heh. I work with someone who describes himself as "a professional connect-the-dots player" because he designs circuit boards. It can get pretty nasty when you get up past 3 layer boards with fast chips so it's all about the RF. I feel happy that my little 2 and 3 layer boards have all worked after only a couple of prototypes. I have been known to underclock and stack to test, BTW, it does work but really only helps if you're making your boards in-house (why order 3 boards that have to be stacked when that's often more expensive than a single multi-layer board)

    The frustration thing is real, I have a 10x8 LED array that is utterly beyond me, I've spent the 3-4 hours debugging that I can deal with so now it's in the "too hard" bin. And I really should sell off some of the project stuff I have that I'm not ever going to use. Hmm. If Bob likes the Arduino I have a big honking array of LEDs that can be driven by one and look very pretty... if I needed that.

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  • Southerly: I Fell Down,

    I love the Bob builds a workbench episode. "screws are a bit over the top"... you don't say :) I feel better about my welded angle iron bench now, it only weighs twice (ish) what I do. That bench has to be three times his weight.

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