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“And now my life has changed in oh so many ways . . .”

As many of you will know Chris Knox is recovering from a stroke and many of his musical friends -- local and international -- have rallied around, recorded some of his songs, and now a double CD (Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox) is coming out on Monday.

I have been listening to it for a few days and have posted this piece about the versions and Chris‘ music. All proceeds from the album -- and the Kings Arms concert next Friday, November 20 -- go to Chris’ recovery programme.

As you’ll note, I mention why fund-raiding concerts/albums are rarely “reviewed” -- but while Chris might need help he doesn’t need sympathy. So I have reviewed the double album in as much as I have said exactly what I think of it.

And I think very highly of it. (I know how Chris rates it, he’s still a bloody critic!)

Anyway, I simply draw attention to the album and concert because Chris is such a special person and here’s a way that you can not only offer your support to him and his wonderful family, but get something yourself out of it. Sort of enlightened self-interest on your part . . . With a great soundtrack.

At the end there is a link to the blog about the album and the concert details.

You might also note Chris’ album is above (and rated above) that by Yoko Ono at Elsewhere.

I’m guessing he’ll like that.

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