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  • Hard News: Incomplete, inaccurate and misleading,

    Not sure about anyone else but based on the 3 reports that were released yesterday there is zero accountability shown by Key, Collins or the Corrections department. Releasing 3 reports in a day like that is extremely cynical and the mark of an untrustworthy and lying government.

    I'd prefer to have a PM I could trust. if I recall correctly the late Hunter S Thompson mentioned that Richard "Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on"

    I'm in deep despair about the lack of integrity in government. Ironically Key leaked the original info about the SIS briefing to call Goff a liar and now that it has been shown he lied and had the SIS lie on demand that is sick and not in a good way.

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  • Hard News: Over the paywall?,

    If the content is worth paying for I don't mind subscribing but the system has to actually work and be easy to use for both staff and readers.

    On the Herald online this morning they had the headline
    "Tobacco giant vows to find $23b award"

    and now I see it has been changed to "Tobacco giant vows to fight $23b award" but there is a big difference between those two. At times it looks like the content on the herald looks like it is on auto pilot.

    Very few stories there have any depth and that I would guess is a big challenge for daily news sites. There is almost zero analysis of stories on say the Herald. A few columns are not the same thing but those columnists rely on being widely read to have any influence so it is not a simple editorial puzzle.

    It would be very good to know how other local paywalls are working or not. The NBR has been operating that way for a while with most of their content blocked from free access and they do seem to have some exclusive stories or analysis.

    The Listener also operates a paywall. I have tried to pay for access there and the least expensive deal they can do is $5 for 5 days. Unfortunately after paying and getting a login I still can't get access but since it was a $5 test it is not worth the hassle.

    I did talk to a subscription person but they kept referring to their supervisor and clearly knew nothing about digital subscriptions and I was quoted 3-5 days* to process which means the subscription would expire before they could look at it.

    They should be able to extend subs to cover their slow process times but the over all impression is of an out sourced subs team with no clues. *After waiting longer they got it down to 24hrs but that is still too long in 2014 when the logistics should be simple and fast.

    I have some experience of using bandcamp for music projects and formula there is pay $x or more. Quite often "subscribers" there pay more than the named price. Not always but that is always welcomed.

    I did try using "flattr" which operated a micro payments system. It was recently taken over by someone else and the latest changes to their terms and conditions made it too much hassle to use.

    So for anyone looking at these systems they need to be able to have a:

    clear paid content strategy
    technology / support systems that are easy to use
    ideally a micro payment system of some kind (prepaid wallet?)

    These would all be good things to know.

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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    Thanks Craig,

    I see where you are coming from. I just thought that the overall tone showed progress as there is a hint of an apology towards Maggie later in the column.

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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    I disagree with Rodney on most things but surely his opening sentence and second paragraph are positives in the light of the current discussion. From todays Herald.

    Rodney says..

    "I have reluctantly concluded that New Zealand does suffer a rape culture.

    It’s not an “all men are rapists” and “I am sorry for being a man” type of thing. Rather, it’s the way men can commit sex crimes and get away with it. The system works to protect the privileged and powerful."

    and later Rodney again says

    "And there’s our rape culture. Our system protects the offender and puts women at risk. “

    You may disagree but it does sound like progress. If we make any discussion on this topic an absolute minefield to talk about then no one will.

    Also in the Herald today Indecent act man calls in lawyers

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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic,

    Thanks to Katrina, Emma and the other brave women here who have shared their stories. It is distressing to hear their experiences of the legal system. As a law graduate(a very long time ago) I am mortified that the legal system and the wider culture is still so obviously hostile to victims.

    The prominent Otago man case referred to earlier is an example of a privileged person buying name suppression. Very few people have the resources to overturn a conviction by going to the Court of Appeal and then getting referred back to District Court for a discharge without conviction AND permanent name suppression.

    I’m shocked and dismayed that conversations I had at university in the 70’s and 80’s are being repeated 40 years later. I thought we had moved on as a society.

    I hope we are not giving up on the idea of changing culture for the better. Surely there are some standards of behaviour that we as a society can aspire to.

    I’m also thinking of a recent example of sexism in the media. I also don’t want to sidetrack the conversation but it seems to me that these topics are part of a larger continuum.

    In that example viewers seem to be letting Paul Henry “off the hook” because they expect a lower standard of behaviour from him. I don’t think that is OK.

    If rape culture is about entitlement then Paul Henry needs to be called out too.

    I looked up the code of ethics for Media Works and it is all about business dealings none of it is about respecting other people.

    The Broadcasting Standards Authority programme allows for complaints on several grounds for example but it does seem very vague.

    Good taste and decency.
    Discrimination and denigration

    And a number of other elements but the difficulty is that Joe Public seems most of these items as a matter of opinion.

    Has there been any research on the “Its not OK” campaign in whether it has been successful in changing community attitudes towards family violence ?

    I hope so and I hope that all of us can change NZ culture for the better.

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  • Speaker: Not even a statistic, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    Rodney Hide left parliament in 2011 before the results of the Court of Appeal and the other legal actions were complete.

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  • Hard News: Going solar?,

    I’m late to this conversation but just in case it is still useful I wrote a few blog posts about solar power in NZ back in Feb/ April last year Is Solar Power for Home Practical for NZ?

    I wrote a series of posts at the time and some of it may be dated but the ability to use much less power in the summer is a great thing for most people.

    The quick summary is that if you can do the water heater AND some PV AND you are connected to the grid there are some real savings to be made. The priority is for most households hot water heating so sort that first and then do PV if you can.

    PV panel pricing is about as low as they will go now. Ideally you would want to be connected to the grid as that gives you a storage option.

    One of my brothers has a wind powered generator and whole container shed full of batteries & other tech which at the time cost close to $50k but since it was more than that to connect to the power on his rural property was still worth it. The point for most people though is if you are on the grid then you avoid all of those hard storage related costs.

    Your hot water cylinder is a store of sorts and so making sure it is the right size / fit for purpose may be part of the investigation. Given that power pricing is going up each year there will be a tipping point for most people between 5 & 10 years where they have paid off the bulk of their solar costs and are partly protected against future price rises for any extra power they use.

    If you happen to be building new check out the zero energy house project in Pt Chev, Auckland That house combines solar water heating, solar tiles and other smart design features like LED lighting and a specific design approach to minimise energy usage / maximise light and heat from the sun etc.

    What impressed me about the zero energy house project was that owners had taken extra care to measure everything about their energy usage and that makes the house an exemplary example for the building industry.

    I also saw a few weeks ago Warren Buffett going large on Solar and promising to double his investment in that sector to something like $15b which in the US is small but it is a clear signal to market of some kind of tipping point for investors there ( and elsewhere.)

    Buffett ready to double solar, wind bet

    For Russell – Shay Brazier & Jo Woods are very close neighbours of yours and it would be worth a chat with them about the zero energy house if you haven’t already done that.

    what power crisis is a local (Auckland) company who have done many of the residential and larger PV projects over the last few years. Their 2Kw residential system is down to $8,995 which is very similar to what it was back in April 2013 when I first looked at their systems.

    Most houses would want / need more like 4-5kw systems which are also priced in that link.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The Superstar Economy,

    A big yes to what Andrew says above. I have been happily listening to non- superstars since ages ago. I take some interest in what is happening in music but much of my listening is off the grid and is not superstars.

    I am enjoying the long tail and now if I like someone I check to see if they are on bandcamp because I know that is the quickest and best way to get $ to them without all the waitig and fee deductions of the alternative systems.

    We have much better computing power and data reporting tools. What we don’t have is many commentators who really understand that data well enough. On the other hand they often have a barrow to push so we get that instead of the analysis.

    Applying a few useful filters to the reporting will make for better analysis. While the long digital tail may not be making an impression on the top end there is still plenty in there to get excited about.

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  • Hard News: To be expected,

    I think many who used to vote Labour are already voting Green. Based on the performance of the Green party over the last few years I would expect them to largely keep their 15ish % of the vote and maybe even do better.

    I get why Labour won't do a deal before hand and I hope that doesn't back fire on them but they really need to step it up. It seems like Labour is missing in action on most days of the week. They need to stop being the invisible party and get back into view and take a leadership role.

    As for Winston - he needs to be on permanent fishing leave. He is an entertaining character but the stakes are too high to be playing childish games.

    I was profoundly disappointed that Helen Clark shafted the Greens ( twice) and I don't want to see that happen again. Like many voters I expect the Greens to be a full coalition partner if Labour pulls its head out of the sand and starts campaigning.

    Where is Matt McCarten? And why is Deborah Manning on the team now? What is that about?

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  • Access: What disability is,

    A great start Sacha. Thanks for that talk at our 2010 wordcamp on disabilities and what that means for web accessibility - it opened up a range of perspectives for developers and other web users to build into their projects.

    On a more personal note - have since discovered that the real "impairments" out there often belong to people who don't know they have the equivalent of giant blind spots in their thinking or activities.

    A little self awareness can go a very long way and I trust that this blog will provide a thoughtful space to expand an informed discussion on this topic.

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