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I'm a bit under the weather today, so I'll keep it brief: congratulations to all those involved with Pacific Fibre, and all power to their plans to build a New Zealand-Australia-US fibreoptic cable to be managed as if bandwidth wasn't scarce.

I remember when the Southern Cross cable lit up, and the promises that were made – and went unfulfilled. The cable, our only viable link to the greater internet, has always been managed so as to create scarcity and maximise revenue, even though there has always been spare capacity.

The room to move in the Southern Cross model has been amply demonstrated lately by the 75% price cuts it has been offering since Kordia started sketching out plans for a new trans-Tasman cable. It now appears certain that Kordia will work with Pacific Fibre on the larger project.

Rod Drury and Sam Morgan have often spoken about the way the pricing and management of international bandwidth make it hard to take a digital business from New Zealand to the world. And now they and others are actually doing something about it. Go those guys.


And this week's Media7, looking at the Rugby World Cup and the media with Rugby New Zealand 2011 CEO Martin Snedden, Richard Boock and Richard Becht, was a good one. You can see it here.


I'm delighted to say that an excerpt from This Is New Zealand has been added to NZ On Screen – the team even had to make a special super-super-wide player to do it justice. Like Peter Jackson, I was taken to see the film as a kid in 1970, and I've seen it several times since it was restored and digitised at Park Road Post in 2005. It's rhythmic, intriguing and by turns grand and wryly humorous.

Only the first three minutes have been posted, but Hugh Macdonald is preparing his film for DVD release soon.

NZ On Screen also has a new "badge it" feature, which burps up code for you to embed in your own website a badge linking back to any of its works.

Also, look out later today on NZ On Screen for a new Flying Nun video collection curated by Roger Shepherd. It includes this clip for the 3Ds 'Spooky', directed by my main man Andrew Moore:

The Phoenix Foundation have 'Buffalo', the first single from their forthcoming album, available for free download. Thanks, Phoenix Foundation!

And two tracks have semi-officially leaked from MGMT's forthcoming album: 'Flash Delirium' and 'Congratulations. I'm not exactly blown away by either of them ...

And, finally, CactusLab's Matt Buchanan shot this clip of 'Hey' at the Pixies' Powerstation show last night:

Boy, were there some excited tweets coming out of that room …

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