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  • Speaker: TPP, eh?,

    Apparently NZ govt has leaked - this > NZ government leaks on TPP: copyright terms will go to life plus 70 years

    According to the bulletin, the TPP signatories will have to retroactively extend their copyright terms, giving longer copyrights to works that were created before the agreement was struck, and taking works out of the public domain and putting them back into copyright's restrictions.

    This is likely to bite even the USA in the ass, as there are many works that are in the public domain because they were not registered with the Copyright Office (prior to the abolition of the registration requirement in 1976) or didn't have their copyrights renewed.

    It is starting to look like unintended consequences or collateral damage from TPP might be quite large

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  • Speaker: TPP, eh?,

    To me it looks like the aim has been to win small $ concessions for sunset industries but trade away the IP based (sunrise) sector. Partly this may be because knowledge based exports are more intangible and harder to value but that seems to be an area that needs more work.

    Secondly – it has been suggested that TPP only needs to be passed by NZ cabinet and not something that even needs to be voted on by parliament. Does anyone know what the ratification process is for NZ ?

    I do think that pressure from the public has helped tone down a couple of the detriments but waiting up to 25 years to see if there is a benefit doesn’t seem like a win. A lot of those $m numbers are equivalent to rounding errors.

    There is an argument that NZ could have opted out and then signed on later if it looks better down the track. Apparently other nations can sign up without all of the secrecy and stumblebum process we have just been through.

    One last question. It seems like the FTA that Australia and US signed doesn’t seem to have worked out for Australia. I wonder if we are in for the same “thumscrew” process here.

    The costs of Australia’s ‘free trade’ agreement with America

    The critics were right. Ten years after the Australia–United States free trade agreement (AUSFTA) came into force, new analysis of the data shows that the agreement diverted trade away from the lowest cost sources. Australia and the United States have reduced their trade by US$53 billion with rest of the world and are worse off than they would have been without the agreement.

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown,

    Chris Brown is about to get new high-powered support for his bid to enter New Zealand – this time from three Maori Dames, a Lady and a former Women’s Refuge boss.

    It seems like the supporters are taking advantage of the publicity but in a naiive way. A quick look at womensrefuge doesn't show any mention of the debate.

    A closer look shows this new item> which shows a more perceptive take on brand and why any support for Chris Brown is a non-starter.

    Women's Refuge Statement about Julian Savea and NZRU

    Women’s Refuge is disappointed the New Zealand Rugby Union allowed Julian Savea to play over the weekend despite being charged with assault last week.

    “Domestic violence is a serious crime and one of the biggest social problems in New Zealand. When an All Black has been charged with a domestic violence offence, I would have thought the All Black 'brand' would want to act decisively to distance itself from such an action,” says Refuge Chief Executive Heather Henare.

    “It should then have come out publically with comments about how dimly it views any criminal offending, including domestic violence.”

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  • Hard News: NZME and you, in reply to Cameron Pitches,

    I look after a large number of content sites and the busiest one may have brought in more a few years ago but googles systems keep changing and a good day is more like $5 US. That is for a site which has 40-50,000 visitors a month. There are not many sites in NZ that do more than 50,000 a month. The google ads total is closer to $150 a month at that level. Sponsorships can add more but the glory days are gone ( or very much diluted.)

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  • Speaker: The government's Rules…,

    "We were always at war with RMAsia”.

    That sounds like a direct quote from the book 1984….

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  • Hard News: A cog in the Mediaworks machine,

    Surely the positive here is that the Scout person is NOT on the Herald site any more and can more easily be ignored.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: A Life of Stories,

    All great music events are vibrant at the time but they do need recording and it was great to hear stories at Songs of the City and now in the Simon Grigg book.

    Music and mythology are strongly linked and reading about them later is a joy.

    Most everyone in Auckland has a Graham Brazier story or two. Luke Hurley has shared a few snippets in this memory piece today

    "Gossip is the devils radio" says Graham. Yes but with great stories...

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  • Hard News: Not yet standing upright,

    It’s a bit like being invited the flag-games. A compulsory $26m party at which choices no designer would make are being offered up. At least they aren’t demanding tributes to fight it out to the death on television.

    By including 3 fern designs in the final 4 and one badly executed Koru the situation has become a Hobson’s choice.

    It’s not like most of us have any use for a flag most of the time but it is disappointing to waste an opportunity to be excellent by making mediocre choices.

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  • Hard News: Everybody has one,

    I do recall hearing Mike Hosking on Radio NZ rather a long time ago. Back then I’m fairly sure he was paid to be a journalist. Now it appears that he is being paid to be himself which is rather less interesting for everybody.

    The NZherald seems to have gone through an almost endless cycle of removing qualified staff and replacing them with “back packers” and other stop gap measures. More recently it is clear that there are no sub editors left and spelling and other mistakes just remain.

    The latest trend seems to be outsourcing stories to The Daily Mail. I was appalled this morning that the most popular story appears to be a story about a shooting at a tv channel. And that story included video of the actual shooting. Sure enough it was sourced from The Daily Mail.

    The worst thing about those stories is having to scroll to the bottom to find the source. They should get their own byline at the top so we can jus ignore them.

    It is sad to see people like Dita de Boni, Paul Casserly, Mark Webster and others whose columns have been dumped. I recall Adam Gifford and others were dumped in earlier changes of the same nature.

    What happens is that you get the “voice of privilege” rather than a diversity of opinions and ideas that a newspaper should thrive on.

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  • Hard News: Radio Punks: So many stories, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Of course – there were 5 Andrews – sorry guys. Unforgettable but 35 years is a long time.

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