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  • Hard News: Auckland: The songs of the city,

    Songs of the City sounds great - Booked already.

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  • Speaker: Jim's Festival,

    Hi James,

    A nice touch – to make your review of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” b& w.

    I have now seen that movie twice and I liked it more the second time but I wanted to cut 10 mins from the length which is what it needs to tighten up the flow.

    What I liked about your review is that you come to it without all of the film history. I’m afraid that after 40 years of being a keen festival watcher I noticed a bunch of other things.

    I reckon we are not far off being able to remix our favourite films at home. The tech is not quite there but we are getting closer to being able to have our own favourite versions of films.

    Incidentally even though it is in Farsi it was shot in Bakersfield near L.A. which US actors. The Iranian connection does help make the film more visual as not understanding a language adds some distance for us.

    In case you are interested I did my own review of that vampire / western movie. Link below.
    The future of visual remixes

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  • Hard News: Mediaworks: The only horizon…,

    Here are the numbers for TV 3 from Brian Gaynor Big effort needed for MediaWorks bonuses

    An increase in MediaWorks' equity value from $207 million as at September 30, 2014 to $608 million, which was the company's value when it was acquired by Ironbridge Capital in 2007, would deliver a bonus of up to $40 million for directors and senior executives."

    TV3 with revenue of $250m is still a large business but in decline.

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  • Hard News: Mediaworks: The only horizon…,

    Broadcast TV’s in a death spiral, right?

    It was reported that John had a 3 year contract and only 1 year of that was tied to Campbell Live so it is probable he knew long ago likely scenarios and outcomes. Linda Clark will have been working hard and the upswing in audience numbers will hopefully have made some difference.

    The reality is that selective viewers of broadcast TV don’t pay the bills. TV3 has been bailed out at least twice before and the last reorganisation saw something like $500m written off by a consortium of banks and other owners.

    Campbell Live was the last watchable show on TV3 and that is a sad thing. Apart from a few selected shows no-one in my home has watched regular TV for years.

    With an unlimited data (connection) and a choice we are close to 100% online. Ironically we watch TV shows we missed on broadcast and some of them have 7+ years of series available – all with no ads or a handful like on Hulu.

    Occasionally we watch Maori TV – it seems strange that is the last local bastion of thoughtful TV in NZ. Al Jazeera is good – although a little unrelenting for longer viewing.

    Hopefully John will have a holiday and be successful somewhere else.

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  • Up Front: Stand for... Something, in reply to Stephen Christie,

    My hesitation about patriotism and its close relative nationalism is that it always comes across as black-and-white thinking. And that’s a trap.

    Thanks Stephen I agree . I’m not sure the opening conversation with the American in a pub really means what anyone thinks it means. In other words patriotism of the obvious kind seems to be the very opposite of the attitudes and culture of most New Zealanders.

    Except when there is some national sports team winning something. As it happens I have no interest in cricket or rugby so I can mostly avoid the periodic outbreaks of faux patriotism. Most of those sports teams are professional entertainers working in a media business. I know some people like that sort of thing but it is mostly just media manipulation.

    Maybe there is some reason for flags in 2015 but I can’t think of a good one.

    To me patriotism of the obvious U.S kind seems to be some kind of soundtrack for a Leni Riefenstahl movie.

    It often masks a power play by an elite against the underdog in an argument. At the same time I’m not sure anyone can define patriotism.

    As someone who has often travelled outside NZ the biggest change in some kind of collective national culture is the welcome use of the Māori language in regular speech.

    I personally think that tells more of a Nationhood story than any kind of “top-down” PR campaign can ever hope to do.

    In other words – it is complicated but so far for me patriotism seems to be a mostly negative thing. A kind of manipulation alert for the most part.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live,

    The 20 highest rating funded television programmes on air last week, 2 – 8 April 2015

    From that list Country Calendar is the real star coming in number 1 and number 11 as a repeat beats. a lot of other programmes I haven't seen either.

    Perhaps the key word there is *funded* TV 3 news & CL are probably unfunded.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Thanks Russell – so there are 3 indicators that count.

    Nielsen measures live viewing (with a sample of 600 Peoplemeter households) and also time-shifted viewing, via a smaller panel.

    On-demand viewing over the internet is measured separately by the broadcasters and third-party companies. But it’s still typically a fraction of the broadcast audience.

    How then does one get to be on a people meter panel? One commenter (Alfie) mentioned their parents were on one for 8 years. That doesn’t sound very efficient.

    I also recall some mention of viewer engagement which alludes to media buzz on social channels. And what about the brand value angle noted by Bart Janssen?

    Am I correct in noting that TV3 news ratings are down because it doesn’t have a soap before it to get viewers. That must have a flow on effect to CL as well- surely.

    I wonder if CL would be better in a different time slot and in my view better would be more hard hitting stories. I have watched less of CL lately because unless a politician is getting roasted or there is a meaningful topic I won’t stay for the whole programme.

    I think that the days of live broadcast TV are definitely numbered although that could change if global mode gets turned off.

    At present 90% of viewing in our household is online via AppleTV. I get most of my news via twitter and some from radio (but only while driving.) NZ TV news from any channel is not a patch on Al Jazeera.

    CL is pretty much the only show on mainstream TV that I still watch but only if the topic suits. I suspect that the fluff stories on CL are an attempt to prop up numbers and be more like 7sharp which I have never watched.

    If MediaWorks wants to get to a younger demographic they need to be on YouTube or another streaming channel because that is what the kids watch now.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Except that the same forces at work here were / are keen on closing down RNZ I thought?

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  • Capture: Aurora Australis,

    Thanks Again Paul & Ian, I had seen some of these on twitter but not all and it was great to find them here in one place.

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  • Hard News: Villainy and engagement,

    Best not to give these shows any more oxygen. I note that MediaWorks are the same company attempting to resurrect Paul Henry for some more trolling around the media dregs so it obviously works for them.

    Netflix, Hulu and other streaming channels are killing broadcast channels, We are just watching the death throes of the old business model or not if you have already switched.

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