Southerly by David Haywood

About 'The New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010'

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From xylophones to your favourite type of sausages, the theory of economics affects everything you do. And yet how much, if anything, have you told to your children?

    This book sets out to explain "the dismal science" in a way that kids between the ages of four and six can really understand. It answers all the hard questions: What is counting? What is money? Why is it wrong to be poor? Why are rich people so alluring and wonderful?

Starting with simple matrix algebra, your child is led painlessly through complex numbers and Fourier transforms, and eventually to abstract economic concepts such as wood and concrete -- opening up a pedagogical window into the fascinating world of reserve banking in New Zealand.

Now, at last, you can find out what wealthy parents have been secretly telling their children for years!

"BEST SATIRIST [OF THE YEAR]: David Haywood. You should go out and buy his frankly outrageous new book The New Zealand Reserve Bank Annual 2010 at once. It contains bad language and violence; it also contains dazzlingly funny fictions about a sex-crazed Peter Dunne, and Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard as a DB-drinking, ute-driving hooligan. Comic genius."
-- Steve Braunias, Sunday Star Times Magazine

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