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  • Hard News: Not yet standing upright,

    It’s a bit like being invited the flag-games. A compulsory $26m party at which choices no designer would make are being offered up. At least they aren’t demanding tributes to fight it out to the death on television.

    By including 3 fern designs in the final 4 and one badly executed Koru the situation has become a Hobson’s choice.

    It’s not like most of us have any use for a flag most of the time but it is disappointing to waste an opportunity to be excellent by making mediocre choices.

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  • Hard News: Everybody has one,

    I do recall hearing Mike Hosking on Radio NZ rather a long time ago. Back then I’m fairly sure he was paid to be a journalist. Now it appears that he is being paid to be himself which is rather less interesting for everybody.

    The NZherald seems to have gone through an almost endless cycle of removing qualified staff and replacing them with “back packers” and other stop gap measures. More recently it is clear that there are no sub editors left and spelling and other mistakes just remain.

    The latest trend seems to be outsourcing stories to The Daily Mail. I was appalled this morning that the most popular story appears to be a story about a shooting at a tv channel. And that story included video of the actual shooting. Sure enough it was sourced from The Daily Mail.

    The worst thing about those stories is having to scroll to the bottom to find the source. They should get their own byline at the top so we can jus ignore them.

    It is sad to see people like Dita de Boni, Paul Casserly, Mark Webster and others whose columns have been dumped. I recall Adam Gifford and others were dumped in earlier changes of the same nature.

    What happens is that you get the “voice of privilege” rather than a diversity of opinions and ideas that a newspaper should thrive on.

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  • Hard News: Radio Punks: So many stories, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Of course – there were 5 Andrews – sorry guys. Unforgettable but 35 years is a long time.

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  • Hard News: Radio Punks: So many stories,

    I suspect the real answer to when the best days in student radio is every day. Compared to every other station student radio is great and it still is. I seem to remember a bumper sticker saying something like that.

    I was there in the early ’80’s at BFM and many of those involved went on to greater things. At one time there were at least 3 Andrews on the crew. Andrew Topping, Andrew Boak and Andrew Bishop. Francis Hooper was there as was Mark Tierney, Debi Gibbs and others. All of them went on to do very well later on radio and music / culture related fields.

    I think what was happening in music in early 80’s made things a bit more unpredictable.

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  • Speaker: Saudi sheep: Misappropriating…,

    When there are columns in the NBR business paper like this where Stephen Franks calls a bribe an actual bribe. (Friday August 7, 2015)

    Was our Saudi sheep farm wasted money whatever happened?

    and others

    OPINION: McCully sacking critical to Key’s integrity

    – behind paywall. Matthew Hooton WEEKEND REVIEW Thursday August 6, 2015 (30 comments)

    McCully told to front up with legal advice on Saudi deal

    behind paywall
    Chris Hutching Wednesday August 5, 2015 (3 comments)

    You have to think the tide is turning against McCully and Key.

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  • Speaker: Too much to swallow on the TPP,

    Another Australian analysis that I found helpful - linked below. Ironically although the article focuses on the Australian scenarios it includes clips of NZ politicians.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: What’s in it for Australia?

    Philip Morris is already trying to sue Australia over its cigarette packaging rules but its action is complicated because currently the rules don’t allow US companies to directly sue the Australian government.

    In effect the TPPA would allow Philip Morris to sue more easily. And of course there would be other court cases if those provisions pass.

    The other strange point is that given there is a global surplus in the dairy trade – not one wants it that opportunities to free that up are not likely any time soon.

    Given that Canada is dumping milk already Dairy dilemma: Time to dump subsidies, not milk

    It took many years for NZ to remove patents on s/w and I see that has been mentioned earlier.

    I have never understood why the various agreements are secret. It is good that progress was delayed but this is too important to leave to a few secret handshakes.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Not just…,

    Coincidently I wrote a post about this last Sunday and I had not seen this discussion at all. My post was triggered by the same news item about 'She's So Rad" .

    I choose Bandcamp whenever possible because I know that is a better deal for most of the musicians I know.

    The Future of the Music Industry – A personal approach

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  • Hard News: Auckland: The songs of the city,

    Songs of the City sounds great - Booked already.

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  • Speaker: Jim's Festival,

    Hi James,

    A nice touch – to make your review of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” b& w.

    I have now seen that movie twice and I liked it more the second time but I wanted to cut 10 mins from the length which is what it needs to tighten up the flow.

    What I liked about your review is that you come to it without all of the film history. I’m afraid that after 40 years of being a keen festival watcher I noticed a bunch of other things.

    I reckon we are not far off being able to remix our favourite films at home. The tech is not quite there but we are getting closer to being able to have our own favourite versions of films.

    Incidentally even though it is in Farsi it was shot in Bakersfield near L.A. which US actors. The Iranian connection does help make the film more visual as not understanding a language adds some distance for us.

    In case you are interested I did my own review of that vampire / western movie. Link below.
    The future of visual remixes

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  • Hard News: Mediaworks: The only horizon…,

    Here are the numbers for TV 3 from Brian Gaynor Big effort needed for MediaWorks bonuses

    An increase in MediaWorks' equity value from $207 million as at September 30, 2014 to $608 million, which was the company's value when it was acquired by Ironbridge Capital in 2007, would deliver a bonus of up to $40 million for directors and senior executives."

    TV3 with revenue of $250m is still a large business but in decline.

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